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I’d like to pass along to those involved in this issue the following information that I found regarding the Attorney at law in Michigan. I am sure that other States would have simular laws.

“Attorney-at-Law, PC” [PC = Private Corporation]

MCL 450.681 Practice of law by corporations and voluntary associations prohibited; exceptions; penalty. [1917] Sec. 1. It shall be unlawful for any corporation or voluntary association to practice or appear as an attorney-at-law for any person other than itself in any court in this state or before any judicial body, or to make it a business to practice as an attorney-at-law, for any person other than itself, in any of said courts or to hold itself out to the public as being entitled to practice law, or render or furnish legal services or advice, or to furnish attorneys or counselor to render legal services of any kind in actions or proceedings of any nature or in any other way or manner, or in any other manner to assume to be entitled to practice law or to assume, use or advertise the title of lawyer or attorney, attorney-at-law, or equivalent terms in any language in such manner as to convey the impression that it is entitled to practice law, or to furnish legal advice, services or counsel, or to advertise that either alone or together with or by or through any person whether a duly and regularly admitted attorney-at-law, or not, it has, owns, conducts or maintains a law office or an office for the practice of law, or for furnishing legal advice, services or counsel.

Both a ‘corporation’ and a ‘voluntary association’ cannot act as an ‘attorney at law’ other than for itself. This Corporation cannot be speaking of a Corporation such as Meijers as being an ‘Attorney at law’, because this class of Corporation cannot defend itself in court anyway, it requires an Attorney to represent it.

An ‘association’ is defined [BLD 4th.] as, “the act of a number of persons in uniting together for some special purpose or business. The persons so joining. It is a word of vague meaning used to indicate a collection of persons who have joined together for a certain object.” . . . “An unincorporated society; a body of persons united and acting together without a charter, but upon the methods and forms used by incorporated bodies for the prosecution of some common enterprise.” . . . “It is not a legal entity separate from the persons who compose it.”

The Man is comprised of an ‘Association’ of a number of persons as a ‘body of persons’ [The Man of Gen.1:26, 27 & 2:7] ‘an unincorporated society’ for some common enterprise having a lawful presence.

‘Association’ is defined [Webster’s 1926] as: 1. An associating, or state of being associated; union; connection, whether of persons or things. Some . . . bond of association” Hooker. 2. Mental connection, or that which is mentally linked or associated with a thing. 3. Union of persons in a company or society for some particular purpose. b. In the United States, as distinguished from a corporation, a body of persons organized, for the prosecution of some purpose, without a charter, but having the general form and mode of procedure of a corporation.

Accordingly, a person can only practice as an attorney-at-law for himself, if he acts as an attorney-at-law for someone else he acts in a ‘mental connection’ joining and uniting together with another person for some special purpose or business.

MCL 450. 282 Definitions (a) & (b) Sec. 282. As used in this chapter: (a) “Licensed person” means an individual who is duly (1) licensed or (2) otherwise legally authorized to practice a professional service by a court, department, board, commission, or agency of this state or another jurisdiction. The term includes an entity if all of its owners are licensed persons.” (b) ‘Professional service’ “means a type of personal service to the public that requires that the provider obtain a (1) license or (2) other legal authorization as a condition precedent to providing that service. Professional service includes, but is not limited to, services provided by a certified or other public accountant, chiropractor, dentist, optometrist, veterinarian, osteopathic physician, physician, surgeon, podiatrist, chiropodist, physician’s assistant, architect, professional engineer, land surveyor, or attorney-at-law.”

[BLD 4th.] A ‘LICENSE’ is, “a permission, by a competent authority to do some act which without such authorization would be illegal, or would be a trespass or a tort.”

A ‘TRESPASS’ is, “doing of unlawful act or of a lawful act in unlawful manner to injury of another’s person or property.”

Why does having a license give an Attorney the right by ‘attornment’ to injure another’s person or property which would be considered a ‘trespass or tort’ without the license?

TORT, “To twist, [Of words] “a legal wrong committed upon the person or property independent of contract.” [The confusion of the language Gen.11:5-9, Luke 11:52]

PRACTICE, – “The form or mode or proceeding in courts of justice [just-us] for the enforcement of rights or the redress of wrongs, as distinguished from the substantive law which gives the right or denounces the wrong.” To ‘Practice’ law is not within in the venue of ‘substantive law’, but that which is within ‘courts of justice’ [Just-us], that of private laws as decided by Corporations by Codes and Ordinances.

Regarding the ‘Attorney’ – [BLD 4th.] ATTORN, (a) Feudal Law, – “To turn or transfer homage and service from one lord to another; to render homage and service (to a lord). This is the act of feudatories, vassals, or tenants, upon the alienation of the estate.” (b) Modern Law. – “To agree to become tenant to one as owner or landlord of an estate previously held of another; to recognize one (expressly or by implication) as landlord or the person in whose behalf one holds something.”

ATTORNMENT, 2, Law. “Act of a feudatory, vassal, or tenant, by which he consents, upon the alienation of an estate, to receive a new lord or superior, and transfers to him his homage and service. .”

AT, meaning, “away, from . . .”

An “Attorney at Law” or an “Attorney in law”, to explain the difference it might better be said, an ‘Attorney at the river’ or an ‘Attorney in the river’ meaning he is ‘wet’ or in the ‘substantive law’ in doing one’s business right the first time, no longer ‘practicing’.

A ‘LAWYER’, “is a person learned in the law; as an attorney, counsel, or solicitor; a person licensed to practice law.” – [A lawyer is not an ‘individual but a CORPORATE person, a legal entity under the color of law; at law not in substantive law.]

Webster [1926] also defines “‘Person’ within the legal community as a ‘human being’ (natural person), or, in a wider sense, an aggregate of property – artificial, conventional, or juristic person- , that is recognized by law as the subject of rights and duties having the status of a slave.”

[BLD 4th.] ‘INDIVIDUAL.’ – “As a noun, this term denotes a ‘single person’ as distinguished from a group or class, and also, very commonly, a private or natural person as distinguished from a partnership, corporation, or association’ but it is said that this restrictive signification is not necessarily inherent in the word, and that it may, in proper cases, include artificial persons.”

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