29JUN16 – Lee S Gliddon Jr: Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport – Clinton and Lynch reported to have meet.

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Martial Law? Tucson City Council Hands Authority Over to Military

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Subject: Bill Clinton Summons Lynch To His Private Jet Hours Ago….

Friends and Associates:

Just hours ago at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport on the east ramp, an interesting meeting took place between Hillary’s beloved husband Bill and her potential nightmare, DoJ Loretta Lynch.

Bill Clinton just happened to be onboard his private jet, waiting to depart, but learned that Lynch was arriving soon, therefore….he elected to wait for her while his staff contacted Lynch for her to board his aircraft for a meeting. Of course….Lynch could not say no, even though the Phoenix Police Department were awaiting her arrival reference her highly anticipated speech of how the Phoenix Police Department will become part of the United Nations (UNPOL) international police force. http://conpats.blogspot.com/2016/06/talk-about-enslavement-un-should-not-be.html

Priorities have a way of getting in the way when a former president summons you to a meeting about his wife…..

Lynch explained (away) to reporters that it was just a coincidence and Bill just wanted a brief chat with her, discussing a few things but nothing about the investigation…she said.

Ok then !! Did they discuss the various ways to use a Cuban cigar??? Or….did he want to assure her that he loves his wife so very much that he would do anything to protect her???

Well….we know the latter to be extremely crucial to the Clinton’s financial scams, since Hillary’s tenure at the State Department netted the Clinton Foundation millions if not billions from rogue nations, her presidency will further help Bill Clinton reach his prize goal….”U.N. Secretary General. Won’t that be nice for the New World Order?

Call it a coincidence or synchronicity, I call it a “Conflict of Interest” and possibly “Coercion” by a former president to intimidate and/or beg….for leniency.

Judicial Watch has pounded the Clinton email scheme with vengeance and courage beyond what any congressional hearing would yield.

Judicial Watch has proven one point so far (of many)….Hillary Clinton missed several important State Department phone calls because of her private server and emails being dumped into the spam file, according to testimony by Hillary’s (other) beloved assistant, Huma  Abedin.

No doubt, Huma will be eating crow tonight instead of a beefy steak….

Reference the Phoenix Police (UNPOL) plans….

“While the Pentagon and the CIA are in competition with shipping weapons as fast and furious as they can to ISIS and al Qaeda, via Turkey and Jordan, the United Nations have begun to organize their UNPOL police operatives inside the United States.

UN vehicles have been reported in various states and operations have been set-up along the southwest border to assist illegal immigrants, but are also infiltrating (overtly) many local law enforcement police agencies for what is termed, “Strong Cities Network” (SCN).

The initial presentation (warning) was presented to the media by Obama and DoJ Loretta Lynch (Oct 2015) of which that Breitbart article has surfaced once again on the Yahoo News pages today. (See below commentary)

These are NOT hoax articles, but a clear and present danger to America’s sovereignty.

The purpose of the SCN initiative, by the UN in conjunction with law enforcement in the U.S. is (apparently) a protection initiative to protect Muslims (or Islamic terrorist) from being attacked or threatened by non-Muslims. UNPOL will be investigating extremism and it will be interesting to see the outcome….”



PHOENIX – Amid an ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of email and hours before the public release of the Benghazi report, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch met privately with former President Bill Clinton.

The private meeting took place on the west side of Sky Harbor International Airport on board a parked private plane.


From The Desk of Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.) Int’l Freight Captain, DC-3, BE-1900, DC-8, & B-727 Ratings / U.S. Army Veteran Vietnam era (Korea) Military Police Communications Sergeant, Artillery FADAC Computer Specialist, Law Enforcement trained, Int’l Aircraft Repo Agent, U.S. Customs Undercover (C.I.), Dept. of Correction Adult & Juvenile Detention Youth Care, Bail Bondsman / Fugitive Recovery Agent, DHS/HWW (Commercial Driver) Counter-Terrorism Instructor, Media Relations Director MCDC, Political Activist, Border Security Expert, Ranch Security & Off-the-Grid from AZ to MT. Basic Rural Survivalist & Prepper that believes in God and Country.

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Clinton’s Private E-Mail Use Said to Frustrate Top Aide Huma Abedin

A top aide to Hillary Clinton said the former secretary of state’s use of a private e-mail server to conduct government business on at least one occasion got in the way of Clinton’s work and left the aide frustrated, according to a transcript of the aide’s deposition released Wednesday.

Huma Abedin, Clinton’s deputy chief of staff and now the vice chair of her presidential campaign, was being deposed about the context of a November 2010 e-mail she sent Clinton that they “should talk about putting you on state email or releasing your email address to the department so you are not going to spam.” Prompting the note, according to the e-mail chain released last week by the State Department under the Freedom of Information Act, was a missed scheduled phone call, one of a number of communications mishaps detailed in Clinton’s 55,000-page e-mail record.

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