carl alfred 17 JUN 16: Has this system done what was seemingly impossible by placing itself above us, its creators?

On Jun 19, 2016, at 10:42 AM, carl <> wrote:

Can anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear say that what passes for government complies with the contract between We the People and the Federal/State/Local governments? Has this system done what was seemingly impossible by placing itself above us, its creators? Obviously it has.

Now that we see what is being done to us and hear what is being planned we have choices to make. Two, to be precise. Acquiesce or not. If the choice of yours is “not” then what form must the resistance take?

We who continue to search for a peaceful resolution have all but run our course. We have continually failed with each and every attempt to reign in this Leviathan and efforts to unify those still trying the various means of redress supposedly available to us have also been a miserable failure. How much more evidence does one need to see that the only thing left of this representative Republic is its skeleton. Bones having been picked clean by the corporate Piranhas unleashed upon America by its most ruthless enemies. The Global Elite, with their foot soldiers the American BAR Association and the formerly Main Stream Media, working in concert with these soldiers and the elected officials who, upon entering office, are immediately absorbed by these same corporations.

These various and seemingly endless variations of corporate rulers have so insulated themselves from public scrutiny and adherence to what was our Laws that all attempts to hold them accountable have wound up being useless efforts doomed to failure.

It is and remains my humble opinion that only when we can mobilize our forces will true change for the better occur and there remains only one glimmer of hope for a peaceful return to a/the “Rule of Law”.

We the people have our own army on the inside. One which, when unleashed, can cause the turnaround to occur in short order. We’ve many times thought about them and recognized their real power which is the most powerful tool we have but the few attempts to get to them have been thwarted by Attorneys and Judges at every jurisdiction where they can be found. District Attorneys fully realize this and have no problem breaking their own laws to prevent our access to this group that we know of as the sitting Grand Jury.

Whatever negativity you may have in relation to this , temper it with reality. The reality is simply this. The final stages of conquest are upon us as the C.E.O. of the biggest corporation, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Inc. makes rule after rule, law after law in complete defiance of the will of the people and in a fashion eerily similar to what befell Germany prior to WWII.

Because of this usurpation people are now seriously talking about taking up arms as is our unalienable right to do. I’m not hear to say that is wrong for it may well be our last resort but until and unless that day finally arrives, why not at least attempt to engage these sitting Grand Juries where we have, at the very least, the potential to create our first runaway Grand Jury in perhaps a hundred years.

The people on these Grand Juries may well be ignorant to their true purpose and power but the fact remains, they are not part of either the government or its myriad of corporations. They are our people on the inside. They are us.

So, when you are all done preparing for what appears to be the inevitable conflict to come, why not exhaust this last remaining, peaceful approach? Who knows, it may have been, from the beginning our last best chance to forge a meaningful path to victory.

As I wake up each day I will scan the neighborhood to see if my neighbors have begun to openly brandish their second Amendment tools. Seeing none I will continue the effort to access as many sitting Grand Juries as is humanly possible. Continually learning and refining those efforts until a workable plan is developed and made available for all of you to implement in you locale.

You will come to understand that the current usurper in Chief was selected not by the people but rather by his handlers who can now be identified as the Central Intelligence Agency. With them and their unholy alliance with every alphabet agency know to exist here the gauntlet has been thrown. How you now respond is the only means by which your progeny will come to know your legacy.

Will you become the resistance or will you try to explain how the cowardly approach was the only option available. This remains the million dollar question.

It is now too late to try and educate the masses. They continue to refuse this. So, just like the situation the founders were facing, we to, no matter our size, must make the hard choice to take action or cower in fear as can be our other destiny.

carl alfred

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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