12-9-2019 *** Public Notice – New contract – federal government, accepted and included all Americans as beneficiaries.

***LEGAL NOTICE – AWARD – 116th Congress Admits Guilt!

ELKINS — Local resident Phil Hudok, has received an arbitration award ordering the federal government to provide remedy and relief.

Hudok, along with four complainants demanded that the federal government provide Constitutional authority for 573 claims of “interface with the people,” and when the federal government failed to produce the requested information, the Constitution was established as a breached contract.

The claimants offered a new contract to the federal government, which was accepted and included all Americans as beneficiaries. The claimants offered to enter into dispute resolution with the federal government but that offer was unaccepted and a neutral third party began the arbitration process.

The federal government failed to appear for arbitration appear, according to Hudok.

The arbitrator ruled in favor of Hudok, outside of any monetary settlements. The complainants were “issued an award for numerous contracted remedies and relief.”

Hudok of Huttonsville, Gene Stalnaker of Daniels and Thomas Deegan of Mineral Wells originally filed the suit in May 2015 against Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, Clerk of the West Virginia House of Delegates Steve Harrison and an “unknown private for profit subcontractor providing government services and purporting to be lawful government in operation.”

The filing was amended later that year to also include the five West Virginia Supreme Court Justices for “failing to act because they were in default and dishonor legally.”

At that time, Hudok told The Inter-Mountain he feels the government is abusing its power and making United States citizens enemies of the government.

He noted he believes the government should be run by the citizens, not the other way around.

“It is important that — as in the two video clips that I have where Patrick Morrisey states “No one is above the law.” — we demand just that. The contract (Constitution) was proven violated and void,” Hudok recently explained regarding Bill of Peace 2020.

“We offered a new contract which was accepted under the law form given to us in the Bible by*the Creator. They boil down to ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ Simply, do no damage to person or property,” he continued. “All documents in the final steps to arbitration were specifically written so as to be done on behalf of all Americans.”

Hudok added that roughly over 1,700 Americans have joined the movement since the ruling. “My message to those who opt-in is freedom we’ve secured is to be used for good and

not be taken as a license to sin. With freedom comes responsibility. Also, my message to everyone aware of this action, opt-ins or not, is that there are now 1,700-plus men and women opting in who have become whistle blowers,” he said. “The alert is going out for all to see that the government and the people responsible for government oversight (that amounts to every adult American) is now on notice that we cannot continue outside the bounds of the contract between the government and the people. This is a non-violent way much as the national strike in Poland of years ago which caused a radical change.”

Hudok said the ruling is very important; however, urged people not to utilize it improperly.

“The arbitration established contract is of little value in a chaotic collapsed country and world. This can be a catalyst for positive change through understanding and action,” he said.

Information for those wishing to opt-in is available at http://www.hudok.info or via e-mail, and the deadline is Christmas Day.

“My strong advice is for those interested to first do their homework so as to make an intelligent decision whether opting into the contract is right for them. The website (http://www.hudok.info) is designed for that purpose with documents, summaries, videos, audios for understanding. An email address (treaty.of.peace2020questions@gmail.com) has been set up to handle questions,” Hudok explained. “For those wanting to join the over 1,700 already opted in, the

deadline is Dec. 25. Action for settlement of the arbitration order with the federal government will commence on Jan. 7 in Washington, D.C. The opt-in document is on the website with directions.”

Hudok said the next step regarding Bill of Peace 2020 is a January trip to Washington D.C.

“I and others will be in Washington D.C. for settlement of this award. That will be completed either by a Bill on the Private Side passed by Congress or by Presidential Executive Order. We have produced both a bill and order for that purpose. All that needs done is to hammer out the settlement via the legislature or the executive,” he said. “In the meantime, I and others, are doing interviews, making videos, that as many people as possible become aware of and understanding of this option to live as free men and women in obedience to the Creator and Supreme Law Giver. Hopefully, the government returns to a lawful state, that I and others would be

able to contract with. Until then, I will decide just what contracts I can be party to.” Tim MacVean

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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