6 JUN 16 – Dan Mahnke: *** PUBLIC NOTICE*** – San Bernardino County NOTICE AND DEMAND!

On Jun 10, 2016, at 2:19 PM, Nancy Battle <battleacre@gmail.com> wrote:

From: Dan Mahnke <danlboon@juno.com>

Date: Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 1:10 PM

Subject: San Bernardino County NOTICE AND DEMAND!

To: daj142182@gmail.com, countysheriffproject@admospheres.com, scholar@constitutionpreservation.org, contact@oathkeepers.org, benjaminfulford@hotmail.com

SBC NOTICE 060716 full

We The People, Sheriffs, and Larry Klayman,

San Bernardino County NOTICE AND DEMAND!

San Bernardino County has been given plenty of time from the prior Notice, and now not just a Request but a DEMAND has been made for them to take actions on a specific action for the community I live in as it does not have a city council but just relies on the County, and even on this incident the local military base got involved so the Federal Corporation is involved.

Things are coming about world wide to get this corrected for the USA Republic to be put in place, but it appears the Rothschilds and BAR Association do not want to let things go to the People, and I am trying to get the County to change things for the better as well, not just for me but for everyone.

As of Thursday the County Supervisors and Sheriff received the mailing, but as you can see included, from the USPS posting, the US Marshal mailing was not delivered as the ‘Business Closed,’ so why would it be closed if they need to serve 19.1 million people for that district, thus a major alert if they could not hire a clerk at minimum wage to stay open!

In January all four of my mailings arrived on the 3rd day to the County offices, US Marshal in Los Angeles, and the California Secretary of State over 400 miles away, so it appears now something is coming down for the US Marshal is broke or Unconstitutional for it to be working for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. as this has been insolvent even back in March 2015.

As long as HJR 192 and 12 USC 95a(2) of Discharge of Debt can be declared as ‘Frivolous’ or ‘Repealed’ then ALL banks that use these for the Credit of the Signer for the mortgage or loan then the County can use the funds for these services on my letter, and the Board of Supervisors, Sheriffs, and US Marshals are all involved in this conspiracy of the Fraud if they do not want to comply on my DEMAND.

Here is part of the attached file, but this adds to opening up for the 2 million People in this County to receive their Unalienable Rights back according to the ‘A Declaration’ of 1776 and the 1789 Constitution with the Bill of Rights, or else these government Officials still approve of People as ‘subjects’ of the “Crown” for the actions that have been taken against them as a US citizen is a Corporation not a living being.


Notice to the Principal is Notice to the Agent

Notice to the Agent is notice to the Principal

Dear Chairman James C. Ramos,

This is the Notice for your recognition to be the first County to convert to the Republic if you wish to read further making sure none of your officials are arrested before the actual time comes the military steps in, as We The People are your supervisors per the United States Constitution of 1789!

This is in reference to the prior STAND DOWN ORDER I sent on January 19, 2016 for which no one has responded in the 30 days of the demand as well as presently being 140 days, thus you have actually accepted my ORDER and everyone in San Bernardino should be removed as a United States citizen (Corporation, Slave, or Dead Person) and become a California citizen or an American National.

This is now in reference to the Republic for the Continental united States of America to be started in June 2016 as the reports have come out that ALL International Documents have been signed and you at the County level are to know about it, as well as the Clearing of ALL Debts of the People of your County, and this cannot be ignored as you are from the de facto government for which this now becomes an ARREST WARRANT for ALL involved who fail to comply with the People’s US Constitution of 1789 and all the Laws and Treaties you have violated since then, including the Treaty of Versailles.

Now if you do want San Bernardino County to become the first County to turn over from the de facto Corporation and assist its residents to give us the “Discharge of Debts” as required since 1933 and even 1917 then I will back you up to not have any of you criminally charged.

I am now acting as the representative of the community of Trona in your County for what just happened here in Trona on June 4, 2016 for which there was a vacant home arson fire started by some children and then burnt the two homes to the East for which, according to the reports, one was presently occupied and the people were moving out yet they were not there at the time, but we have plenty of vacant unlivable homes in the area for these arson fires for which there may have been at least 7 in the past year that I know of, and all within a couple blocks of where I live. We also had the assistance of the China Lake Naval Weapons Center Fire Crew and the BLM Fire Crew on these recent fires which is an expensive cost for the County to endure, and fires are easy to start since it has already reached 105 degrees in the last few days and it has reached 120 in the past as we are 35 air miles from Death Valley.

This is being sent to the Senior Citizens here to their Community Center as we do not have an official city with a budget as they have had in the past, but we do have approximately 18,000 residents and this applies for all of them as well as the other communities in Searles Valley.

We will be going into detail for what our Demands are when we meet, but the preliminary Demands are that our residents receive the full amount from our Birth Certificate Trust Accounts or they be set aside for us to get access to have these vacant homes that are considered unlivable to be demolished with the use of our funds so no more arson fires can be started, and even build homes for the people to move back to our area. And this should become a Claim for ALL Properties to those that live here and those that will be demolished shall be put on hold in a Trust for those that which to come back to claim them yet not keep them for dangerous actions by others.


San Bernardino County has rejected to record my Oath to the Vacant office of the Republic Sheriff as from the prior Notice and charges can be made as they have all accepted that the A.B.A. LIEN and HJR 192 are ‘Frivolous’ and the A.B.A., the I.B.A., and the D.O.J. can conduct business in their county to make sure the people are the ‘subjects’ of the “Crown”!

San Bernardino County has also failed to hand the documents with my Oath to Law Enforcement Officials when crimes committed by the Government Corporations are specified on them to take actions against those Government Officials then charges can be made on them as to be accessories in the A.B.A. LIEN.

Some documents can be found on the nesarnews website:



Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776:



12 USC 95a(2) Regulation of transactions in foreign exchange of gold and silver; property transfers;… Oct 6, 1917 (Discharge of Debt)



House Joint Resolution 192 of JUNE 5, 1933:



The BOE A.B.A. LIEN of $279,000,000,000,000 filed Oct 2015:





84. Affidavit of Obligation and Commercial Lien against the American Bar Association http://annavonreitz.com/announcementofcommerciallien.pdf

85. The actual document of the Affidavit of Obligation and Commercial Lien against the American Bar Association http://annavonreitz.com/commerciallien.pdf

93. An Open Letter to General Dunford and the Joint Chiefs of Staff http://annavonreitz.com/openlettertojointchiefs.pdf

100. Letter to John Kerry and Ban Ki Moon http://annavonreitz.com/lettertokerry.pdf


The Michigan General Jural Assembly has document for County Assembly for Republic:



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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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