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The Fourteenth Amendment Hoax – Judge Anna von Reitz Exposes the Fraudulent Congress

Once in a while I take time to reply to especially wrong-headed and misinformed individuals. In this case, I was replying to a man who was convinced that the Fourteenth Amendment was the best thing since sliced bread and even … Continue reading

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For your consideration—Jade Helm -What is there to discuss…? The answer is NO! HELL NO!!!!

THERE IS NO POINT TO EVEN DISCUSSING THIS OPERATION. These are all private corporation operations.  The Army, the Navy, the Marines, the CIA, the Courts, the departments of the administration, the cities, the counties, and on and on.  Why are … Continue reading

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Hear…!!! Hear….!!! Another American speaks out!!!

From: Alex Vanguard <> Subject: A Right to Travel in Freedom Day Proposed!!! Date: April 22, 2015 at 8:51:07 AM PDT If We the People claim our rights, then we need to begin to walk the walk. I propose “A … Continue reading

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Is this a clear enough answer?

Come on folks…. Let us quit beating around the bush….IF THEY HAD HONORABLE INTENTIONS THEY WOULD HAVE ASSIMILATED AND WOULD NOW BE AMERICANS. THEY WOULD HAVE ALSO RENOUNCED ISLAM! Of course they can not be trusted. They must be rounded … Continue reading

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UK Issues a global warning

Mlt Farrow commented on $60 Million Suit filed: Failure to Respond to Chemtrails Questions – A 14th Amendment Issue? … Yes….Chemtrails are real. So what is it about the 14th Amendment? I am of the mindset that “Geo-engineering” … Continue reading

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You don’t know, what you don’t know- A procerderal challenge? Randy Due – UCC- Secured Party Notification commented on Randy Due – UCC- Secured Party Notification Filed UCC Financing Statement Kansas10-31-2014 This UCC1 is without merit, and of no commercial value.The real, sentient man can not deal in commerce. Only fictional paper entities can deal in … Continue reading

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Switzerland: The knife is poised to slit the throat of the New World Order. – On November 30, 2014 the vote is taken!

On Nov 24, 2014, at 4:15 AM, JZ <> wrote: 2014-11-24 Switzerland: Referendum on Gold standard, November 30 =========================== [via Anonymous Berlin] Google translation At the golden thread – a pioneering vote in Switzerland: On November 30, 2014 held in … Continue reading

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