16Aug16 – PA AG Guilty! GA – Clayton County DA – Arrested! Attempts to Invoke protection order—

Democrat AG, Kathleen Kane, Found Guilty on Nine Criminal Charges – Criminal Conspiracy, Perjury…


Democrat AG, Kathleen Kane, Found Guilty on Nine Criminal Charges – Criminal Conspiracy, Perjury…

update-1A Pennsylvania Jury found Democrat Attorney General Kathleen Kane guilty on nine criminal counts last night including conspiracy and perjury.  Elected to office in 2014, found guilty of criminal conspiracy in 2016:

kathleen kane 3

(Via New York Times) […]  Ms. Kane stared straight ahead as the word “guilty,” uttered decisively by a juror in a flowered dress, echoed nine times around the courtroom. The lawyers immediately went into a private conference with the judge, leaving Ms. Kane, who campaigned on a promise to uncover political interference in Pennsylvania, alone at the defense table.

And when Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy returned to the courtroom, she turned directly to Ms. Kane with a stern warning, her words slicing through the silence.

There is to be absolutely no retaliation of any kind against any witness in this case, either by your own devices, from your own mouth or your hand, or directing anybody to do anything,” the judge said. She threatened Ms. Kane, who is currently free on bail, with immediate incarceration if she failed to comply.

“Is that clear, Ms. Kane?” the judge asked.

“Yes it is, your honor,” Ms. Kane said. (more)

kathleen Kane 2

BACKSTORY – The story initially began back in March of 2014 when several black Philadelphia politicians were caught in a corruption probe and sting operation. At the time the newly elected Democrat PA Attorney General stepped in and pressured the Philadelphia prosecutor to drop charges; the reasoning was incredulous.

The corruption investigation itself was called racist because only the black politicians accepted the bribes. All politicians were offered bribes, but only the black politicians took the bribes – ergo the new State AG, Kathleen Kane, said the STING was racist. The local Philadelphia media reported on the story, which essentially shamed the Philly DA into filing charges. [January 2015] two of the lawmakers were charged – the Philly lawmakers admitted their guilt.

However, the story gets even more bizarre. The State AG was busted leaking information from the secret Grand Jury in Philadelphia who originally proposed charges against the corrupt Philly politicians. Kathleen Kane was said to have given information about the Grand Jury investigation to The Philadelphia Daily News. This turned investigative attention toward the State Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, who, if proven, would have just committed a very serious crime – for nothing more than political motive.

When questioned by a Grand Jury impaneled to look into the accusation, Ms. Kane then lied under oath.  (read the full back story)

Kathleen Kane

Read full story about her conviction last night – HERE

Each perjury count alone carries a seven year sentence.  Sentencing to follow.

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