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Take The Time To Review This Newswire And Video.

There is an ongoing discussion as to the exact nature of our federal, state, county, and municipal “governments”. One faction believes they are corporations. While 70-80% of our views are shared, I do not ascribe to the USA Inc. theory. I’ve chased this theory down for years, in discussions with dozens of people, and found non-existent court decisions, bad citations, misinterpretations of meaning, and unsupported jumps in logic. I remain open, but unconvinced.

By contrast, the Jurisdiction information I have provided is fully supported, by Supreme Court opinions no less. Deception and unconstitutional reasoning were used to create a second “United States of America” (which I call F*USA) that they view as unbound by the Constitution or Bill of Rights. That does not mean, however, F*USA is a corporation.


My own view is there is a government at the core, not a corporation, but it has taken on a corporate skin. The US Postal Service and the Social Security Administration, for example, are both corporations performing government functions.


The implications of these two perspectives are dramatically different.

No Accountability—If government IS a corporation, our elected “representatives” have been doing nothing wrong and are not accountable. They are merely corporate employees performing their fiduciary duties to the corporation. They are free to continue doing what they have been doing. Therefore, the USA Inc. theory leaves us in a bad place—without accountability or a remedy.

Accountability—If a government does exist at the core, our elected representatives and hired employees have a fiduciary duty to us; are and have been engaged in a conflict of interest; are liable for breaches of fiduciary duty to us; and must immediately cease what they are doing.

Fortunately for everyone, my position is the correct one. Government representatives and employees are lawfully accountable.



Here is a good case study that supports my position. Carl Swensson made a presentation to the Henry County, GA commissioners just days ago. Here are some highlights.

  • The commissioners are elected as the people’s representatives, and do have a fiduciary duty to their constituents.
  • Unbeknownst to them, upon taking office the commissioners and certain other county officials also become directors and officers of several corporations, as stated in those corporate bylaws.
  • The commissioners, thereby, without their express knowledge or consent, are unwittingly enticed into using their government positions and offices to perform duties, at taxpayer expense, for those corporations, thereby performing functions beyond their elected positions as if they were proper government functions. Everyone is fooled—the commissioners themselves, the government employees, the People, the DA, the judges, etc.
  • After the commissioners discovered these facts and removed themselves from the offices of one of these corporations, the corporation nonetheless continued on, even writing checks. The corporate shell remained, and upon the election of new commissioners, will be repopulated with new directors and officers.
  • If not the commissioners, who is behind the deception? Answer: The corporate attorneys, a.k.a. esquires, using a title in violation of Articles I.9.8 and I.10.1 of the Constitution. The commissioners, in following their counsel, become the unwitting accomplices in leading government credibility and funds to private corporate activities.
  • Several such corporations were named in the video: 1) Henry County Office/Industrial Park Corporation. 2) Henry County Governmental Finance Corporation. 3) The Development Authority. 4) Henry First. 5) Environmental Services.
  • Money—presumably tax money—flows through these corporations.


The video uses the Henry County Office/Industrial Park Corporation as an example of how this fraud is operated.

The Articles of Incorporation (below) state the Purpose of the corporation is to provide services to Henry County. The specific services are listed.


Article VI defines the Board of Directors. Notice something very strange, however. They are not named by name, but by placeholders: a) the County Commissioners are named as the corporate Directors, b) for their respective terms in office, and c) that in this capacity are governed by the Georgia Nonprofit Corporation Code. The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners is also named as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation; the Vice Chairman as …[something we cannot see]; and other county officials named as holding other corporate positions.


Following each election, again without their knowledge, the newly elected officials’ names are filled and recorded as the new corporate Directors and Officers. None of these people—Tommy Smith, Fred Auletta, Shay Mathis, or Stephanie Braun—knew any of this.



Although lawfully accountable, making that accountability stick has, to date, proven elusive. Carl Swensson found nowhere to take his complaints to, as all government personnel have refused to do anything. He concluded the sitting grand jury is the constitutionally-provided body for handling just such situations, but the District Attorney refuses to allow any charges to be submitted to the grand jury. This is a violation of the Constitution and the federal law, as the grand jury belongs to the People, not government.

The Commissioners, at least, are listening, and appear to be taking actions to CYA and reduce their liability for filing false statements and performing conflicting corporate activities for private corporations using government time, facilities, resources, and money.

And there’s the key. There is personal liability for Commissioners and other government personnel to continue such unlawful activities.

Pastor Lee S Gliddon Jr

God’s Word Christian Ministry

Conservative Patriot

About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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  1. prevere says:

    One of, if not THE major point to all this is how Chairman Smith acknowledged that legal minds crafted this entire situation. The County Attorney, Patrick Jaugstetter, is their counsel on matters they know nothing about, like the long term indebtedness these corporations are allowed to contract. Let me try to be crystal clear just as Chairman Smith was. ALL of these corporations are put in place so that the elected can do things otherwise NOT permitted. None of these Commissioners or any other elected officers can encumber the County for any more than their term of office. In most cases they can’t contract for anything more than ONE YEAR. This is how they think they are getting around that inconvenience. ALL long term indebtedness is unlawful, period.

    Every City and County and State, for that matter, has this restriction on Public Officers both here and in your City/County/State. Everything you didn’t want to know about the criminal cabal is there in black and white on each and every CAFR. Gross receipts of +/- $140 million for Henry County with assets of +/- $650 million equals over 2 trillion in County assets alone, across the Country. My head begins to spin when trying to add up the assets of the other Municipalities, States and Federal Corporations. Walter Burien is absolutely correct when he states ALL supposed Public debt can be wiped clean and we can, in fact, live TAX FREE if only those who read this would grasp the significance. Go ahead, check the holdings of your Cities and Counties.

    The answer to our dilemma rests in two things. First remove ALL Esquires from positions of profit or trust as per Article I, Section IX, Clause VIII and Article I, Section X, Clause I, then liquidate all these assets. Pay off all long term indebtedness and use the remaining to place in an interest bearing fund that would pay for the exorbitant taxes they levy against us. Then, make certain NO elected has the chance to encumber his or her constituents beyond a year or their their term of office, whichever is shorter.

    My next correspondence with my County Commissioners, in total, will be tomorrow, the 13th of June. At this time they will be directed to meet me and our team at the next (Thursday) Grand Jury meeting where the crimes of the Esquires will be laid before them without the presence of the District Attorney. We have, on our team, a former Judge who will be assisting the GJ in crafting the indictments for ALL the various Legal Counsels for ALL the various entities operating in the county.
    Either they do this or they too will face indictment and prosecution for crimes to numerous to post here.

    Once that ball begins to roll we will begin to talk about legitimate elections to fill the currently vacant seats of Public Officers. We will not stop until we have a government of OUR design, not the design of the Attorneys who have been pirating the assets of this union of States since their inception.

    carl alfred: Swensson
    Patrick Henry Board of Review member
    Clayton County Citizens Oversight Committee member

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