Anna von Reitz: We have met the Enemy, Arnie Rosner, and “they” are us. The case for real accountabilty…

A very big thank you to Judge Anna.

In my humble opinion, Judge Anna has provided a very insightful view of those responsible for initiating the criminally inspired enterprise most of us have grown up believing was our lawful government. In my own case, it was not until I was around 73, before I really began to realize something was wrong. But it took me over 7 years of research that it all became quite clear—Much of the mystery surrounding the illusion in which I found myself, was created to keep people busy. So busy they rarely had time to figure it out. What a clever sort of person or a group of deceivers the creators of this scam must have been. I described my revelation at the link below. It would seem if people were able to accept what I had learned over the seven years, they could save a lot of time.

Yes..I admit to being the biggest fool…

While Judge Anna has once more revealed a deep understanding of the beginnings of these criminal activities she has gone on to expand the knowledge she has already contributed by naming some of the people involved. And as she has defined for us, many have already passed on…so many might consider the book closed on the matters in which the deceased were engaged.

But hold on a moment, the statute of limitations on fraud does not exist…so what about mounting a campaign to recover the losses suffered by the victims, by pursuing lawful action against the remaining estates and any other related surviving entities?

Meanwhile, while you consider the potential to recover ill gotten assets, consider the document laid out before you as just a beginning of a framework by which it would appear we the people may begin to sort out exactly how the lawful processes might be applied in terms of the ultimate accountability. Your input and suggestions and comments would be most welcome.

Please feel welcome to submitting any thoughts to the scannedretina for future consideration.

arnie, just one of the people.


On Jun 1, 2016, at 12:53 AM, Anna von Reitz <> wrote:

Virtually all capital level crimes of treason were put in place by men who are now dead. Those responsible for the enfranchisement of the State and County organizations would have been at least in their thirties or forties in the late fifties up to mid-sixties, so the youngest and least culpable players would now be in their eighties and nineties. The senior execs would all be dead.

The rest of what we have seen since then is a different kind of criminality— a “generational” shift away from seizing control of our governmental apparatus and derailing Checks and Balances freed the vermin up to concentrate on international intrigue and globe-spanning corruption.

Jack Kennedy was a Democrat, but he was from the Northeast and a Catholic. That made him an outsider to the Old Southern Democrat Circle that launched LBJ and which created and supported this whole enslsvement racket.

The Southern Dems had been slave owners and knew what slaves were worth. After the Civil War they were the ones that colluded with the Yankee Generals in charge of the Southern military districts and the Northern and European banking interests to seize title to the “freed” black slaves—- in effect, private slave ownership ended, but public slave ownership began.

Kennedy must have gotten a glimpse into this repugnant underworld and its power-crazed adherents on Wall Street, in the Pentagon, in the oil industry, in his own political party, and wanted nothing to do with its aims. He clearly meant to expose it and oppose it, but for reasons we will never know, he stopped short of telling the nation the truth on prime time TV.

Like Princess Diana, he missed the opportunity to speak which could have saved this country and the world all this turmoil, pollution, bloodshed and misery— as well as probably diffusing any further motivation to kill him.

It is instructive to note that the real power is always vested in the Vice Presidents and Lieutenant Governors. They are the ones who deal in the real power brokering day to day and they are always the ones holding the kill switches, so if you really want to blame people for what has gone on here— blame the Vice Presidents and the old goats like Henry Kissinger, blame J. Edgar Hoover and Aleister Crowley, blame Winston Churchill and especially blame Benjamin Disraeli and Paul Warburg and the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and Rubensteins and Robber Baron industrialists like George Westinghouse and by all means, blame Theodore Roosevelt and his cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt and blame General Montgomery and Charles DeGaulle and Lord Mountbatten. Blame them all for all the good it will do— but they and their children and in some cases their children’s children are dead and we are living in this precious moment called NOW, Armie.

We need an honest banking system and we won’t get that if we don’t get ahead and stay ahead of the bankers and reform our government and our regulatory practices. We need to bust the insurance industry which is nothing but instituionalized gambling and the bond markets and crack down hard on the trading of unregulated securities, the use of false advertising, deceptive language, adhesion contracts, false nomens and the legal profession as a whole.

The single most destructive force in America today is found among the colluding banking cartels, the close second is the American Bar Association and its members, and the third is found in the misguided leadership of our own Armed Forces and government agency personnel.

You want to blame people— well, there is plenty of blame to go around. There are Coast Guard Commandants who are operating as pirates and hit men on the High Seas and doing nothing to protect us from inland piracy. There are IRS employees and FBI employees who are guilty of capital level offenses who really do need to be strung up. There are white collar criminals on Wall Street behind every door. There are Mob Bosses who started out as family men who have lost all sense of right or wrong.

There are labor unions and political parties so hopelessly overrun by vice and crime against their own members— to say nothing of what they do to outsiders— that in a sane society they would be outlawed.

There are drug companies that need to be flushed down the toilet and arms manufacturers who should be used for target practice.

There are secret societies on every street corner that are secret for ugly reasons. Those all need to go the way of the Dodo, too. You have to ask yourself why any fraternal organization would need to be secret?

All this and we haven’t even begun to blame the churches that have built their big empty halls and hoarded their gold and burned their incense and let the people starve. The churches of all stripe that have failed to provide spiritual meat as well, and who have watered down the ethical precepts until everything is “relative” and “negotiable”.

We haven’t begun to blame social planners who could not figure their way out of a cardboard box, whose work has delivered us a world in which nearly half of all children are born without fathers and on the public dole, a world in which the elderly have no place to go, in which the sick are systematically denied care, and public housing is a joke only surpassed by public education.

You want blame, Armie?

There is more than enough to go around. Why not just get down and wallow in it like a pig?

How about all the fat, dumb, happy Americans sitting on their asses while they are robbed silly, their sons and daughters are reduced to being murderers and gun fodder in senseless wars for profit, they are taxed to death and live only to escape into a bottle beer?

And when you tell them point blank that they are not free, that they are owned lock, stock, DNA and signature by the DTC/DTTC they just look at you and grunt like cattle waiting for an ear tag?

How’s that for blame, Arnie? Got enough yet? Or still lusting after more?

How about all those police officers and sheriffs on the public payroll, but doing nothing but enforce private corporate statutes? All those haughty politicians who have sold us all out and allowed the Wall Street bankers and Fat Generals to promote all this misery, theft, and immorality?

How about all the judges and court officials acting as private corporate debt collectors while pretending to operate legitimate courts. Shouldn’t they take a long walk or a short drop? How about confiscating their assets and throwing them in jail? God knows they have committed heinous crimes and stolen the American people blind, totally over-stepped their jurisdiction and disrespected the law and the Constitution they are supposed to uphold.

I am sure that if we got everyone together for a Pity Potty Party we could go on for YEARS telling horror stories about how we were all let down, robbed, defrauded, and all the rest of it.

But you know what, Armie? None of that does any good. It doesn’t make anyone feel better. It makes everyone feel worse. People start feeling sorry for themselves and then they start feeling powerless and then they start getting angry and then they get really, really self-aggranding and self-righteous and stupid.

They start thinking they can have rights without responsibilities, that they can harvest without sowing, that they can receive love when their own hearts are nothing but pits full of blame and they continue with the delusion that somehow they are separate from this whole picture and not to blame for it — when in fact everyone but the little children among us ARE responsible for it.

There is more…expanding on the information provided by Judge Anna…But dare you even consider exploring what is revealed?  Is it only theory?

We have met the Enemy, Arnie Rosner, and “they” are us.

On Tuesday, May 31, 2016, Arnie Rosner <> wrote:

Judge Anna – Please classify as to degree of blame accountable: Treason and other Capital crimes may be involved…


“You only think you know!”

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