Orange County Treasurer – Tax Collector

Shari L. Freidenrich
Orange County Treasurer – Tax Collector

Dear Ms. Freidenrich,

Once again I am calling upon you for assistance. Thank you so much for your responsiveness.

And to the last matter of contact to which you so graciously responded, I was able to confirm my tax payments were received by Orange County and I am assuming they were applied to my account properly. So thank you again…however, there does remain the issue of my refund…but more on that later.

The current matter of concern is of a very high priority with Americans from all over the country. Since our County sheriff proudly—boldly and publicly proclaimed her support and dedication to Constitution (see link following) Never Waver. I am certain she will welcome the opportunity to join Sheriff Palmer, of Grant County, Oregon and several others in California, in standing against the foreign/domestic enemies identified in Washington, DC and elsewhere in our great country.

However, upon reviewing Sheriff Hutchen’s part of the county website, I failed to find any way to communicate with Sheriff Hutchens directly.  Sheriff Palmer has provided direct e-mail links.

Which brings me to my directing this message to you.  Please accept my apologies for this imposition…but would you be so kind as to forward this message to her as I am sure she too will be anxious to make a public statement on these matters.

And while I have your kind attention, what should be of very special interest to every American, should also be of great interest to you.  Please consider this as a public service.

Very recent events highlight the urgent threat to the public safety of all Americans; even those in Orange County.   California criminal code is very specific on the responsibility as outlined in:  Public Safety Accountability – PENAL CODE SECTION 830-832.17

This critically important message, regarding national security and the exposing of internal enemies, has been referred to me in conjunction with the murder/assassination of an American Patriot, LaVoy Finicum.

I can tell you quite frankly that the mere thought of an American citizen being gunned down in cold blood by what appears to be elements of a lawless criminal enterprise posing as the lawful government of the American people, is beyond comprehension. And it is totally unacceptable.

Like it or not, as a public servant, you are also involved! And permit me to advise you in advance, there are no acceptable excuses for sidestepping dealing directly with this issue.  The oath of office mandates each oath taker is responsible to support and defend the Constitution.  There are no exceptions.  And there are no restrictions regarding jurisdiction.

As has already been established, you being a lawful public officer, are familiar with the meaning of the terms, “foreign and domestic enemies.” Therefore—the following information must also place you on official alert—that as Americans, we are under attack, on American soil, by foreign paramilitary elements, posing as part of our lawful federal government.

Video coverage supplied by unidentified drones documented the entire event. It is believed Mr. Finicum, was assassinated by criminal impersonators, posing as FBI agents.  The following is a short excerpt of his actual murder.

An expert in these matters explains in great detail the complicity of the agencies involved:
It’s about a federal government operating outside of the supreme law of the land

An autopsy report reveals he was shot 9 times. The video reveals he he was fired upon as he had exited the vehicle with his hands in the air. It is further reported he was unarmed. He and others were driving to meet with the county sheriff when his vehicle was ambushed.  Does this sound like something that might occur in America?

Unbeknownst to many Americans, There has been on ongoing struggle against this foreign controlled corporation in Washington, DC, which has been impersonating the lawful government of the American people, since about the 1860’s.

but the major subversion seems to have occurred during the administration of FDR somewhere in 1933, it appears the American government was unlawfully replaced with an incorporated version.

It is believed that at this time the lawful rule of law was also subverted and the tyranny under which we find ourselves today was first imposed. More details offered at the following link: 1933-Plus

With the recent events occurring in Oregon, a letter written to VP Biden  from a sheriff in a neighboring county, has become a rallying cry for the defense of the Constitution.  Here is official notice Sheriff Palmer issued to VP Biden.   Mr. Biden it turns out,  would seem to be  the Vice President of the foreign controlled corporation operating out of Washington, DC. and posing as the lawful government of the American people.  The Members of Congress, we are lead to believe act as corporate board members and not our lawful representatives operating with the delegated authority of the people by whom they were elected.

Sheriff Palmer to impostor Corp VP Biden; Your Unconstitutional Acts will be ignored!

All of this criminal activity of this criminal enterprise has brought to light that the  true role of the county sheriff  requires they follow the Constitution.  I am also confident you too, as a public servant, realize that you  also have no options as to what part of the law you are required to obey.

Here is an Assemblywoman  from Nevada, who has also been directly engaged and speaks to the issue of obeying the law:

Nevada Assemblywoman Fiore: “I represent Americans. We are a nation of laws!

Now it has become abundantly clear, the American people have been systematically defrauded and abused.  The criminals involved have been largely, our own members of Congress.

Not to be redundant but the point must be made…We have been shocked to learn this criminal behavior has been going on since the 1860’s but really became active during the administration of FDR (1933). Through the investigative work of several great Americans, the truth has begun to evolve and the curtain removed.  The stark naked evidence can be found in many places.  Here is but one such source:  1933-Plus

Here is another in affidavit format by a superior court judge, of the land jurisdiction, in Alaska.  “You Know Something Is Wrong When…..An American Affidavit of Probable Cause”

The most disturbing part of these revelations is it appears that many parts of what we have been lead to believe were our lawful government agencies and agents appear to be impersonators.  They act as impostors… And many seem to know full-well what they are doing.

In turn, there may be some agents unknowingly involved, and are functioning in positions which require very specific credentials.  Oaths of office and bonds for instance, without these critical credentials.  In order for them to be paid from the public treasury, these matters must be repaired immediately.


In your position, Ms. Freidenrich, as a trustee of the public treasury, I believe any distributions issued in any form to unauthorized personnel who lack the proper credentials would amount to breach of fiduciary responsibilities, on your part, and or possibly embezzlement charges so I think you can see the seriousness of this matter.  And here is a matter of concern on that regard,  CALIFORNIA JOINT POWERS INSURANCE AUTHORITY.

It appears some county organizations, across America, functioning as a corporation instead of a public institution have been circumventing the lawful Constitutional requirement with regard to bonds.

It has been discovered that in some counties, especially with a loss protection department, there is a practice of issuing a blanket insurance policy with the county to cover the public servants against liabilities.

That might appear proper until one considers in some of these situations, instead of the public servant themselves being responsible for furnishing the bond to ensure they honored their oath, the county charges the cost of such insurance to the public through accounting practices which hides the expenditures in the county CAFR.

From what investigations have been performed by independent citizens groups, there is no lawful authority to make this replacement of blanket insurance against individual bonds. But I suspect this is a matter subject to individual review by the department’s who are responsible for oversight. And as I recall, I believe I saw your name as being a member of an oversight group in the county.

Another obvious irregularity is when the county supervisors themselves are being named as the beneficiaries, instead of the losses recovered on claims going back into the public treasury from where the payments were created.

Now to be clear, I have no idea as to whether these problems exist in Orange County. But I felt obligated to share this information with you, since you are the Orange County treasurer.


But it also appears there are members of other parts of our government who are posing as lawful members of government for the purposes of subverting our


And he is not acting alone—

Others are also engaged as represented below:

And our own Sheriff…can make her own stand…

Orange County, CA. Sheriff Swearing in Ceremony

Never Waver

The county sheriff, a Constitutional officer, elected directly by the people, is given the delegated authority directly by the people by whom he is elected. The sheriff has no authority to permit any usurpation of his delegated authority. He is the supreme enforcer of the Constitutional, the Supreme Law of the Land.

Sheriff Palmer is one of the few county sheriffs to go on record as a legitimate public servant. Any of the other county Sheriff’s who will not make the same type of public affirmation are suspected of criminal impersonation. They would be impostors, impersonating a lawful public servant.

An excerpt of Sheriff Palmer’s letter to the impostor VP, Joe Biden, of the foreign controlled bankrupt corporation, identified as the United States of America, Inc.

Voila_Capture 2016-02-12_09-57-58_PM.jpg

Ms. Freidenrich, you, as a legitimate public servant and the rest of the public servants, acting in their lawful capacities, all have the lawful obligation to not only honor your oath of office, an employment contract between you and the constituency, But you also have very specific fiduciary responsibilities as a trustee of the public trust.

And to assist you in sharing the critical nature of this situation, public servants who may be in violation of their oaths…need to be made aware they are criminally as well as civilly liable for any injuries suffered by Citizens as a result the failure of the public servant to perform in a manner consistent with their respective job description. What most public servants in this position may not be aware, their respective spouses are also culpable.


Roger Dowdell Jr. Orlando, Florida

Should you have any questions, I am personally available to provide any information of which I may be capable. I am not an expert in anything. I am simply an old man who knows nothing attempting to perform my civic responsibility as I trust all legitimate Americans will do the same.

Thank you for your attention. I will get back with you at a later date to deal with the matter of the refund I believe many residents of Orange County may be entitled.


“You only think you know!”

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The flag of the Continental united States of America
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