David Schied: “Writ for Show Cause” against the 90-Year old federal judge to explain why he has…

On Apr 1, 2016, at 6:24 PM, David Schied <deschied@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hello Everyone:

Yesterday, I filed two sets of major documents in the federal court as shown by the links below to the placement of these documents into the official “Article III Court of Record”:

First, was my “Response to….” the fraudulent filing of AIG insurance attorneys trying to get the $100 BILLION “domestic terrorism” insurance policy and company out of this ongoing case. NOTE that this filing also included a “Writ for Show Cause” against the 90-Year old federal judge to explain why he has done nothing to move this case in the past 10 months since I initially filed it, effectively depriving me of my First Amendment “right to access” the Court; and to recuse himself for various forms of incompetence and surrender his bond, oath, and/or “errors and omissions” insurance policy.


Second, was my filing – as a Private Attorney General (with the support of an over 50-page “Memorandum of Law in Support” in “standing of the PAG status) to add 14 more people with claims against Wayne County and the $100 Billion insurance contract with AIG, with sworn and notarized Affidavits from each of the 14 attesting as FACT that they were both witnesses and victims to the domestic terrorism being carried out by the agents of the Charter County of Wayne.


See also, the following link for the specific “intro” filing in Notice to the court that Private Attorney Generals were getting involved in this matter in the “public interest” and with a “Memorandum of Law in Support”:


Note that all of the “joinder” cases were entered into the federal court record separately, being time-stamped individually as found at the following link to their cover pages:

Click to access AllAffidavitsCoverPagesTime-Stampedfiled033116.pdf

Everyone please note the the following:

1) I found out when filing these documents that the magistrate – i.e., the one that had “stricken” four sets of my significant filings late last year causing me to file a formal “objection” to that action, and to take that action on “Interlocutory Appeal” to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals (which was unanswered by the 6th Circuit except to kick the case back down to the U.S. District Court) which was replaced in January of this year for some unexplained reason – had “retired” from office shortly after I took the stated dual course of action.

2) It should be noted that now that Congress has helped to establish that, due the exposure of the high level of corruption in the Executive Branch of Michigan and the complacency of the Michigan Governor to do anything about it when given clear notice about the poisoning of our residents and children, my filings now establish as a matter of FACT that former Michigan Supreme Court “chief” justice was entirely right in writing her 695-page book in 2012 (“Judicial Deceit: Tyranny and Unnecessary Secrecy at the Michigan Supreme Court) blowing the corruption on the top-to-bottom corruption of the Michigan judiciary, and that fully two of the three branches of Michigan government are thoroughly corrupted. WE NEED TO INSTITUTE GRAND JURIES NOW TO PUT THESE CRIMINALS BEHIND BARS. (Note that one of Congress’ first remarks to Snyder was “off with his head” and the near last line to him was “You need to resign.”)

3) That my “File on Demand” for these filings were combined with my “Certificate of Service” on these documents, which was also time-stamped and can be located:

Click to access NoticeofFilingonDemand&CertificateofService.pdf

Please assist me in helping disseminating this information about the domestic terrorists that have usurped and taken over and destroyed the constitutional government of Wayne County, Michigan. We need Constitutional Sheriffs, Grand Juries, and the return of the Michigan Militia to put this county and state back together again.

Cordially yours,

David Schied


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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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