26JUN16 – Arnie Rosner: Attention American Sovereigns—Exit the US Corp?

On Jun 26, 2016, at 5:43 PM, Arnie Rosner <arnie@arnierosner.com> wrote:

Permit me to qualify the following remarks.  I am a nobody.  I am just one of the people.

As for qualifications to publish the following… I have none.  …Zero!  …NADA!!!

My guidance, in expressing these matters would seem to come from a divine source of understanding far beyond any recognizable attributes that I bring to the table.  Consequently, I believe I am in the service of the Creator. 

I know nothing of the matters about which I write.  I am no expert in anything.  And it is clearly your decision to accept or reject what is offered.

-arnie, just one of the people.

Yes Mr. Thornton, we agree. However, in my current reality, as an American Sovereign, the people, will exercise their rights of free choice to resolve such matters. But as I see it, personally…we are not bound by history and existing conventions unless we so chose.

Also, within my current reality, as American Sovereigns, we are the unquestioned ultimate and supreme authority, save the Creator.

For consideration of other American Sovereigns…as they may also choose to also express their feelings…

Here is a proposed framework from which to begin to define what I consider a legitimate working structure for those who are of a similar mind-set. The following are just suggestions and of course subject to ratification and consensus of other like-minded sovereigns.

Our original Republic was designed to promote self-governance. As just one of the people, it seems to me this may be a place from where to begin:

Council of American National Sovereigns (CANS)

  1. ANS American National Commission on Constitutional Compliance
  2. ANS American National Sovereigns Commission to investigate, expose and prosecute public corruption
  3. ANS The bureau of public complaints
  4. ANS Council of American National Sovereigns – Enforcement Agency
  5. ANS Marshal service
  6. ANS bureau of Investigations
  7. ANS Council of American National Sovereigns – Judicial System
  8. ANS Courts for, by and of the people

There does not appear to be any compelling need to retain a centralized government like Washington, D.C. The need for the “legal,” system also seems to be absent.

However, one of the more urgent. pressing issues requiring immediate attention will be a development of a uniform monetary system. The people may wish to consider one on the local basis and under the control of the local people. Further consideration might include a standardized interchange approach for both nation-wide and international consistency. One which can accommodate nation-wide and global interactive consideration.

While I am not making any endorsements at this point but Hartford VanDyke has written on the matter. Please see the following link for more information: Hartford VanDyke Documents

Anyone else who feels somewhat similar is certainly invited to express their views and join in as appropriate.

Just summarizing more of my feelings on this critical matter…

Like the impostors have been doing what they have been doing because they could, we as the people, the only lawful authority, can also do what needs to be done to secure our future and assure the survival of our way of life.

The impostors deal in fraud and deception—as the people, we deal in truth, honesty and honor.

We are the people. We are the final and only lawful authority.


“Now we know we only thought we knew!”

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The flag of the Continental united States of America

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On Jun 26, 2016, at 2:11 PM, Bill Thornton <x@1215.org> wrote:

On 6/26/2016 8:36 AM, Arnie Rosner wrote:

Mr. Thornton,

What is the lawful basis of your claim? The maxims are more words from twisted minds who profess to be honorable and respectable stewards of a system of justice that, in my opinion, was contrived to deliberately control and exploit the people. In no way is such a system operated with honorable intent.

Taking liberties to paraphrase you, “The law does not protect…etc!” Indeed…the law does nothing—for it is just a group of organized words.  

Thank you for agreeing with me. They are just a bunch of words. They are not [common] law.

In fact, the statutes & codes are just a bunch of words.

However, they can be guide stones to those who wish to consider them.

That’s why we have the common law based solely on “custom & usage”, and backed up by 38 persons as the need arises.

It is the men who honor the intent that perform the protection. And it is the men who subvert a system who are the means of subversion and corruption…not the system itself. There is no Government Corruption; Just Corrupt Individuals—With no immunity!

It is the honorable men who are especially educated in these matters…Men who know better and are expected to protect those who know not! To do otherwise, as I mentioned earlier, is to exploit people who are unaware of the secret codes and handshakes. As Kennedy had described men who would operate in a manner repugnant to a “just,” society.

26JUN16 – JFK – Message to the Press – 27APR61

In a word…HONOR!

Without Honor…A Man is not a Man!

With no offense intended and after picking myself off of the floor…I am truly sorry but you offered a ridiculous explanation:

It’s called “education”.

Legal maxim: The law does not protect he who slumbers on his rights.”

Any reasonable man, properly informed of the truth, demands that the people are entitled to an honest and truthful system of law. One written in plain simple easy to understand English. But that assumes there is a need for law. The current system is designed to systematically impose incremental restrictions of tyranny over a gradual progression of time as to appear as to imperceptibly advance.

The contrived divisive system currently imposed by fraud, is hardly one that respects the legitimate rights of the people. In fact, Mr. Thornton, it mocks the common man and insults even the dumbest of us…people just like me.

No Mr. Thorton…throwing out more garbage and giving it fancy names and slogans belongs in the trash along with those who promote such deception. And if you are included in this group…then like it or not, you own this description.

We see wholesale evidence of the fraud where ever we care to look.

The link below demonstrates how the system you describe with the highfalutin phases and names has abused the people. The people deserve better…and especially from knowledgeable men who know and understand the truth…

The information presented below would seem to summarize the hypocrisy of the situation.

**Updated** 23JUN16 – CAFR1 NATIONAL POST: Does Government Protect Your Feelings?


“You only think you know!”

The flag of the Continental united States of America

714-501-8247 – mobile

On Jun 25, 2016, at 11:01 PM, Bill Thornton <x@1215.org> wrote:

It’s called “education”.

Legal maxim: The law does not protect he who slumbers on his rights.”

On 6/25/2016 9:59 PM, Arnie Rosner wrote:

Indeed a very interesting concept. But such information must be common knowledge to all and not to a few like an exclusive club…Is that not true?


“You only think you know!”

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The flag of the Continental united States of America

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On Jun 25, 2016, at 9:15 PM, Bill Thornton <x@1215.org> wrote:

America’s freedom is such that one may contract with another with great flexibility.

If you and the other party (gov’t) both agree that the Constitution is current & valid, then under contract law it is so.

I’ve never had any judge, prosecutor, or attorney tell me that the Constitution is not valid, when I used it as the basis for my sovereign counterclaim outside and above the Constitution. Even if the Constitution is technically invalid, by the actions of the parties (i.e. without objection of either party; a nisi prius Constitution) the Constitution becomes valid for the particular case.

I don’t raise that issue because, as attorney Abraham Lincoln said, if you don’t want to argue a point, don’t bring it up. They never do.

There’s enough in the Constitution to hold the enemy at bay.

On 6/25/2016 8:45 PM, Arnie Rosner wrote:

Very interesting Mr. Thornton…

But you seem to make a very large assumption…there is a legitimate government, operating on the delegated authority of the governed. My observations cause me to conclude there is no lawful government of the American people. But you knew that…

About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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