Not one in a million will figure out our plan

02/20/18 Harry Asks? | Scanned Retina – A Resource for the People

Harry Sez: “If voting really worked, they wouldn’t let us do it” 

On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 8:26 PM, Arnie Rosner <> wrote:

Dear Harry,

After all of the recent experience with watching closely how those in government are behaving…

Do we really believe they are the representatives of the American people?

Do we really believe they are agencies and agents—all public institutions and public officers— who are sworn to perform in the service of the American people?

Is the following not one of the oaths of office (sworn publicly yet fraudulently?

Fraud of the oath exposed!

And sworn freely!!!

Free-Will Choice
Never Waver—

An oath of office which binds all public officers to an employment contract which is a lawful and legitimate enforceable contract between the public officer, elected or appointed (employee)—and the members of the public (the constituency—the public trust) Oath of office is a quid pro quo contract
Public Service is a Public Trust… Fiduciary Duty

Agencies and agents who pretend to be agencies and agents of the lawful government…who do not serve the public in accordance to their job assignment…are impostors…Those so engaged in deception and fraud are not members of a lawful and legitimate government!

A lawful government serves the interests of the American people as servants and they also demonstrate the proper respect for the people…by whom they are paid for the services of a government!

Keep in mind lawful public servants can be identified as willing servants who not only obey the laws…but also do so without reservation. They perform the services freely…Free-Will Choice

So if you experience any resistance from a public officer failing to do his job…most likely they are fakes and impostors.

Do you get it yet?

As the American people, we have been victims of fraud for so long we have no idea what is real? And just because someone wears a badge, carries a gun and may even drive a police car…does not make that person a peace officer—or even a policeman.

The legitimacy of a public servant is only created by the people of the corresponding jurisdiction who grant their delegated authority, that empowers the public servant to perform the work of the people.

Public Officer Bonds — No Bond..Office Vacant

A legitimate public officer would have no reason not to comply.
A Citizen Asks; Who Are You?

Well if you are not as yet convinced what has been documented above…please review the following examples of the extremes to which I consider the impostors involved… will go to…in their efforts to deceive the people.

One must ask…If they were legitimate would they have any reason not to just do their job? The job the people are paying them to do?

They are not who they say they are—that is an impostor to me…

And why would they be working so hard to deceive the people? What is such a terrible secret that they are always in training?

Training I believe is to offset the truth being exposed everyday.

Training to deceive and lie and engage in the treason we see demonstrated right in front of us…we see this everyday but fail to recognize the crimes being committed against the people.

And to those of you who are saying to themselves this very minute…”it does not affect me.”  Are you prepared to actually see for yourself?  It will only take a few minutes to begin to open your eyes…

  • Check your driver’s license to see if your name appears in all capital letters.
  • Then check any credit cards you may have issued to you in your name…All Caps again? How curios don’t you think?
  • Look at any official documents from an insurance company with whom you are doing business…is your name in All CAPS—especially the last name.
  • How about your electric bill,
  • the gas company,
  • the DMV,
  • the IRS,
  • Medicare,
  • Social Security…

Are you seeing a trend?

Perhaps you have heard about the birth certificate scam…and perhaps you passed that off as more conspiracy theories…and maybe you are right…but then why is there a COLB that was issued as a municipal security, in your name…in all caps…complete with a CUSIP number? And why was it created without your knowledge and consent? But that may only be a part of the theory…

For more details click this link.

714-964-4056 24/7

About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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