The DEEP STATE OF CALIFORNIA – About which few are aware?

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13Sep16 – Transparent California

Our Departments, Boards and Programs

Government Operations Agency oversees nine different state departments, boards and programs. These entities support our agency’s mission to improve management and accountability of government programs, increase efficiency and promote better and more coordinated operational decisions.

Department of Human Resources (CalHR)

CalHR is responsible for all issues related to employee salaries and benefits, job classifications, civil rights, training, exams, recruitment and retention.

State Personnel Board

State Personnel Board is charged with overseeing the merit-based, job-related recruitment and selection process for the hiring of state employees who provide critical services to the citizens of California.

Department of General Services (DGS)

DGS serves as business manager for the State of California. It provides a variety of services to state entities through procurement solutions, real estate management, building standards and school construction.

Franchise Tax Board

Franchise Tax Board’s mission is to help taxpayers file tax returns timely, accurately, and pay the correct amount to fund services important to Californians.

Teachers Retirement System

CalSTRS’ mission is to secure the financial future of California’s educators by providing retirement, disability and survivor benefits for full-time and part-time public school educators.

Department of Technology

The California Department of Technology is committed to partnering with state and local government entities to deliver digital services, develop innovative and responsive solutions for business needs and provide quality assurance for Information Technology projects and services.

Victim Compensation Board

The Victim Compensation Program provides compensation for victims of violent crime. It provides eligible victims with reimbursement for many crime-related expenses.

Public Employees Retirement System

CalPERS’ mission is to deliver retirement and health care benefits to members and their beneficiaries in a sustainable manner.

Office of Administrative Law

The Office of Administrative Law (OAL) ensures that agency regulations are clear, necessary, legally valid, and available to the public.

California Department of Tax and Fee Administration

Beginning July 1, 2017, CDTFA will assume all previous statutory tasks of the Board of Equalization, and will perform administrative functions for the Board. The CDTFA will report to the California Government Operations Agency

Marybel Batjer

Marybel Batjer, Secretary of the Government Operations Agency

Marybel Batjer is Secretary of the California Government Operations Agency (CalGovOps). She was appointed to the post by Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. in June 2013 to serve as the first-ever Secretary of CalGovOps. The agency was established as part of Brown’s comprehensive overhaul of state government and is responsible for administering state operations including procurement, real estate, information technology, and human resources.

Prior to her appointment, Batjer served as vice president of public policy and corporate social responsibility for Caesars Entertainment, Inc., the world’s largest gaming-entertainment company. In this role, she developed and promoted corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy and initiatives for the company and counseled its senior executive team on issues pertaining to reputation-management, public policy and government relations.

Before joining Caesars in January 2005, Batjer held senior leadership posts in the executive branches of two state governments, as well as key advisory roles in two U.S. presidential administrations and at the Pentagon.

From 2003 to 2005, she was Cabinet Secretary to the Governor of the State of California, where she served as chief policy advisor to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and directed the activities of the governor’s 13 cabinet secretaries. Earlier, Batjer was Chief of Staff to Gov. Kenny Guinn of Nevada. She has also served as Undersecretary of the California Business, Transportation and Housing Agency and as Chief Deputy Director of the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

In the George H.W. Bush administration, Batjer was Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Navy, a position she attained after a successful tenure in the Reagan White House, where she served as the President’s Special Assistant for National Security Affairs, as Deputy Executive Secretary of the National Security Council, and as Assistant to Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger and Deputy Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci.

In addition, Batjer was Director of Political Planning for the National Women’s Political Caucus. She is the former Vice-Chair of the State of Nevada’s Colorado River Commission, the Past Chair of the National Judicial College Board of Trustees, member of the Nevada Museum of Art Board of Directors, Board of Directors Desert Research Institute Foundation, and Board Member of the Nevada Woman’s Fund.

Batjer received her bachelor’s degree from Mills College in California and studied international public policy at the graduate level at Johns Hopkins University. She also studied national and international security at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. She currently resides in Sacramento.

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