13-NOVEMBER-16: Leonard Frank House of Harview-Freedom’s Trust Indenture

On Friday, November 11, 2016 6:59 PM, Leonard Harview (Harvieux) <wrmltd@pacbell.net> wrote:

Hi Arnie,

Yes, as an official trustee, I of course, am in total agreement with Freedom’s Trust Indenture because as Thomas clearly specifies in the recorded interview, the current and entire govt. structure has totally defaulted in law, at law and otherwise and therefore fore fitted their charter, ultra vires allowing the victors (last men standing on the battlefield) can now create the remedy afforded in real law which allows them to create the desired structure which in this matter is Freedom’s Trust Indenture.  The authority was derived via a writ of qui tam.

This newly created structure is only a bridge to replace the no longer in effect past structure until the beneficiaries decide on how they choose the final structure will be however, the most pure and effective structure tailored for true freedom for all would be a trust as opposed to some sort of constitution because a constitution may create the same manner of eventually controlling the people and therefore real law, the laws of creation, the Creator’s law and natural law may be violated and ending up with the same old path to eventual loss of true freedom to a possible point of enslavement of the people as most are subject to currently.

The judiciary is totally separate from Freedom’s Trust Indenture and is a totally separate entity run strictly by the people without judges, without grand juries, without esquires, without prosecutors, etc.

All officers, representatives, agents, contractors, etc. will be required to subscribe allegiance to an oath to the people as opposed to taking allegiance to some sort of government structure. Oath: http://hudok.info/index.php/real-men-oath/

NOTE:  The oath I subscribed to and displayed in the link provided above is no longer in effect as of the date and time I became an official trustee of Freedom’s Trust Indenture.

All men women, women and children on the geographical soil defined as the United States of America are automatically considered beneficiaries of Freedom’s Trust Indenture however, anyone except all children 18 and under have the free will choice to not be a part of Freedom’s Trust Indenture however, they can in no way interfere with or harm any beneficiary or their property of this structure as well as not be part of the asset allocation confiscated from the defaulted structure or benefits obtained through the trust. If I’m not mistaken, anyone, whether a beneficiary or not, may file a complaint for harm in a tribunal of record.

Freedom’s Trust Indenture was officially in effect on August fourth, two thousand sixteen.  There are thirteen trustee orders currently in effect and can be viewed at: http://www.hudok.info/

There are two additional trustee orders that have been sent to the two trustees domiciled in WV and once signed and seal applied by them, those trust orders will be in full force majority effect and will be posted on hudok.info.  The originals of these two trust orders will then be immediately sent to me and I will also sign and seal for the official and total unanimous ratification.

I hope what Thomas has presented as well as what I write here provides a better understanding of what has taken place as well as understanding the dire necessity for numbers in enforcement.

Best regards,
Leonard Frank House of Harview
Trustee of the Declaration and Indenture Covenant of a Trust

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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