07-14-17 ALL honorable people

Something about which to consider—inserted into the discussion by the scannedretina.

All honorable people are here-by invited to join in
our growing Community of reputable Law & Justice Scholars & Activists,
with those affirming they will make efforts to join in this conference
“Hartford Van Dyke”, “David Schied”, “Andrew Ouwenga”, “Shorty”, “Marvin”;
“Charles Stewart” (this author& conference-host), & others.

Episode: USA #103: Constitutional Government & Jural-Society Organizing & Empowerment.





This Conference’s Scheduled Time & Date is: Friday, 14-July-2017.
Time: 7:00-pm Eastern-Time, 4-pm Pacific-Time.

How to participate:
Call in by Dialing: 1-724-444-7444.
Enter Call-ID: 10929#.

Hartford’s files describing his “Commercial Liens”, “Community Currency”, & Activism; are here:

David Schied’s work in Michigan State & the Federal Courts is available here:

Andrew Ouwenga’s work is available here:

Shorty, from Missouri, is making some very good progress in the case of Samuel, an Amish man,
who has been lawlessly imprisoned in Kentucky by DeFacto Federal FDA-Agents,
for manufacturing & distributing a Naturopathic Salve which seems to destroy cancer.
Shorty has been using his own version of the law-research material from “Bill Thorton”,
& Shorty has affirmed he will give us an up-date on these important developments.

A note-worthy development in these discussions, is, that,  one “Mark Emery” has recently produced a video
which describes current developments concerning the legacy of the “Montana Freemen”;
all based on his absolutely ground-breaking Interview with one the surviving Freeman
who has recently been released from Federal Prison
, oneDaniel Petersen“.

Mark has been invited to appear among us; & he has been asked to deliver similar invitation to Dan Petersen.
And for those inclined to dig more deeply in-to the nuts & bolts of the legacy of the Montana Freemen;
this author has long maintained a web-page to their work products; including documents, & an excellent 6-hour video; here:

Our discussion last week was again excellent;
& i hope to gain the ability to compose Transcripts of our conferences.
The mp3 audio-file recordings of our past conferences are available
by scrolling-down in this conference’s web-linked talkshoe page.

In the light provided by these & other reputable scholarly-activists;
this show-host & author, Charles Stewart, intends to respectfully steer these conference discussions
towards our collective “Meaningful EmPowerment Rights“, as are lawfully available to us
when-ever we Organize
under “County Law” (aka: “Common-Law”), as “Jural-Society Members“;
& there-under, each of us 1: Obtains Certification of our “Qualified-Elector Status“,
& 2: Certifying the Election of Our Own Executive “Peace Officers”, & “Judicial Officers“;
& there-under to 3: Breathe Life In-to: our County level “Posse-Comitatus“.

It is this author’s judgement; that,
the scholarly activists participating in these conferences seem to support the proposition,
that, our American People Must “Organize” to do Rightous & Lawful Battle against
those powerful international & spiritual Criminals who routinely, habitually, & secretively Conspire
to commit Acts of Murder & Terrorism against our Common American People.
Any-one; please Correct Me if I might Error in “My Judgement”, here; & in a timely manner.

I, Charles Stewart; am here-by actively seeking to “lay the ground-work & foundation”
for “A
ssembling“, eventually, an American National Community of “Common-Law Judicial Officers“;
who are willing to Assume the Duties of the approximate;y 200,000 “Vacant Offices”,
which are referenced in the Sixth-Amendment as “Districts“,
but under common-law jurisdiction are refered to as “Precincts”;
& which contain the fully sovereign
“Judicial Power”, as recognized for “Magistrates”;
but as wielded by more ancient & localized “Common-Law Monarchs”,
& this all with modern lawful authority to “Issue Arrest-Warrants”.

Taking paranoia-level “Cautious Baby-Steps” towards these ultimately un-avoidable ends,
we expect an enlightening discussion to happen in our conference, on this Friday evening;
e plan on hosting similar weekly conferences, at the same time & place.
All Honorable People are here-by Invited to Join With Us.

Listeners may join the audio-feed & chat-window
from their computers, thru the following web-links:

  1. Click here to join the call or just listen along
  2. (Optional) Become a TalkShoe member; & get your own customized chat-window ID.

You can also join the call through a Facebook/TalkShoe program.

  If you missed this event or want to hear previous recorded episodes click here.




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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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