Does not a public officer make—

The brilliance if the founders established the process by which each public servant swore his/her willing compliance to support and defend the American principles, ethics, morality and the people.  And to perform their tasks with honor, duty and unselfishly for our country.

Betraying that trust and confidence of the people is a matter of personal compromise.

THEREFORE, unless otherwise legtimately specified—Committing treason against America is a deliberate and willful act!

Now who do you know to whom this description of betrayal applies?

 …And…does the fact that a:

  1. “private individual” legitimately elected and elevated to an office of public trust, in good faith…A now delegated and designated as a public officer, lawfully, morally and ethically empowered to perform the work for the people, as a trustee of the public trust, violates his/her oath of office (an employment contract) and fiduciary responsibilities…
  2. And further…this becomes a criminal act when a trust officer violates the public trust by acting without the lawful consent of the governed or providing full disclosure of criminal acts against the people…
  3. And begins to ‘secretly,’ conduct the business of the people through private corporate means and to fraudulently act in the capacity of a corporate officer, in a private held corporation misrepresented as a public institution…

Suggest that such an act(s) of treason is/are premeditated?  And surely not a act of a random nature…!  And surely such a criminal act perpetrated against the people that could not be considered as an “accident?” Or with out the knowledge of the “perpetrator?”

Are we as the people asked to overlook these criminal transgressions against the people whose trust has been violated?

It would seem that this is a question to be answered by the people of the community who has directly suffered at the hands of these traitors.

-Just a “nasty,” old man who knows nothing.

See Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for the specific private corporation being misrepresented as the public institution for additional information.

A place from where to begin:

United States of America, Inc. and the Federal Reserve – CAFR’s

And most importantly…do we the people, not have enough evidence of the deliberate criminal wrong-doing to address these crimes being routinely perpetrated—every day—upon the people by impostors; criminally impersonating our lawful public officers?

But before moving ahead to what is offered for your further consideration, does not the question posed below need to be asked and answered in advance?

And the question raised…

“Are those who accept an offer of illegitimate unearned money not even more guilty of bribery and moral turpitude, than the one making the offer?”  And are not both guilty of crimes against the people?

And exactly what do we call government grants from a government which does not lawfully exist?

In the way of further explanation though, the following is offered as a hint as to how a private corporation, not very different than K-Mart, manages to create the illusion of legitimacy, and with no lawful authority manages to to impose their criminal will (disguised as public policy) on the people—

The lawful Citizens of the Continental united States of America…

—outside of their 10 square mile jurisdiction?

Voila_Capture 2016-05-04_10-24-59_PM

As you will see, segments of the community are collaborating…more of the useful idiots?

You will have to make that determination for yourself…or what makes perfect sense to you.

And of course the big question remains…what will you do about it; should you arrive at the same conclusion as other advanced thinkers.

Washington, D.C., The smoking gun

The American people RULE! The people are SOVEREIGN!

Respecting the rule of law leaves no options to compromise


About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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