carl: it has become clear that nothing we grew up learning about the nature and purpose of government was ever real.

On May 31, 2016, at 9:27 AM, carl <> wrote:

Dear Mr. Cohen,

As a Georgia State citizen and a Natural Born citizen of The united States

of America I request you get this into the hands of the next President for


By the time you receive this you will also be in receipt of a book sent by

my good friend, Arnie Rosner to Mr. Trump.

Having researched the historical validity of that document (book) it comes

now time to deal with its implications. Having also spent much time

referencing and cross referencing the corporate nature of the UNITED STATES,

Inc. it has become clear that nothing we grew up learning about the nature

and purpose of government was ever real. Nothing contained in the book you

should now have was ever taught in school or openly discussed in the “main

stream media”.

As a businessman you are uniquely qualified to be the C.E.O. of Washington,

D.C. and all of the various franchises right down to the city municipal

level. What is troubling for me and a rapidly growing segment of this

society is the complete vacancy of all elected positions. As an example I’ll

use Henry County, Georgia…

Simultaneous to the Board of Commissioners taking their Oath of Office they

are immediately ushered into their corporate positions on the HENRY COUNTY


PARK, Inc. and HENRY FIRST, Inc. (see the Articles or Certificates of

Incorporation for each of these entities which can be foun d on the GEORGIA

SECRETARY OF STATE web site). These are just several of the many

interlocking corporations that put these elected officials into fiduciary

positions that the newly elected are clueless about.

I have been successful in getting the current Board of Directors for these

Public, Private Partnerships to vacate most but not all of their positions.

What they cannot do, according to the County Attorney, Patrick Jaugstetter,

is dissolve these entities and return their elected positions to Dejure,

Constitutional status. The reason? Because as elected officials they cannot

make contracts with anyone that encumber the county beyond one year. That is

a non starter when attempting to secure bonds and other methods of financing

the operations of the county through the banks.

Elections are coming up and those seeking their positions will, once again,

be just as clueless until documents are placed before them, for signature,

relating to these corporation’s business dealings. Then the cycle repeats

itself. So, no matter how well intentioned the candidates might be, they are

usurped from the very beginning.

By and large, people think of every aspect of City, County, State or Federal

government as being businesses but only the awake now understand what that

really means. By original charter each entity is charged with providing

certain services whether a P.P.P., Non-Profit, For Profit or Public Service

organization. These first three have completely taken over every aspect of

Public Service and, in so doing, have taken control of this thing called

government. These entities are reflected in the County’s Comprehensive

Annual Financial Report as “Discreet Component Units”. So discreet are these

units that only a handful of people within the county even know who or what

they are.

Many branches and affiliates of these corporations are now autonomous and

have been given the power to tax, levy fines and fees and act as if they are

the government. The biggest problem here is that this represents taxation

without representation and a serious dereliction of duty which flies in the

face of the elected member’s Oath of Office.

Some high ranking officials are also members of something called Regional

Commissions, yet another Private Public Partnership which, by their

association with this group, is further usurping both local and Federal

authorities along with taking public dollars to grow their corporation. This

one act alone is tantamount to treason and sedition since, by virtue of

being part in these entities they are, in fact, failing to provide that

which they are charged with providing… a Republican form of government.

As a flesh and blood man living on the land I am constantly being barraged

with rules, codes and statutes created for the benefit of these corporations

but not for the benefit of We the People. All such “laws” are little more

than company by-laws which only apply to those who wish to abide by them or

those working within those companies.

My question for you is this… Do you have any intention to restore the

separation of powers, by bringing the Nation you will lead, back under the

Compact it has with us called the Constitutions (both Federal and State)?

The first thing you as a new President will be ushered into doing will be to

keep this Nation under the Emergency Powers Act, thereby taking dictatorial

control of this Nation from day one. This will also be the beginning of your

real education into the nature and style of the position you now seek. What

you do with this opportunity will be the subject of much, intense, scrutiny.

Then again, if anyone can deal with it, sir, you can.

Again, you are uniquely qualified and gifted with the opportunity to be one

or the other. Either the CEO of THE UNITED STATES, Inc or the Dejure

President of The united States of America.

Which will it be Mr. Trump? Either way this falls, we will be closely

watching every Executive order and every official act for signs that you

are, in fact, “the chosen one” for We the People.

In conclusion… will you kindly put an end to these infernal electronic

voting machines and bring us back to secure paper ballots? And on that

subject, please bring this up on the campaign trail since a large percentage

of those electronic ballots are being shipped to Spain to be counted.

Whether the company doing the counting is directly owned or is just highly

influenced by George Soros should be enough to warrant pressuring House

Speaker Paul Ryan to initiate changes to their laws that now permits this.

My sincerest best wishes for you in the upcoming elections. That is, if the

Tyrant Barry Soetoro a.k.a. B.H.O. allows there to be one.

Carl Alfred Swensson

Ph: 678-438-6138


43 Thurman Road

Stockbridge, Georgia [30281 excepted]

About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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