29JUN16 – carl alfred: my life has been all about bringing Soetoro to justice

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Since late in 2008 my life has been all about bringing Soetoro to justice for his traitorous and treasonous usurpation of the White House. I wasn’t alone then just as I’m not alone now. However, it’s what I didn’t know that doomed all of my efforts to failure. Everything in that regard can be boiled down to some very basic facts and they are:

1.       We, as Americans who believe in the supreme creator trusted him to fix the problems of our creation.

2.       We, as Americans have been led to believe that this or any society would fall into anarchy without rulers preventing that.

3.       We, as Americans have always believed that our job in making a better society ended after we voted.

4.       We, as Americans placed and based our values upon God, Family and friends while forgetting that the one thing which allowed us to think this way was the same thing we have always abhorred. Fighting for what is right.

5.       We, as Americans were faced with the dilemma of what was more important. Securing our families future through the fruits of our labor or doing so through our unselfish acts of disallowing evil in our midst.

6.       We, as Americans have decided that we cannot oversee that which we created and grow and prosper at the same time.

7.       We, as Americans, cannot fathom or imagine that this nightmare is within our ability to fix.

What we have been allowed to read about our history only gives us clues as to the mindset of those original founders and we still want to make those men larger than life and better than we could ever hope to be. We fail to see the nightmarish situation they were in or how it came down to the law of necessity when considering their options. They prayed like us and they were scared like us but unlike us they put all aside because of their firm convictions and because they dared to dream.

In reality, there is little difference between the men of then and now except for the all important thing… we have lost the ability to organize our fellow believers.

Evil is pervasive and there has never been a stronger reason to shed the shackles of tyrannical oppression than there is now. This is the feeling creeping into peoples consciousness without them knowing it. We must give form and substance to those feelings for them to sprout into the action oriented Patriotism that lays dormant in many of us.

As Patrick Henry once said “is life so dear or peace so sweet as to purchased at the price of chains and slavery?” Please tell me those words aren’t as relevant now as they were then. Do you not face the exact same situation?

When we as the free inhabitants of the land come to realize that there comes a time when choices must be made. Hard choices with life changing ramifications. Nothing will make our choices any easier and the result of inaction is the clear writing on the wall.

We continue under constant attack by our own creation but we remain larger in number and righteous in our cause and as such, we cannot lose now just as we did not lose then. But, just like then the price for freedom was great. The reward however, was far greater.

You cannot buy courage nor can you buy bravery. It is either within you or it isn’t. It is entirely possible that both qualities can be present without your even knowing it so then it comes down to the other intangibles. Faith, trust, and bonding with those you would have never thought about interacting with. I now believe it is the fear factor that allows us to establish such relationships and we must never again live with the mindset that it is more important to get along than to stand for what is right. The two are not mutually exclusive.

In my humble opinion, we, as Americans must re-find those intangibles and each other before the chains of bondage find us.

I now fight for the cause of a just society in a manner that licks the threshold of assertiveness which to some may be interpreting as aggressive. I point no guns, not because I don’t believe in them. I most definitely do. But rather because my creator gave me a brain and continues to guide me along the path of using it. Perhaps, no, quite possibly, the last peaceful effort I attempt will be the one that brings us all the success we so rightly deserve and plows the path so that others may do the same or much better in this struggle. Perhaps all of my missteps were the necessary schooling I needed to be the man I truly wish to be. Only my God can render final judgement on that.

Fight locally, with a keen eye on dismantling the corporate web that has turned our system upside down and inside out. Return responsibility and accountability to the top of our goals for whatever we decide is going to be the next iteration of our creation. Do so with love and forgiveness in your heart and let God sort out the rest.


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Subject: Re: Klayman: Non surprise — Obama puts premium on protecting his fellow Muslims not other Americans!

Is it as simple as Mr. Klayman’s lack of surprise?

Are we not addressing the treason of a criminal impersonator, misrepresenting himself as being lawfully qualified to act in the capacity of the highest public office in america?

Further, does this also not identify all those who have avoided their responsibility to protect America, and honor their oath and employement contract to support and defend the Constitution for the united States—as also being guilty of committing acts of treason against the supreme law of the land and the American people?


“Now we know we only thought we knew!”


The flag of the Continental united States of America

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The Barbary Pirates are here now but the solution remains the same today as it was at the time of this Nations founding. Root them out whether foreign or DOMESTIC… NOW!

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Subject: Klayman: Non surprise — Obama puts premium on protecting his fellow Muslims not other Americans!


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Klayman: Non surprise — Obama puts premium on protecting his fellow Muslims not other Americans!

Americans not always told when named on ISIS ‘kill lists,’ lawmaker demands answers from FBI

By Edmund DeMarche

Fox News

June 29, 2016

Americans who land on ISIS “hit lists” may never find out they have been marked for death by the terror group, said a key lawmaker Tuesday, as he called on the FBI to explain its obligations and procedures in contacting potential targets.

Several of the murky lists have appeared online, posted on various sites and social media platforms linked to ISIS. One list obtained by FoxNews.com Wednesday detailed 12,000 Canadian residents, along with their addresses and phone numbers. Even though the lists seem to be random and people named on them have not yet been targeted, law enforcement officials have notified many – but not all – of the individuals named.

“There shouldn’t be any question in the minds of FBI officials that Americans deserve to know if they are on an ISIS hit list,” Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, wrote in a Tuesday letter to FBI Director James Comey.

In April, FoxNews.com reported that thousands of New Yorkers were being informed by NYPD detectives that their names have appeared on a list of “potential targets.” One person contacted by the NYPD told FoxNews.com she had no idea why her name would be on an ISIS list, but said police told her to report anything suspicious, including any anomalies in her banking and credit transactions.

Continue Reading…..

For more information, contact daj142182@gmail.com or (424) 274 2579.

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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