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West Virginia Impostors perpetrate an act of piracy: Thomas Deegan – Brutally Attacked and Captured! More stats 838
17-NOVEMBER-16: california-militia-files-federal-suit More stats 738
affidavit by Chelsey Marie Smith More stats 432
Retired Judge Dale – Spills the beans More stats 425
Wounded Warrior Project – Reported as a scam More stats 213
MERS + most secrets of America’s financial crimes industry unveiled in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 165 page Opening Brief Case# 13-57063: More stats 190
—P U B L I C N O T I C E — Civil Orders – 04 July 2014 More stats 127
NYPD: Hillary Clinton ‘Child Sex Scandal’ About To Break More stats 125
BAR Member Affidavit – All BAR members are foreign agents of the Crown More stats 100
Affidavit of Distress Right More stats 98
its-the-fringe-its-the-gold-fringe More stats 89
21-nov-16-and-my-question-to-all-of-america More stats 82
Hartford VanDyke Documents More stats 76
21-NOV-16: At the core of our rotten government is a lawyer More stats 76
28-nov-16-and-we-call-him-sicko More stats 75
07nov16-call-for-global-unification-of-free-sovereigns More stats 70
Hottest items with over 1,103,853 plus views More stats 70
07NOV16-CAFR: The other set of books More stats 68
Anna von Reitz – Alaska More stats 67
the-constitution-for-the-united-states-of-america More stats 67
January 27, 2016 – THE WORLD AT LARGE! CITIZENS – AN OPEN LETTER TO YOU ALL! More stats 66
Anna von Reitz: Michigan General Jural Society publishes what may be come the standard: “From De Facto to De Jure” More stats 62
22-nov-16-klayman-open-season-to-kill-cops More stats 62
09-november-16-perhaps-we-must-start-with-draining-the-senate More stats 62
30-NOV-16: angry-mobs-lock-indian-bankers-cash-chaos-escalates-we-are-fearing-worst More stats 61
Criminally Charge and Prosecute obama for Submitting Fraudulent Document. NOW!!! More stats 59
25-nov-16-how-is-this-possible-in-america? More stats 59
13-NOVEMBER-16: The Thomas Deegan Affair – Freedom’s Trust Indenture More stats 59
01-dec-16-public-notice-ms-freidenrich-your-extortion-payment-is-enclosed More stats 59
Record your own vote! Confirm and verify your vote—independently More stats 58
22-NOV-16: The people of this state do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them. More stats 58
24-nov-16-julian-the-price-of-justice-is-eternal-publicity More stats 56
The Criminal Enterprise Exposed in the form of a political narrative More stats 55
UCC 1-308 – (formerly UCC 1-207) More stats 53
07-nov16-more-on-the-clinton-activities More stats 53
14-nov-16-we-are-americans-are-we-not-americans-first More stats 53
Charles Evans Patterson II – BAR # 231864 More stats 52
The decisive moment of criminality of the Congress? More stats 51
06Jul16 – We really are our own worst enemies… More stats 50
how-quickly-we-forget More stats 50
13-NOVEMBER-16: Leonard Frank House of Harview-Freedom’s Trust Indenture More stats 49
U.S. Government Printing Office Style Manual introduced in 1894 by the de facto. More stats 48
Before Things Get Out of Hand……Judge Anna von Reitz More stats 48
Working With Your City Clerk More stats 48
UCC1 Financing Statement – Anna M. Riezinger More stats 47
18-NOV-16: U.S. Secret Service: An Agency with a problem of Legitimacy More stats 46
the-enumerated-powers-the-constitution-for-the-united-states-of-america-section-8 More stats 46
08nov16-broward-is-stealing-florida More stats 46
is-your-cable-company-pulling-your-string More stats 45
One issue we MUST address! The fraud of the 14th Amendment. More stats 45
Pedophilia and male prostitutes in the White House More stats 45
24-nov-16-don-hank-but-remember-that-the-people-who-knocked-down-these-buildings-were-mostly More stats 44
Maslow’s Hierarchy More stats 44
20SEP16-Sued! Six Federal judges; 41 others – color of authority. More stats 44
24-NOV-16: Betrayal by Honor-less Criminal Impersonators More stats 43
63C Am. Jur. 2d Public Officers and Employees Summary More stats 43
thursday-november-10-2016-620-am-don-hank-german-trade-interests More stats 43
Sovereignty! More stats 42
The Law of Nations More stats 41
Georgia, the Lawful State: MEMORIAL TO CONGRESS — 14th and 15th AMENDMENTS DECLARED VOID More stats 41
bill-in-equity-for-specific-performance-of-a-contract More stats 40
21-nov-16-ok-tina-dont-hold-back-on-my-account More stats 39
“Constitution” = a business contract = an equity contract = a commercial contract by Judge Anna von Reitz More stats 39
Alaska State Superior Court Judge, Anna von Reitz – Judge of the actual Alaska State, one of the Several States of the Continental United States. More stats 39
Boulder County Judge – Do Not Retain More stats 39
Prosecutorial discretion: more fraud on the people! More stats 38
nov-27-2016-bill-thornton-i-love-that-mantra-and-fraud-vitiates-all-part-2 More stats 38
Donnie Smith 18 JUN 16: What Does Raccoon Poop and Donald Trump Have in Common? More stats 36
27-nov-16-a-test-of-a-societies-gullibility More stats 36
It all checked out with Google and Snopes – We have no government! More stats 35
21-NOV-16: Again Mr. Patterson…you act with no lawful authority More stats 35
Corporate California – Summary More stats 35
DHS Inspector General: John Roth More stats 35
So what is it about the 14th Amendment? More stats 35
California Taxing Authority – Gov’t. Code Section 37100.5 More stats 34
06nov16-magnus-regnant-american-sovereign-speaks-out More stats 34
20-nov-16-the-gosar-review-its-time-to-get-to-work More stats 34
19-NOV-16: DOJ’s Civil Rights Division Head Is Violating Federal Law More stats 33
Americans—FREE AT LAST! More stats 33
DUNS Numbers of the US Corporate Government and Most of Its Major Agencies More stats 33
The Biggest Swindle in World History! “Acts of the Congress?” More stats 33
nov-25-2016-bill-thornton-i-love-that-mantra-and-fraud-vitiates-all More stats 33
Public Notice: notice-of-fraud-10_21_2016 More stats 32
21-nov-16-klayman-for-blm-and-its-allies-its-open-season-on-cops More stats 32
on-nov-9-2016-at-130-pm-milt-farrow-offers-the-following More stats 32
Your Extortion Payment is Enclosed More stats 32
09NOV16-so-who-actually-runs-the-store-the-city-manager More stats 32
on-nov-8-2016-at-331-am-netty-wrote More stats 31
06nov16-milt-farrow-an-american-sovereign-speaks-out More stats 31
07nov16-dear-mr-kelly-this-is-to-advise-you-potential-fraud-in-the-election-process More stats 30
And by Whom is such a claim made? And by what Authority? More stats 30
Randy Due More stats 30
And by what authority? More stats 30
Howard Griswold – On David Clarence – Fire the Government Trustee! More stats 30
Exposed!!! Undetectable voting machine fraud More stats 30
17-nov-16-high-cost-of-selling-government-to-its-citizens More stats 29
Exposed: As of December 1945; ALL Public Servants give up Immunity and Citizenship! More stats 29
Americans everywhere; From John Porter – I Want My Country Back! More stats 29
06nov16-setting-the-record-straight-the-surprise-tea-party-meeting-of-september-20-2016 More stats 29
You don’t even have to go to court. More stats 28
16-november-2016-a-word-from-our-esteem-colleague-john-porter More stats 28
The Other Americas of which few are aware! More stats 27
Second Base — What “They” Have Done “For” You – Anna von Reitz More stats 27
Saul Alinsky – Hillary Clinton’s 1969 Thesis More stats 27
City Clerks Association of California More stats 27
Control the Court More stats 27
NOTICE – PUBLIC ORDER – April 3, 2015 More stats 27
The Fourteenth Amendment Hoax – Judge Anna von Reitz Exposes the Fraudulent Congress More stats 27
carl -alfred: Swensson More stats 27
Anna von Reitz: There IS No “National Debt” Owed By Americans More stats 26
BAR – Larry Beacraft More stats 26
1860-1876 – So what else were they up to…before we were born? More stats 25
08nov16-broward-has-already-stolen-florida More stats 24
Editor; NY Times – serving-their-country-with-distinction-without-option More stats 24
Something is Wrong! I just can’t put my finger on it! More stats 24
Natural gas-fired electricity generation expected to reach record level in 2016 More stats 23
06NOV16-Mr. Cronin…Thank you for your suggestion. More stats 23
The United States of America Corporation More stats 23
Criminal Penalties for Public Corruption/Violations of State Ethics Laws More stats 22
By ORDER OF Judge Anna Maria Riezinger, Issued this fifth day of April 2015 Alaska State Superior Court. ………………….. More stats 22
Osceola: The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, a.k.a., the McCarran-Walter Act – Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by the president More stats 22
Notice! Public Servants…you ARE financially liable for violating the law! More stats 22
The Role of the Trustee…Members of Congress More stats 22
Judge Anna: Turn off the Boob Tube. Forget their foreign elections. That’s not your government. More stats 22
Colonel Edward Mandell House More stats 21
—P U B L I C N O T I C E — Civil Orders – 10 July 2014 More stats 21
AT&T Censorship of the DONALD… More stats 20
taking these goons and crooks to court will NOT work More stats 20
You don’t know, what you don’t know- A procerderal challenge? Randy Due – UCC- Secured Party Notification More stats 20 More stats 20
Notice of Intent to Recall: JUDGE THEODORE C. ZAYNER, COUNTY OF SANTA CLARA Posted on May 7, 2016 More stats 20
“You Know Something Is Wrong When…..An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” More stats 19
America’s 41st President a Nazi? More stats 19
Coup d’etat – Phelps and Strunk More stats 19
Ethics: Definitions of “Public Official” and “Public Officer” – Updated January 2015 More stats 19
07NOV16-Neal Kelley: Registrar of Voters, Orange County, California More stats 19
Rod Class Exposes State Governments are franchise branches of federal corporation posing as government of the American People. More stats 18
Randy Due – UCC- Secured Party Notification More stats 18
Trading With The Enemy Act (TWTEA) Amended 1933 More stats 18
Confirmed…General Carter F. Ham Appointed: Joint Chiefs Noticed by order of Grand Jury. More stats 18
Members of Congress (Impostors) commit Treason? This is not politics! This is a crime! More stats 17
The Clinton Calculated Setup? More stats 17
Straight from the shoulder… A message to Sheriff Joe! More stats 17
The collapse of the NWO well underway? More stats 17
Paul Stramer: I challenge ANYONE to prove this wrong. It can’t be done. the Feds have no jurisdiction whatsoever— More stats 17
“THE FRATERNITY “ – Inside Confirmation More stats 17
FINAL JUDGMENT AND CIVIL ORDERS – Background – A visit with Anna More stats 17
Thrive – Foster Gamble – The Elizabeth Warren Promotion More stats 17
FBI Failures to respond – Taking money under false pretenses. More stats 17
Public Notice: It is in your hands America; The Continental American Inhabitant! More stats 16
summary-california-brown-act More stats 16
I am not now and never have been a member of the Bar Association. More stats 16
Judicial Corruption: “Bribes” to California State Judges! More stats 16
Is it possible to go beyond treason? Related Documents. More stats 16
We are here from the corporate CALIFORNIA Taxing authority; a franchise branch of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INCORPORATED. More stats 16
These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America More stats 16
A man called Scalia More stats 16
Congress Declares American Citizens as the Enemy: Declares War – 1933 More stats 16
Agenda 21 and related items summary page More stats 16
California Public Records Act More stats 16
The Trust – a truthful account of history? More stats 15
cold More stats 15
Members of the British Accreditation Registry…(BAR) More stats 15
Richard Koenig: A process for Californians who accept corporate dominance, by which to sever all fraudulent corporate relationships. More stats 15
Randy Due – All Rights Reserved 3X – say this line 3x- then: More stats 15
What is A City Clerk? More stats 15
Eliot Ivan Bernstein: I have witnessed firsthand the injustice of Judge Michael Genden in his court: Retaliation against Barbara Stone! More stats 15
public servant personal indemnity bond More stats 14
US Corporation Fraud – What can be done? More stats 14
For those who understand how to “pass GO and collect the $200!” More stats 14
US Corporate Fraud: Why are the courts at fault? More stats 14
Live People seal documents with an autograph; Corporations use signatures More stats 14
Starting at First Base…From Anna More stats 14
One more time…Judge Anna attempts to Straighten out the old man. More stats 14
08NOV16-Update-Mr. Kelly…violating my first Amendment? More stats 14
As the Executor of your government created trust…They owe you. YOU are the creditor! More stats 14
Law Firm Admits Violated Law – Regarding – Murder of Chairman of Iviewit Simon Bernstein? More stats 14
Misprision of a Felony More stats 13
08OCT16-CALIFORNIA SECRETARY OF STATE, corporate identification More stats 13
First Amendment Administrative Commercial Lien Process More stats 13
Common Law Grand Jury Orders to All Federal Judges More stats 13
Fraudulent “State of California” – Corporate Structure More stats 13
General Civil Orders – 10 June14 – Refreshed 27 July 2014 More stats 13
The 14th Amendment. Congressional fraud! More stats 13
“Obamacare” Plan and the RFID Chip More stats 13
A Federal Crime! Violating Their Oath; cause for removal from office! More stats 13
Unrebutted Stipulations Regarding The IRS – 2:14-cr-00083-DBH More stats 13
Your Birth Certificate…it’s Worth Billions! More stats 13
Private Attorneys General Group: Most basic Definitions More stats 13
20SEP16-Yes..I admit to being the biggest fool… More stats 12
On Sep 28, 2016, at 2:21 PM, Anna von Reitz wrote: You have elected all these jokers in good faith; More stats 12
Top Posts for 30 days ending 2015-12-16 (Summarized) More stats 12
attn-fbi-31oct16-arnie-rosner-sorry-you-can-no-longer-just-sit-this-out More stats 12
Hillary, Holder, Obama Fast and Furious More stats 12
Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hannah Sophia Riezinger – von Reitzenstein von Lettow-Vorbeck : Most Beloved Francis: More stats 12
About the franchise – You still have doubts? More stats 12
16OCT16-Attention Sheriff-Formal charges of CONSPIRACY, FRAUD, UNLAWFUL CONVERSION, AND TREASON. More stats 12
(W)rit of Assistance and Affidavit of Truth – RA 393 427 517 US – June 3, 2014 More stats 12
Banks Exposed: Illegal Mortgage Fraud. Are your Documents fake? More stats 12
The Travis Allen Affair – District 72 – California More stats 12
*** PUBLIC NOTICE *** Attention Judicial Impostors: Immediate Order to Cease and Desist More stats 11
The specific details of how you were defrauded – by Judge Anna von Reitz, Alaska More stats 11
People v. Boxer (December 1992), docket number #S-030016, U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer fell totally silent More stats 11
Welcome to the Phantom of the United States Corporation… It is all Theater. An illusion! More stats 11
NO IRS!!! The Challenge is made! Show us the LAW! More stats 11
Conspiracy of Silence – Full Banned Documentary (1994) More stats 11
The Sovereign is the Court of Record, not the CORPORATION More stats 11
Personage – Larry Beacraft More stats 11
Your assignment…should you decide to accept…EXPOSE THE CORPORATE FRANCHISE—the source disavows any knowledge More stats 11
1942 Clearfield-Doctrine More stats 11
General Joseph Dunford – Treason Against the United States More stats 11
Who is pulling whose chain? More stats 11
This about sums it up More stats 11
classic disinformation – Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hanna Sophia: Riezinger-von Reitzenstein von Lettow-Vorbeck – Got it Right! More stats 10
Oregon’s Top Vehicle Code Expert, Richard Koenig More stats 10
Senate Report 93-549 as related to 1933 More stats 10
The Process by which the People Assert their Lawful Authority – Inspired by Judge Anna More stats 10
Major General David E. Quantock – Provost Marshal General of the Army More stats 10
Finicum Assassination – America’s Liberty at Stake! More stats 10
Proposal 02 More stats 10
Bloomfield, NJ – Political Corruption under color of law? More stats 10
An American Injured Party Affidavit of FACT – The work has been done for you. More stats 10
Application of the DISTRESS Process More stats 10
Public Servants; you are all accountable! More stats 10
ROD CLASS – exposes the crimes of the state franchise agencies – Courts desperate to supress the evidence of their criminal abuse. More stats 10
1933 governors conference with FDR – National Franchise Meeting of the United States Corporations More stats 10
The Real Criminals – Judge Anna Von Reitz More stats 10
the original 13th amendment was not only ratified but calls for immediate removal of and arrest and prosecution of all BAR members – Misrepresentation of Lawful public officers. More stats 10
Yes….Chemtrails are real. More stats 10
Judge Thomas D. Thalken charged with JUDICIAL FRAUD More stats 10
The Game in which you have had no idea you were playing. More stats 10
Requirements to hold civil office – Georgia More stats 9
Washington D.C. is a foreign controlled corporation unlawfully posing as the government of the American people. More stats 9
On those who suppress the truth… More stats 9
Public Notice of the crime of fraud reported to public officer Travis Allen More stats 9
***Public Notice*** May 15, 2016 ROMAN – Attn: Greg Bretzing, OR, FBI.GOV – Related: foreclosure of the world’s banks and governments More stats 9
Public Servant/Official Survey More stats 9
Kenya: Authorities Release Barack Obama’s “Real” Birth Certificate More stats 9
Revoke the Delegated Authority of Congress – The County Sheriff More stats 9
Utah Supreme Court decided the 14th amendment was unconstitutional – So did the state of Ga. and 10 other states. More stats 9
Anna von Reitz: There Is No “Interregnum” — Notice to Pope Francis, the UN Security Council, Congress, and The World— Round Seven: Karen Hudes/World Bank/IBRD/IMF:— More stats 9
Ahhh…Dumb me… not typos huh? More stats 9
Spectators NO MORE!!!…The People are the Final Arbiters. More stats 9
Use of title “Esquire” – Black’s Law Dictionary Version 2 More stats 9
For Profit Prisons – CCA Contracts Keep Prisons Full and Profits Up – A government PPO? More stats 9
Public Records Filing Laws of Commerce – Compliance More stats 9
16th Amendment – The law that never was! More stats 9
Public Servants are your Trustees; Fire Your Trustees for Cause. No Court Action Required! More stats 9
Anna von Reitz: the District of Columbia Municipal Government has been in control of America since 1864. The UN Agency, the IMF, have been in control of the District of Columbia Municipal Government since 1944 More stats 9
Your 15 minute TEMPLATE for Political and Judicial Reform More stats 9
Violation of your Civil Rights – The Congress More stats 9
Rick Dykema – Chief of Staff to Congressman Rohrabacher; who in my opinion is a criminal impersonator. More stats 9
The American Flag – Civil Authority – At Peace More stats 8
Major Fraud Discovered! Check your driver’s license—You may be affected! More stats 8
Criminal Complaints Against Prosecutor escalated to state governor More stats 8
World Domination plans are failing. The NWO is in a Panic. More stats 8
Proclamation 2040 – By 1939 all American Common Law Civil Process will be gone. More stats 8
Notice and Demand – Jim Williams Special Agent Oregon Department of Justice /Criminal Division – March 3, 2015 More stats 8
a Treasury Direct Account More stats 8
“We the People,” Revoke the Delegated Authority of the de facto Congress! More stats 8
Arnie Rosner – An American Sovereign – A Californian More stats 8
Only Skilled thinkers need to review. The rest will not get it. Don’t waste your time. More stats 8
Lower case ‘u’ versus upper case ‘U’ There is a critical difference! More stats 8
The Court System about which you thought you knew! More stats 8
By order of Pope Francis: All Bar Association licenses are extinguished. More stats 8
Scannedretina: Current popular topics as of 01-16-2015 More stats 8
The Trust – the other story More stats 8
Michael Tellinger and Promissory Notes More stats 8
A tool of the Fraudulent Pretender Government: “usufruct.” ALL DEBTS ARE PREPAID!!! More stats 8
Foreign Invaders Defined – The BAR More stats 8
And about those corporations… More stats 8
Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick, III Arrested; Exposing Judicial Corruption More stats 8
Admiralty on the land amounts to treason. More stats 8
Randy Due Case More stats 8
The Hartford VanDyke Judicial Rape More stats 8
With over 200,000 views the list of the most popular items is presented for your review. More stats 8
I didn’t waste my time voting – VOTING IS TREASON More stats 8
The Game in which you have had no idea you were playing-w More stats 8
on-nfl-football-its-not-a-game More stats 8
Obama’s Charge – Destroy America More stats 8
Is your Public Servant an Impostor—Impersonating a lawful public servant? How would you know? More stats 8
Judge Anna: Regarding BAR Members – More stats 8
Washington D.C. is a foreign controlled corporation unlawfully posing as the government of the American people. More stats 8
TIMELINE – The Anatomy of Judicial Corruptions. More stats 7
Because I said so…? More stats 7
FINAL JUDGMENT AND CIVIL ORDERS – “Due Process.” More stats 7
Rod Class: 11 CVS 1559 in Judge Ridgeway’s ruling More stats 7
Playing both sides against the middle – George Soros – Propagandist extraordinaire. More stats 7
The united states Of America is a corporation – owned by foreign interests More stats 7
Defining the role of our Public Servants – California More stats 7
Is it possible to go beyond treason? With link to related documents More stats 7
the people must establish the court system for the Continental United States of America. More stats 7
14th Amendment – All debts are prepaid. More stats 7
Example letters More stats 7
Acting as a judge of a superior court – the Last Man Standing Rule of our native Law – Judge Anna von Reitz, Alaska More stats 7
26oct16-how-police-officers-commit-treason More stats 7
24OCT16-Julian Assange Alive and well thanks to people with courage. More stats 7
articles-of-incorporation-of-u-s-corp-company -00009 Florida More stats 7
A word on Jural Societies – Judge Anna – Alaska More stats 7
Ronald Charles Vrooman: Notice and demand to District court Portland for the Common Law court guaranteed by the Constitution of the united States of America and the Oregon Constitution. More stats 7
Randolph Jordan: Joy Wright is an imposter who has made claims under the authority of an entity “senior magistrate” More stats 7
1933-Plus More stats 7
Violation of oath – Seize personal assets and permanently bar from public office! More stats 7
the-oath-of-office More stats 7
A Proposal: You as an American More stats 7
Attention America: Consider ensuring this message reaches all of your respective public servants whether acting as impostors or de jure! More stats 7
Which county corporate officer would be ultimately responsible? More stats 7
to-an-unnamed-local-public-official More stats 7
08OCT16-STATE OF CALIFORNIA Corporate (CAFR) More stats 7
Who Are The 81 Enemy Infiltrators In Congress? More stats 7
Notice: West Virginia State Police – Official Notice: It is we the people who create and can abolish government at our will. More stats 7
*** PUBLIC NOTICE: Judge Rules Administrative Court System Illegal More stats 7
Paul Stramer: An Affidavit and Commercial Lien has been filed in Mesa County Colorado against the cabal More stats 7
Man Files Lien against the BAR; BAR retaliates! Man incarcerated by IMPOSTORS!. More stats 7
Citizen Arrests Entire Park District Board – Sheriff Enforces! More stats 7
The Fraud related to your birth certificate: Nature of Rights of Cestuique Trust – More stats 7
IT IS THE LAW; the supreme law of the land! – no-lawyers-in-public-office More stats 7
Historical Significance – 1825 Constitution – of Maine and the United States More stats 7
23JUN16 – *** PUBLIC NOTICE*** : Arnie Rosner: Declaration of Civil Status More stats 7
Eric Rhodes: Social Security, it’s now a “BENEFIT?” More stats 7
The Role of the Mason’s in corrupting the American society.. More stats 7
A Second Message to Mr. Trump. More stats 7
How much treason must one commit…to be charged with treason? More stats 7
Dixie County, FL – Fraud upon the Court – Alteration/removal of public records More stats 7
CFR More stats 7
Hall, Sherry: I am not the Court Clerk, looks like this email needs to go to the State Court Clerk of Clackamas County. More stats 7
26Jul16 – Justinian Deception More stats 7
INTERNATIONAL BAR ASSOCIATION 2014 – Tax Exemption Form 990 More stats 7
Updated – Live Affidavit to: Common Law Citizen’s Grand Jury HQ and John Daresh More stats 7
Attention bounty hunters! Criminal Impersonators Exposed and and being Noticed. More stats 6
Americans in Denial – Its in the Box! More stats 6
IRS and the Maine Common Law Grand Jury – 2:14-cr-00083-DBH More stats 6
28 Jan 16 RENO GAZETTE-JOURNAL: Donald J. Trump on the BLM More stats 6
Orange County, CA – Criminal Impersonator misappropriating public funds – Clinton Foundation Involved? More stats 6
Propaganda More stats 6
It will be called The Puzzle Project. More stats 6
Americans in uniform…true Americans honor you every day! More stats 6
Additional Clarification – by Judge Anna 04-09-2015 More stats 6
Oath of office is a quid pro quo contract More stats 6
the BAR—THE BAR—THE BAR—exposed! More stats 6
There is no lawful federal government! They are impostors. All PUBLIC SERVANTS May be included? More stats 6
Semantic Deceit More stats 6
Liberty: Government has no business in dictating More stats 6
Judicial Coercion Exposed: Is James C. Hankinson a Judge ? More stats 6
Microsoft Privacy Statement More stats 6
Colorado BAR – to be Dismantled? A foreign Control Mechanism over Courts. More stats 6
Barratry – Larry Beacraft More stats 6
ARNIE ROSNER: Permit me to urge all to keep this simple—There is no legitimate government of the people of the Continental United States of America. More stats 6
I AM YOUR ANCHOR BABY: The Significance Of My Will – by Anna Von Reitz, Judge in Alaska More stats 6
Obama’s Youth Training – And you are paying for it More stats 6
1985-Arizona State Senator Addresses the 14th Amendment Fraud With Arizona State Official More stats 6
***Public Notice***: Court decision – Regarding Land Patents More stats 6
United States of America, Incorporated— More stats 6
Dixie County, FL The Board of County Commissioners More stats 6
The Roman Catholic Church is Declared a Transnational Criminal Organization More stats 6
Membership Roster: CFR More stats 6
Judicial Corruption – Los Angeles County More stats 6
Delaware US Corporation More stats 6
Anna von Reitz: Regarding your message to the Pope: More stats 6
Constructive Notice to ALL – Steven Pattison (Kansas) More stats 6
judge Napolitano – 03 Espionage Act of 1917 More stats 6
Kurt KallanBach – The Truth…for which you are not ready. More stats 6
The United States office of the Private Attorney General: Court House Fraud exposed! More stats 6
Who Me? Support the criminal impersonators? More stats 6
Citizen’s Oversight Committee – The Beginning More stats 6
New US Currency – Series 2009. What does it all mean? More stats 6
Will you permit the pirates in Nevada to attack Cliven Bundy? More stats 6
The Plan…The Plan! More stats 6
Of Judge Dale (retired) More stats 6
27sep16-sheriff-clark-the-gold-fringe More stats 6
Judge Rules: Administrative Court System Illegal; established with the New Deal were totally unfounded and unconstitutional. More stats 6
Randy Due Speaks to All Americans – Enforcement! More stats 6
Alicia Lutz-Rolow/ Leonard Harview wrmltd: EXPOSED!!!!! The misrepresented corporate constitution; by-laws of the corporation; not the law of the land! Fraud Visiates ALL!!!! More stats 5
Acceptance of Oath of Office- Template More stats 5
Sun, May 8, 2016 ***Public Notice*** Republic of Texas County Representative Susan Cammack kidnapped More stats 5
Jerry Brown – Franchise Manager – Impostor! Conflict of interest. Personal use of public resources. More stats 5
What is wrong with Americans? More stats 5
‘Sovereign Peace Officer’ Threatens to Indict Miami-Dade Judge More stats 5
A lot of needed information is here for individual people. More stats 5
Updated -County Counsel fails to deflect legal exposure! Obama Criminally unfit to hold office! More stats 5
Held to Account! Jailed the Bankers – make restitution? Every Icelander to Get Paid in Bank Sale! More stats 5
NEW!!! Theory added – Have you been double billing me for the last 40 years? Naughty-Naughty! More stats 5
New York’s U.S. Bankruptcy Court Rules MERS’s Business Model Is Illegal More stats 5
Duty, Honor, Country! The Randy Due Case More stats 5
Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov’t Then Arrests All Rothschild Bankers More stats 5
The Quigley Formula – G. Edward Griffin More stats 5
Thomas Q, Langstaff; Perpetrator of Judicial Corruption? More stats 5
21JUN16 : Sorry I must challenge this assertion…nothing personal…just the facts! More stats 5
DEFINED: The source of the fraud! From the beginning! From Anna von Reitz More stats 5
Public Notice – Buyer beware! More specific Details More stats 5
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International Organizations Immunities Act Document, December 9, 1945 More stats 5
Public Announcement – new Superior Court Judges, Steven Dean Byfield, and Bruce Doucette. More stats 5
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Invoking Common Law – English Freemen Standing In Court More stats 5
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09Sept16 – NULL AND VOID! Now do you get it? More stats 5
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Georgia Public Purpose Corporation 2004 More stats 5
23JUN16 – Jerry Day: 00 – The Law is for everyone—Equally! More stats 5
Public Notice: Attention Lancaster County Sheriff, Terry Wagner; Case No.’s #JV13-1323, and #CI11-4438 Administrative Courts NOT recognized! More stats 5
Provost Marshal General Quantock – Obama – Treason…again? More stats 5
Dear Robert W. Bowcock: The American Court System continues to function to this day. Do not confuse with de facto impostors deceptively misrepresenting themselves. More stats 5
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SCANNED RETINA ITEMS OF INTEREST – LAST 30 DAYS. – 11-29-2014 More stats 5
Friday, January 22, 2016 – Anna Von Reitz: Open Letter to Pope Francis and All Members of the Christian Clergy More stats 5
it’s that we are failing to recognize and object to it and take effective action to release ourselves from their “System”. More stats 5
RECALL action! More stats 5
by default—A lawfully elected government replaces a de facto impostor! More stats 5
John Chiang, Controller, California – Safeguard the Public Trust. Your Oath demands it! More stats 5
Henry County, Ga.: County Commissioners Noticed of Pending Charges – Rebellion…Treason! More stats 5
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