Steve Langford 17 JUN 16: I’d still like to know how that guy got rid of the raccoons.

On Jun 19, 2016, at 7:52 AM, Arnie Rosner <> wrote:

Dear Steve…


Good to hear from you. Thank you for asking such a good question. Mr. Smith has a reputation for cutting to the quick. However, in this case, I believe his description of the situation, raccoons included, reflects the popular view of many Americans. However, not so in my case…


The way I read the item, there never were any raccoons. It is the same in our case, none of the circumstances Mr. Smith described legitimately exist; they are all fantasy. A fantasy that exists, if at all, only in his mind. Obviously the raccoons did not exist in your mind either else would you have raised the question?

We have nothing but criminal impersonators acting as if they were legitimate…they are not. They do not lawfully occupy any of lawful seats of government that are currently vacant. Lawful seats which have been vacant since the 1860’s. It is at least that point in history where the fraud began to become clear.


I have come to understand the fraud in this manner, erecting a store front with a sign declaring “Sheriff,” then strapping on a gun and pinning on a badge does not make one a legitimate peace officer.

The performance and unqualified, dedicated public commitment to establish the illusion of credibility.

Never Waver—

The fruit…

Third Request! We the people have been betrayed…Once More!

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Fountain Valley, Ca. – A Summary – February 2014

Yes….Chemtrails are real


Unless the people grant their delegated authority to the sheriff he is not a sheriff…he is an impostor. Even though he may talk like a sheriff and walk like a sheriff and even drive a car emblazoned with the official trappings of a sheriff. Without the authority of the people he is nothing.

Conclusion—The truth is revealed by their fruit, not by their appearances and rhetoric.


Doesn’t it all boil down to the fact that a just society depends on all members agreeing upon the rules by which to abide and then honoring their word. There never were any raccoons just as we have “no” honorable people in government. To my knowledge, Harry Accornero was the last of whom I was aware.

You see Steve, as I now view the situation, the failure from which we suffer today, is a failure ‘we the people’ own.

Like Mr. Smith, who appears to be encouraged by the manner in which trump is being accepted, many people seemed to be pinning their hopes on a Trump victory to deal with a problem I believe only the people can fix.


And even if Mr. Trump Wins…to what office would he installed? The same office of CEO of the private corporation like obama? Washington, D.C., The smoking gun

Again still under the illusion created to deceive the people, like the Republicans to which Mr. Smith refers…there are also no raccoons…only criminal impostors pretending to be raccoons.


Only the American people, the sovereigns can fix this problem, and Trump, regardless of his popularity, will not be able to accomplish diddly squat unless the people themselves provide Mr. Trump with a legitimate government. A lawful government as a legitimate platform from which to cut the deal for which he is famous.



“You only think you know!”

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The flag of the Continental united States of America
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On Jun 19, 2016, at 5:11 AM, Steve Langford <> wrote:

I’d still like to know how that guy got rid of the raccoons.

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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