Top Posts for 7 days ending 2017-09-14 (Summarized)

Top Posts for 7 days ending 2017-09-14 (Summarized)

2017-09-07 to Today

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About More stats 243
Ticketing Officer charged with counter claim – $1,000,000 More stats 225
Confirm your Treasury Direct Account for yourself…Review your Strawman Account items. More stats 207
Commercial-Lien-Navarro-Clark-County Case #95 CR 17-1000 More stats 85
Public Notice , Affidavit of Dishonest including non-1 compliance by the judge 2 attorneys clerk, all elected and public servants with the 1938 FARA More stats 82
In A Nutshell! More stats 73
Cestui Qui Trust = The Strawman More stats 73
Strawman More stats 68
—P U B L I C N O T I C E — Civil Orders – 04 July 2014 More stats 65
Sheriff Joe – Your Treasury Direct Account— More stats 58
Barry More stats 57
Sherwin W. Dillard Jr. has this to say – More stats 50
Wounded Warrior Project – Reported as a scam More stats 46
Its the Money Stupid! The Engine that Drives de facto More stats 42
Bannon- 60 Minutes – Patience – Less we make asses out of ourselves… More stats 41
FBI Corporation More stats 38
Caution: Strong expressive Language: Richard L. Koenig-an Oregonian and the DMV More stats 33
Remedy? Exposed-Fraudulent Foreclosure! More stats 28
United Nations Corporation More stats 27
End of a perfectly good public servant relationship More stats 23
Obama Lied-Mattis More stats 23
Dr. Schroder’s Work – War Powers Act More stats 22
Hartford VanDyke Documents More stats 21
*** Public Notice *** – Curry; Steven_Duane© – Agents of THE STATE OF COLORADO Franchise More stats 18
We Demand the return of our stolen assets More stats 18
Alaska State Superior Court Judge, Anna von Reitz – Judge of the actual Alaska State, one of the Several States of the Continental United States. More stats 17
Ron Vrooman, an Origonian – FARA ACT of 1938 More stats 16
The Rights of Americans Shall Not Be Infringed! More stats 14
DUNS Numbers of the US Corporate Government and Most of Its Major Agencies More stats 14
carl -alfred: Swensson More stats 14
Wells Fargo Settlement 09:08:17 More stats 14
Randy Due More stats 13
Taking back America – One step at a time – More stats 13
LaRaza-Declares —NOT SO FAST THERE—San Diego Park as theirs More stats 13
Howard Griswold – On David Clarence – Fire the Government Trustee! More stats 13
The Right To Keep And Bear Liens – by Hartford VanDyke More stats 12
UCC1 Financing Statement – Anna M. Riezinger More stats 12
WTPAA More stats 12
The enemy does not get a vote – unless its the Congress—again! More stats 11
The Check Book – Hartford VanDyke – 30JAN17 More stats 10
Affidavit of Distress Right More stats 10
And by whom is your birth certificate bond currently invested? More stats 9
Hartford VanDyke – American Patriot More stats 9
Travis Allen Denounces CALIFORNIA IMPOSTORS More stats 9
Hottest items with over 1,274,000 plus views More stats 9
Starting at First Base…From Anna More stats 9
Greg Russell: Constitutionalism: America & Beyond More stats 9
Nashville Tennessee: Common core speech – Karen Bracken More stats 9
FINAL JUDGMENT AND CIVIL ORDERS – “Due Process.” More stats 8
PROPAGANDA – Making of the SOVEREIGN CITIZEN More stats 8
06Jul16 – We really are our own worst enemies… More stats 8
As the Executor of your government created trust…They owe you. YOU are the creditor! More stats 8
Navy Commander (ret) Files Treason Charges – against Mueller More stats 7
Maslow’s Hierarchy More stats 7
It is the BONDS Stupid! The key to compliance of the Oath is the bonds!!!! More stats 7
BAR Member Affidavit – All BAR members are foreign agents of the Crown More stats 7
Retired Judge Dale – Spills the beans More stats 7
CAFR in Australia – Melbourne – AU Annual_Report_2011_12 More stats 7
Anna von Reitz: Michigan General Jural Society publishes what may be come the standard: “From De Facto to De Jure” More stats 7
You don’t know, what you don’t know- A procerderal challenge? Randy Due – UCC- Secured Party Notification More stats 7
Your Birth Certificate…it’s Worth Billions! More stats 6
Before Things Get Out of Hand……Judge Anna von Reitz More stats 6
Sovereignty! More stats 6
Code Breaker; The § 83 Equation by David R. Myrland More stats 6
Texas Watch More stats 6
Elected Officials have no such options – First Amendment of the US Constitution! More stats 6
U. S. Corp. Articles of Incorporation – 100009 – 07-15-1925 More stats 6
Application of the DISTRESS Process More stats 5
Marvin Breyer – uncovered Judge’s using SLUSH funds, for their own personal use… misappropriation of funds… More stats 5
14th Amendment – All debts are prepaid. More stats 5
taking these goons and crooks to court will NOT work More stats 5
Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars – Hartford Van Dyke More stats 5
Microsoft Privacy Statement More stats 5
An American Injured Party Affidavit of FACT – The work has been done for you. More stats 5
Credit River Case More stats 5
Colonel Edward Mandell House More stats 5
(unknown or deleted) More stats 5
Judicial Corruption – Monroe County More stats 5
Robert Mueller Treason Charges More stats 5
Arnie Rosner: Ignorance is not an acceptable reason for your stupidity. Your stupidity stands on its own and you are personally accountable to all Americans for your crime! More stats 5
UCC 1-308 – (formerly UCC 1-207) More stats 5
Andrew J. Ostrowski Pennsylvania Civil Rights Law Network – Press Release – Court Action – More stats 5
Osceola: The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, a.k.a., the McCarran-Walter Act – Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by the president More stats 5
General Joseph Dunford – Treason Against the United States More stats 5
The impostors are running the asylum More stats 5
Fraudulent “State of California” – Corporate Structure More stats 4
Steven Pattison (Kansas): Mr. Knox – From a constituent of your great lawful state – Kansas; not to be confused with the de facto, “The State of Kansas.” More stats 4
The intended coup is this obvious? More stats 4
Doxpop – Public Information and Public Policy More stats 4
Anna von Reitz – Alaska More stats 4
Affidavit of Fact! More stats 4
Is your House already Paid for? More stats 4
Paul Stramer: An Affidavit and Commercial Lien has been filed in Mesa County Colorado against the cabal More stats 4
Agenda 21 – Proponents Commit Sedition and Treason! More stats 4
TIMELINE – The Anatomy of Judicial Corruptions. More stats 4
Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick, III Arrested; Exposing Judicial Corruption More stats 4
Judge Anna: Turn off the Boob Tube. Forget their foreign elections. That’s not your government. More stats 4
Oath of office is a quid pro quo contract More stats 4
Congress Declares American Citizens as the Enemy: Declares War – 1933 More stats 4
FBI Failures to respond – Taking money under false pretenses. More stats 4
An Answer from Judge Anna! – Calling out the impostors – The Judicial System – South Africa More stats 4
20SEP16-Sued! Six Federal judges; 41 others – color of authority. More stats 4
Criminal Penalties for Public Corruption/Violations of State Ethics Laws More stats 4
04-12-17-Judge Anna: The Truth About Larry Becraft and the “Federal Income Tax” More stats 4
26Jul16 – Justinian Deception More stats 4
It is the CAFR’s STUPID!!!! More stats 3
Eric William Madsen: Governor Colorado 1994 vrs de facto governor Roy Romer More stats 3
Americans in Denial – Its in the Box! More stats 3
Notice of Intent to Recall: JUDGE THEODORE C. ZAYNER, COUNTY OF SANTA CLARA Posted on May 7, 2016 More stats 3
Something is Wrong! I just can’t put my finger on it! More stats 3
***Public Notice***: Court decision – Regarding Land Patents More stats 3
LIES More stats 3
Paul Stramer: What everyone including Simon Black misses is that this is not the lawful government owed to the American people More stats 3
The Hartford VanDyke Judicial Rape More stats 3
NO IRS!!! The Challenge is made! Show us the LAW! More stats 3
John Shaver, and David Roper…Guilty of Sedition? Treason? More stats 3
The City Of Fountain Valley, California – “A nice Place to Live.” More stats 3
a Treasury Direct Account More stats 3
1933-Plus More stats 3
Austin, Texas – “Sexual Indoctrination in the Public Schools.”, More stats 3
usa-vs-messier-robinson – 2:14-cr-00083-DBH More stats 3
Thanks to Nancy and Suzanne and… —Just being Americans! More stats 3
24Aug16 – Judge Anna reports: IRS Individual Master File More stats 3
Rod Class: 11 CVS 1559 in Judge Ridgeway’s ruling More stats 3
The united states Of America is a corporation – owned by foreign interests More stats 3
A Fraudulent Congress Attempts to deceive the people in Broad Daylight! More stats 3
Anna’s Will More stats 3
Getting to Heart of the Problem of Fraudulent Foreclosures More stats 3
1985-Arizona State Senator Addresses the 14th Amendment Fraud With Arizona State Official More stats 3
Americans—FREE AT LAST! More stats 3
Acceptance of Oath of Office- Template More stats 3
Exposed: As of December 1945; ALL Public Servants give up Immunity and Citizenship! More stats 3
National Emergency: The Illusion of…. More stats 3
Public private partnerships – United Nations connection – agenda 21? More stats 3
Election Fraud – Speaker Nancy Pelosi – Third and Final Request! More stats 3
Acting as a judge of a superior court – the Last Man Standing Rule of our native Law – Judge Anna von Reitz, Alaska More stats 3
A Process to Criminally Charge Public Servants who Violate the Constitution More stats 3
IRS EXPOSED! Again! Indictment dismissed with prejudice! More stats 3
The 14th Amendment. Congressional fraud! More stats 3
Only Skilled thinkers need to review. The rest will not get it. Don’t waste your time. More stats 3
63C Am. Jur. 2d Public Officers and Employees Summary More stats 3
Georgia made it well known: There is no 14th Amendment More stats 3
Private Attorneys General Group: Most basic Definitions More stats 3
Obama Gives Foreign Cops New Police Powers in U.S. More stats 3
NOTICE – PUBLIC ORDER – April 3, 2015 More stats 3
AFFIDAVIT – The “Credit River Decision” – David Everett Robinson – this 13th day of December 2014. More stats 3
Roy Trueman Jr.: Kris Anne Hall, a Constitutional Lawyer and former Prosecuting Attorney speaks out More stats 3
Propaganda master exposed!!!! snoop4truth More stats 3
Ethics: Definitions of “Public Official” and “Public Officer” – Updated January 2015 More stats 3
Coup d’etat – Phelps and Strunk More stats 2
Updated – Live Affidavit to: Common Law Citizen’s Grand Jury HQ and John Daresh More stats 2
May 13, 2016 – Living wills of Incapacitated seniors ignored More stats 2
13-NOVEMBER-16: The Thomas Deegan Affair – Freedom’s Trust Indenture More stats 2
Utah Supreme Court decided the 14th amendment was unconstitutional – So did the state of Ga. and 10 other states. More stats 2
Requirements to hold civil office – Georgia More stats 2
An Even Bigger Fool More stats 2
ROD CLASS – exposes the crimes of the state franchise agencies – Courts desperate to supress the evidence of their criminal abuse. More stats 2
Solutions are what we are all about – Richard Mack More stats 2
Deny with our lips…what we are doing with our hands More stats 2
You don’t even have to go to court. More stats 2
Spectators NO MORE!!!…The People are the Final Arbiters. More stats 2
Perfidy-The Crime of… More stats 2
State of Tennessee v. Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III More stats 2
Anna von Reitz: There IS No “National Debt” Owed By Americans More stats 2
The Trust – a truthful account of history? More stats 2
Phyllis: Is there anything I can do to stop this foreclosure? More stats 2
DEBT? THERE IS NO DEBT! …more of the illusion! More stats 2
The Social Security a Gift from the Queen. More stats 2
Sun, May 8, 2016 ***Public Notice*** Republic of Texas County Representative Susan Cammack kidnapped More stats 2
Soros Eyes Secretaries of State More stats 2
FORT LAUDERDALE — District Judge James Cohn…A true public servant! More stats 2
CALIFORNIA PENAL CODE Section 37-38 – Misprision of Treason – Defined More stats 2
Judicial Corruption – Los Angeles County More stats 2
Aug 18, 2014, at 2:35 PM, We will get back to you as soon as possible. More stats 2
Sundquist and Songstad recorded: Assasination plans? More stats 2
Since — Fraud vitiates all! What is the point on even attempting to recognize a fraudulent system that is fraudulent? More stats 2
Oregon’s Top Vehicle Code Expert, Richard Koenig More stats 2
27JUN16 – carl alfred: Swensson: FBI impersonating whom? More stats 2
California State CAFR – Fraud exposed; Heads Roll More stats 2
Randy Due – UCC- Secured Party Notification More stats 2
Public Interest Litigation before the World Court and the UN Trust Committees. Join in the action; provide input to— “The Puzzle Project!” – Details coming… More stats 2
Peace Officers to Replace Mounties – So Ordered by International Court More stats 2
Adults Only – Review at your own risk! Related to the fraud of the courts – Not for the faint hearted More stats 2
UCC Filing Service More stats 2
Eric Rhodes: Social Security, it’s now a “BENEFIT?” More stats 2
Not one corporation lawfully exists in America More stats 2
MADISONVILLE HOAX – Evidence of the Cover-up More stats 2
UNITED STATES corporation More stats 2
***PUBLIC NOTICE*** All honorable people are Invited More stats 2
An Open Letter to Secretary of the Treasury Lew More stats 2
Giftoftruth : This truth is well known… More stats 2
Judge Anna von Reitz, Alaska: all American Common Law Courts are courts based on the land, practicing the Law of the Land. More stats 2
Doreen Agostino: I challenge no one. I COMPEL Pope Francis to reveal the ‘whole’ truth soonest possible to every living human, before it is too late. More stats 2
U.S. Corporate Government: Admits Poisoning Drinking Water Of Millions More stats 2
Randy Due Case – Updated 8-31-2013 More stats 2
ICD 9: International Medical and “Legal” Execution Coding (by guillotine) More stats 2
Richard Koenig: Mr. Moomaw’s Optional Titling Law & ODOT’s 2012 “Optional” Titling and Registration Rules More stats 2
The Corporate America as according to “Dink” More stats 2
Corruption: US Marshals Service: Where is Randy Due? More stats 2
Holy Crap! The “Constitution Of The United Nations Industrial Development Organization More stats 2
Even the Bible…Updated More stats 2
Proposal 02 More stats 2
California Government Code Section 54956.9 – 13th Amendment violation? More stats 2
The British Crown? Who the hell are they? More stats 2
So what is it about the 14th Amendment? More stats 2
The Obama Package More stats 2
Mr. Farage I presume!!! More stats 2
Responsible Americans WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED! More stats 2
Confirmed…General Carter F. Ham Appointed: Joint Chiefs Noticed by order of Grand Jury. More stats 2
— P U B L I C N O T I C E — Acceptance of Oath of Office – Dana Rohrabacher More stats 2
08OCT16-STATE OF CALIFORNIA Corporate (CAFR) More stats 2
FINAL JUDGMENT AND CIVIL ORDERS – Background – A visit with Anna More stats 2
Government “Made” News – “Propaganda” Became Legal in 2013 More stats 2
Alicia Lutz-Rolow/ Leonard Harview wrmltd: EXPOSED!!!!! The misrepresented corporate constitution; by-laws of the corporation; not the law of the land! Fraud Visiates ALL!!!! More stats 2
Military to Prosecute Public Officials Who Violate Oath More stats 2
Public Servants or Impostors sent Affidavit of Truth – Lt. Tim Schmidt, Anaheim Police More stats 2
08OCT16-CALIFORNIA SECRETARY OF STATE, corporate identification More stats 2
General Civil Orders – 10 June14 – Refreshed 27 July 2014 More stats 2
American Sovereign, Jim Porter – Deprived of his Civil Rights under color of Law? More stats 2
Orange County California Corporate Government Gifts to Law Enforcement More stats 2
Sacred Trust – Oath of Office! More stats 2
Thank you Jon Roland. – But it is really a matter of Honor! More stats 2
Rohrabacher Termination – Revocation of delegated authority More stats 2
04-08-17-Denver Post: FAKE NEWS – “People’s Grand Jury” accused of threatening elected officials/”impostors!” More stats 2
Government has already spent the Estimated fruit of Your Life’s Work; your children;s as well. More stats 2
Tom Lacovera Speaks Out – 28 AUG 17 More stats 2
Fraudulently Misrepresented Oath of Office – California state Official More stats 2
Randy Due Speaks to All Americans – Enforcement! More stats 2
Live People seal documents with an autograph; Corporations use signatures More stats 2
‘Sovereign Peace Officer’ Threatens to Indict Miami-Dade Judge More stats 2
articles-of-incorporation-of-u-s-corp-company -00009 Florida More stats 2
Calling out the impostors – The Judicial System More stats 2
Randy Due – All Rights Reserved 3X – say this line 3x- then: More stats 2
01 September 17 – Georgia: Summary of Corruption More stats 2
Draft formatting More stats 2
Strawman – Yours! More stats 2
*** Update 08Jul16 Georgia Criminal Impersonators Exposed – Add crimes of Intimidation and Coercion More stats 2
California: Ethics: Definitions of “Public Official” and “Public Officer” – Updated January 2015 More stats 2
Pedophilia and male prostitutes in the White House More stats 2
Oath of Office California AG Harris More stats 2
Khazarian Mafia’s system of Cartels More stats 2
Washington, D.C., The smoking gun; do you get it? More stats 2
So, there is the proof we live under what ever kind of fake government name, for there ‘is no government’ More stats 2
Our Hidden History of Corporations in the United States More stats 2
Dissolve the Corporation More stats 2
Lawsuits Claim Wells Fargo Modified Mortgages More stats 2
It will be called The Puzzle Project. More stats 2
20SEP16-Yes..I admit to being the biggest fool… More stats 2
“Esquire,” a title of nobility? – Bouvier’s Law Dictionary 1856 More stats 2
Violation of your Civil Rights – The Congress More stats 2
How the US Corporation Changes Shells by Anna von Reitz More stats 1
The Clinton Calculated Setup? More stats 1
Harry Reid Lied! Bundy is right! Government Conspiracy Exposed! More stats 1
Fountain Valley, CA. Bell, California on Steroids? More stats 1
The Impostors of the State of California imposing more tyranny? More stats 1
What is wrong with Americans? More stats 1
Is Denver County Court judge Alfred Conway Harrell—even a judge? More stats 1
Personal sovereignty-The Basic Human Right More stats 1
Alma Pertien: Judge Anna, are you really, i mean really denying me my right to ask questions ?? More stats 1
Attn.: Congressman Xavier Becerra – Is The IRS is Calling you a LIAR? More stats 1
Its Always been the members of Congress – By Their Fruit… More stats 1
Pending bill defy feds will allow opt smart meters More stats 1
Notice to all Members of the British Accreditation Registry [B.A.R.]~Judge Anna Maria Riezinger More stats 1
Richard Koenig – DMV Fraud Expert: Request for a Public Record: More stats 1
Human Rights Alert (NGO) More stats 1
It is time we the people push back! We file civil rights charges against the perpetrators! More stats 1
International Organizations Immunities Act, December 9, 1945 More stats 1
END THIS TYRANNY – Kathleen Dynan More stats 1
She really gets it! More stats 1
05-10-17-one of the people…an American sovereign: NO judge Anna…No…NO…NO… More stats 1
Five aircraft carriers in port More stats 1
Rod Class Case – Comments by Judge Anna von Reitz, Alaska More stats 1
Controller California State – A privately held company in Sacramento, CA. More stats 1
Edward Preble and Stephen Decatur blew up the captured ship – Philadelphia! More stats 1
April 5, 2015, “Notice to Enforcement,” was lodged in Official Court Records – Dennis Schuelke More stats 1
06-02-17-Rick Miller, Fountain Valley City Clerk More stats 1
Public Records Filing Laws of Commerce – Compliance More stats 1
Judge Calls For US Marshals and FBI To Arrest Congress and The President More stats 1
Fountain Valley School District – About Superintendent Mark Johnson, Ed.D. More stats 1
Anna von Reitz: Addresses American impostors – loyal to the Crown! More stats 1
42 USC CHAPTER 21 – CIVIL RIGHTS More stats 1
04-11-17-Anna von Reitz: Letter to President Trump on April 11, 2017 More stats 1
Judge Phillips-Rules to violate their Constitutional Rights of Due Process – Forcing Elderly People into Guardianships More stats 1
Exactly! More stats 1
carl alfred: Swensson REPORTS: County Commissioners have removed themselves – More stats 1
To the Fat, Dumb and Happy Americans-He was right…We are STUPID! More stats 1
29JUN16 – HI&RH Prince William-Bullock III: Stewart: WordPress…You have a serious problem!!! Why do you support censorship? More stats 1
855-948-2311 – As Promised! More stats 1
Walter Burien: TO: Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel—Nice try but real transparency demands showing the whole pie… More stats 1
Nagalase molecule injected into humans via vaccines? More stats 1
Successful Common Law Courts held in Colorado: More stats 1
Toxic Archive – Jim Porter – Colorado More stats 1
Attention Lying Lawyers: why is it that John Trowbridge’s case won in the United States Supreme Court? More stats 1
phillip hudok: Victim of IMPOSTORS—WEST VIRGINIA PIRATES is gaining support world-wide. More stats 1
We are here from the corporate CALIFORNIA Taxing authority; a franchise branch of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INCORPORATED. More stats 1
Enabling you to fight the system More stats 1
Anna and Karen – on FB More stats 1
Proceedings – George W. Bush ‘War Crimes’ Trial Begins In California Court More stats 1
Chancellor Merkel…URGENT! MUST STOP BANKRUPTCY More stats 1
Many politicians are just now beginning to wake up… Anna von Reitz More stats 1
No One CAN OWN YOU… More stats 1
arnie, the old dumb guy responds to Judge Anna, the grandmother. More stats 1
Lower case ‘u’ versus upper case ‘U’ There is a critical difference! More stats 1
Betty Yee – swearing-in ceremonies More stats 1
Members of the British Accreditation Registry…(BAR) More stats 1
Woody: a 7-minute book report with Rich Scheben. An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” More stats 1
13oct16-public-notice-completion-of-records-correction-demand More stats 1
U N / /news /Treason by members of Congress? More stats 1
Impostors fraudulently operating as STATE OF TENNESSEE: Decriminalize their crimes against the people. NOW DO YOU GET IT? More stats 1
Nothing to discuss here – Updated – 14 July 2014 11:28 PM PDT More stats 1
D.C. Whispers: Barack Obama’s Outraged Tantrum During Military Briefing More stats 1
First Amendment Administrative Commercial Lien Process More stats 1
19-NOV-16: DOJ’s Civil Rights Division Head Is Violating Federal Law More stats 1
No More Excuses – Time to arrest the foreign impostors; where ever they operate! More stats 1
Citizen’s Oversight Committee – The Beginning More stats 1
Held to Account! Jailed the Bankers – make restitution? Every Icelander to Get Paid in Bank Sale! More stats 1
Please Humor Me. More stats 1
Tea Party Patriots – obamacare hustle More stats 1
John Noble—We can only say thou protesteth too much. – carl -alfred: Swensson More stats 1
Brunswick men charged with tax fraud plead not guilty More stats 1
New US Currency – Series 2009. What does it all mean? More stats 1
affidavit by Chelsey Marie Smith More stats 1
The Georgia Legislature charges Congress with treason in 1957 More stats 1
The supremacy clause More stats 1
America’s 41st President a Nazi? More stats 1
Judge Anna – Please classify as to degree of blame accountable: Treason and other Capital crimes may be involved… More stats 1
LaunchPad More stats 1
Nancy Battle: If this man was truly a ‘MAN OF GOD’ and HIS SOLDIER… More stats 1
Attention Judge Anna, Superior court of the land, Alaska: Classifying the level of blame in this gross distortion of professional conduct is above even my pay grade…please evaluate blame. More stats 1
American sovereigns…Your duty is clear! Will you permit the deception to stand? More stats 1
1911 shadow government created Most Americans do not understand “reality” and “real” are not the same thing. More stats 1
Iceland’s ‘pots and pans revolution’ More stats 1
Citizen Arrests Entire Park District Board – Sheriff Enforces! More stats 1
Georgia Declares Official Fraud of Congress – 1957 More stats 1
NYPD: Hillary Clinton ‘Child Sex Scandal’ About To Break More stats 1
Notice: Suspected Impersonation of Public Officers – Colorado More stats 1
ALL CAPS NAME – New Banking twist More stats 1
BAR – Larry Beacraft More stats 1
Georgia County Commissioner charged with Treason More stats 1
Georgia Senator Blows the Whistle – More stats 1
Of Atmospheric Spraying And The Coming Collapse – A warning from someone who should know! More stats 1
Banks Exposed: Illegal Mortgage Fraud. Are your Documents fake? More stats 1
Travis Allen: The Assembly Legislator of the Year Award! More stats 1
Kathy: Bottom line the BANKSTERS are in total ControlAttention you will look further and deeper. More stats 1
Citizen’s Oversight Committee Directly Confronts Government Corruption More stats 1
May 16, 2016 – FEMA Slave Labor Camps Have Become Operational More stats 1
Fountain Valley, Ca. – A Summary – January 2017 More stats 1
What we investigate More stats 1
Notice! Public Servants…you ARE financially liable for violating the law! More stats 1
Abby Phillip April 15, 2015: The Dutch…and American Slave Trade in New York. More stats 1
Washington D.C. is a foreign controlled corporation unlawfully posing as the government of the American people. More stats 1
Alliance Times-Herald, added to indictment for racketeering? More stats 1
19Jul16 – Walter Burien: Judge Rules Administrative Court System Illegal After 81 Years More stats 1
The 18 Enumerated Powers More stats 1
CA. State Attorney General: Deputy Arrested – Child Porn More stats 1
Exposed: The IMPOSTORS have no ACCESS TO SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY- December 1945 More stats 1
The United States Court of International Trade – Many folks have been looking for this… More stats 1
Sticks and Stones Gary Jolly – Sticks and Stones – The evidence speaks for itself. would you like me to publish more? I have hundreds… More stats 1
Judge Anna: About 12 USC 95a and b2….. Time for JOE SIX PACK to collect on the promises made in the NEW DEAL!!! More stats 1
Public Servants are your Trustees; Fire Your Trustees for Cause. No Court Action Required! More stats 1
This message only for smart people with common sense More stats 1
Attn: Betty T. Yee, California State Controller – Update: 29 Feb 2016 – Second Notice! More stats 1
Challenge! Thousands of foreclosure cases affected? More stats 1
Mark Levin – The 14th Amendment Fraud More stats 1
Attacked by a ball point pen More stats 1
Walter Burien: Want to light a big fire under the corruption? More stats 1
***It is about the bonds – Living Soul -This is an active document subject to revision More stats 1
American Sovereign/Public Servant Relationship Explained! More stats 1
29JUN16 – brankabrankov: Are they saying that our Common Law documents, Declarations…are void and null for them-gangsters? More stats 1
Santa Clara County: Judge and DA Sued More stats 1
Norman Dodd – The Enemy Within More stats 1
***Public Notice*** Joaquin Mariano DeMoreta-Folch – Common Law Grand Jury Administrator Announces… More stats 1
Victory! Victory!!! Victory!!!! What the Cabal is desparately hiding! Dare you even view this post? More stats 1
American Civil Flag – at Peace since 1874 More stats 1
Tennessee Corruption in the courts More stats 1
Sheriff John D Agostini: Strips US Forest Service of Power of Enforcement More stats 1
John Murtha – Impostor committed Treason – Time to sue his estate… More stats 1
Proclamation 2040 – By 1939 all American Common Law Civil Process will be gone. More stats 1
Imagine that your country was stolen on a BIG LIE. More stats 1
Gowdy, one more disgusting traitor. More stats 1
UN Master Plan – Agenda 21 – Freedom From War – Disarmament Series 5 More stats 1
January 2013 — A political star was born. – County sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. More stats 1
The Travis Allen Affair – District 72 – California More stats 1
—Public Notice— Randy Due – Criminal Complaint – Denied due Process More stats 1
06Aug16 – Georgia – Judge and DA acting under the color of their offices—Conspiring to avoid arrest? Attention FBI…another Hillary event? More stats 1
Mike School: Letter to Trump More stats 1
I am not now and never have been a member of the Bar Association. More stats 1
22JUN16 – Paul Stramer: The fact is that we must deal in reality, not fantasy. More stats 1
1819 United States Constitution Attested More stats 1
Revoke the delegated authority of the impostors More stats 1
Americans must accept responsibility…Learning skills to perform research is vital to your safety and security! More stats 1
The Biggest Swindle in World History! “Acts of the Congress?” More stats 1
Sovereign citizen’ arrested after traffic stop More stats 1
Your Healthcare provider’s possible role in the scam! More stats 1
ron vrooman: Notice and Demand: To: We the people of Oregon February 15, 2016 More stats 1
and there was no one left More stats 1
South Australian Legislative Council Member, exposes… More stats 1
11/2014 – Richard Mack: Sheriff – Oath of Office More stats 1
Attention Americans: Opting out is not an option! More stats 1
Check the Signature line. So it is just a line…or is it? More stats 1
Cscope has been shut down! Thank you to the American people of Texas More stats 1
Strong Message to Follow More stats 1
Oath of Office California SOS Bowen More stats 1
Mama’s Passport More stats 1
Steven Pattison (Kansas): NO! You got that DAN MAHNKE? NO—NO—NO— More stats 1
Under False Pretenses – You only thought you knew… More stats 1
03Jul16 – In which reality are you living? More stats 1
1933 More stats 1
Anna sez….Ernie Gets IT! How about you? More stats 1
Longtime Baltimore legislator Oaks charged with federal wire fraud More stats 1
23JUN16 – *** PUBLIC NOTICE*** : Arnie Rosner: Declaration of Civil Status More stats 1
County Commission to be Charged: January 7, 2015 – Sedition and Treason More stats 1
The Skeleton In Uncle Sam’s Closet More stats 1
NEW!!! Theory added – Have you been double billing me for the last 40 years? Naughty-Naughty! More stats 1
Sorry….There is no Debt! More stats 1
27oct16-i-like-the-article-but-i-think-drunk-driving-is-a-bad-example More stats 1
Attention Government Employees; All codes, rules and regulations only apply to you! More stats 1
Clayton County – American Sovereigns in Action! More stats 1
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