Would you buy a used car from the IRS?

We are asked to take the actions of the IRS at face value.  Their observable behavior questions the wisdom of such trust.

Can there be any public trust in government or business?

04-12-17- Judge Anna: Misrepresentation and the fraud of the UNITED STATES, INC. 

04-12-17-Judge Anna: The Truth About Larry Becraft and the “Federal Income Tax”

CALIFORNIA PENAL CODE Section 37-38 – Misprision of Treason – Defined


So first we must demand authentication of IRS agents

Then to ensure complete transparency – Since this is all public business—All sessions must be video taped and made available for public review.

To eliminate any chance of fraud, in dealing with members of the public, full disclosure of processes and procedures is mandatory.

  • All relationships with tax preparers and accounting firms must be revealed.

Jacob J. Lew: Secretary of the Treasury

  1. Washington D.C. is a foreign controlled corporation unlawfully posing as the government of the American people.
  2. 16th Amendment – The law that never was! 
  3. 07Jul16 – Are you an American National? Paying taxes are voluntary!
  4. See…he told us the truth! Aaron Russo speaks from the grave
  5. Newly recovered Lois Lerner email shows IRS tried to cover up tea party targeting
  6. 29JUN16 – prevere: IRS apologizes for robing you blind —And what about the matter of fraud and justice?
  7. AFFIDAVIT Commercial Lien IRS KY (RHK ) 2015 (CP) (2)
  8. Eddy County (N.M.) Sheriff Scott London PROTECTS CITIZEN FROM IRS
  9. NO IRS!!! The Challenge is made! Show us the LAW!
  10. How the IRS maintains a level of intimidation and coercion over their “IRS licensed,” practitioners…
  11. Anna von Reitz – Alaskan Superior Court Judge of the land jurisdiction: These private corporate tribunals are only “giving an appearance of justice”
  13. You may just want to check this out…defendant overcame and nullified the hoax of Federal jurisdiction
  14. With No Lawful Government…How can Jurisdiction even matter? There is no lawful State of Oregon. There is No Lawful American Government!
  15. Paul Stramer: I challenge ANYONE to prove this wrong. It can’t be done. the Feds have no jurisdiction whatsoever—
  16. Americans pay a percentage of their taxes to the Queen of England via the IRS.
  17. IRS and the Maine Common Law Grand Jury – 2:14-cr-00083-DBH
  18. 13APR16 – IRS: IRS Warns of Continued Scams, Varied Tactics as the Tax Deadline Nears
  19. Impersonating a public officer? It might be a good time to put your personal affairs in order.
  20. IRS Lie? IRS also a fraud?
  21. Cardinal First Amendment Right: Gathering information about government officials
  22. Only Congress can collect taxes. Not the IRS!
  23. Power to collect Taxes – The Congress…Not the IRS!
  24. IRS is Criminally deceptive. However even so it is not above the law! Congress…Cut the Crap! Produce Lerner’s emails! It is the law!
  26. Dear IRS – I elect not to participate
  27. You and the IRS – One more act of deception – And Congress is complicit.
  28. IRS Scandal – A Bombshell
  29. Democrats attack IG who outed IRS…What difference does it make?
  30. IRS To Hand Out 70 Million In Bonuses (of YOUR income-tax money)
  31. IRS – Fraud on the People – Congress is responsible!
  32. Benghazi; Not IRS; Not DOJ; Not Amnesty! Coulter – not our friend!
  33. IRS – Non-government Collection Agency Abuses Civil Rights
  34. Washington Post: Fraudulent IRS Targeting slammed by federal appeals court 
  35. Antoinette Wisbaum: TEA PARTY WIN: Fed. Court’s BRUTAL Ruling On IRS and Obama’s Thuggish
  36. There is no Legitimate IRS
  38. Congress Moves Forward With Impeachment of IRS Commissioner
  39. Congressional proceedings: Impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen 
  40. Attn.: Congressman Xavier Becerra – Is The IRS is Calling you a LIAR?
  41. CLAIM. IRS Commissioner Cannot Be Impeached Because ‘Gross Incompetence’ Is Protected
  42. Dave Gradney-El: IRS is a for profit bill collecting privately owned corporation!
  43. The Washington Times – 5 June 2016: IRS finally reveals list of tea party groups targeted for extra scrutiny
  44. Audit the IRS
  45. Tax Preparing Services as Enrolled Agents of IRS:
  46. 13APR16 – IRS: IRS Warns of Continued Scams, Varied Tactics as the Tax Deadline Nears 
  47. IRS apologizes after seizures hammer small businesses
  48. Critics question IRS initiative targeting small businesses
  49. CNN: DOJ closes IRS investigation with no charges
  50. Internal Revenue Service – Birth and History.

Practices of targeting for political purposes

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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1 Response to Would you buy a used car from the IRS?

  1. tina says:

    Do not pay them another dime.

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