26JUN16 – carl alfred: Swensson: Oversight Commission provides county commissioner’s to come clean.

On Jun 25, 2016, at 6:16 PM, carl <carl@yln.tv> wrote:

Chairman Smith,

The manner in which I now address you changes because it is becoming quite apparent that you are indeed a man of honor and virtue.

I was there for the Town hall meeting when HB554 was the topic. Most of those in attendance voiced their disapproval for the changes they proposed but unlike the typical BOC meetings where the people’s voice is heard and acted upon, the three holding that event were not interested in anything we had to say. In fact, halfway through the meeting you could see how nervous our disapproval was making them feel. HB554 was a done deal before it was ever presented to the people and the people never were offered the opportunity to vote on it.

carl alfred: Swensson

Patrick Henry Board of Review


From: Tommy Smith [mailto:tsmith@co.henry.ga.us]

Sent: Saturday, June 25, 2016 8:14 PM

To: carl

Cc: Bruce Holmes; Blake Prince; Gary Barham; Brian Preston; Bo Moss; Keith McBrayer; tom.jones@wsbtv.com; rebekka.schramm@cbs46.com; Patrick Jaugstetter

Subject: Re: Your attention to this urgent matter is requested

Mr. Swensson,

In 1990 the voters of Henry County voted by a county wide referendum to change the form of their government. They change a “Hired-At Will” County Administrator, with executive authority to 1. Elect a Chairman county wide. 2. The Chairman will be the Chief Executive Officer, CEO, with executive ability. Each and every time I tried to exercise the authority of the Chairman given to me by the referendum, this current Board of Commissioner allow a County Manager to tump my authority. The only option I had left was to file a court request asking a Superior Court Judge to tell me what authority I had as the Chairman and CEO. This current Board, excluding Commissioner Prince, sent a resolution to the Henry County Legislative Delegation to “Clarify” the duties of the Chairman. Under the leadership and guidance of Commissioner Preston, Representative Welch, and Senator Jeffares, they were very successful in changing the form of government, that was put in place by “the people”, with the stroke of a pen. Once they changed the law, I was forced to withdraw my inquiry with the Court. Please read HB-554 that was passed April 2015. The only way they could trump my law suit was to change the voter approved form of Henry County.

Thank you,


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On Jun 25, 2016, at 7:11 PM, carl <carl@yln.tv> wrote:

Lady and gentlemen,

Since we at the Patrick Henry Board of review seem to be the only ones looking into this we’ll go ahead and give you a heads up on what’s to come.

At the June 21st BOC you listened to your favorite Esquire, Patrick Jaugstetter, tell you how innocent this Henry First corporation is and how it was formed as means to receive and distribute funds to charitable institutions. Attached is the references contained within the Comprehensive Annual Report from 2011 showing that its formation had nothing, originally, to do with non-profits.

Simply go to your own video recording of the BOC meetings for March 2nd and 16th in 2009 and you will see that what was portrayed to the public (the Henry First Initiative) was the original intent. Somehow, most likely the work of the county Esquire at the time, the entity was formed by the Board which just happened to include one State Senator Rick Jeffares. All of the Board signed off on the formation and its by-laws so they knew this was little more than a bait and switch. Discussing Henry First in the context of it being an “initiative” and then turning around and incorporating it as something else.

When you listen to the opinion of your so called “Legal Scholar” who tells you this is totally innocent, ask yourself this… why would that BOC go to such extremes topublicly announce it and vote it into existence based on it being an “initiative” and then privately turn it into the 501(c3) it now is? And why involve all future Commissioners in this little bait and switch while keeping its affairs “off the books”.

The question we at the Patrick Henry Board of Review now have is how many other entities have been created in this fashion and for what purposes? Also, who is actually running the show? You, who were elected to serve the people, or those that have been appointed to various positions of authority like the County Manager, County Esquire and County Finance Director?

When do you put an end to these shadow corporations and begin to serve the people rather than the ever increasing Boards, Authorities and Corporations that have every appearance of controlling you? When does the term Public, Private Partnership become the pariah for you that it has become for We the people.

The news outlets either can’t comprehend what’s being exposed or they too are being manipulated and prevented from exposing that which the people of Henry and every other county deserve to know.

Little wonder why the District Attorney goes to such extreme measures to keep the people away from their Grand Juries.

Perhaps, when you decide to begin working for the people, you will take just a little time to read a short history on what these corporations were and now are, you’ll begin to get a feel for the pickle you now find yourselves in.


What doesn’t make the news will make it to the people.


carl alfred: Swensson

Patrick Henry Board of Review

Cc: PHBR members et al

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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1 Response to 26JUN16 – carl alfred: Swensson: Oversight Commission provides county commissioner’s to come clean.

  1. prevere says:

    To summarize:
    Corporations have been formed in the two counties we have focused on for the express purpose of having the Board of Commissioners do, as the Board of Directors for these corporations, what they cannot do as elected officials.
    During the past two Henry County Board of Commissioners meetings, Chairman Tommy Smith can be heard, on the record, acknowledging this is the case. Thank you Chairman Smith.
    Three corporations… The Henry County Governmental Finance Corporation, the Henry County Office/Industrial Park Corporation and the Henry First Corporation. Everything uncovered so far indicates a pattern of “Bait and Switch”. Formation under one guise and operation under another.

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