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This afternoon I received a call from Henry County Chairman Tommy Smith. He was excited to tell me that both he and the rest of the Henry County Board of Commissioners have removed themselves as board members and now have no affiliation with any of the corporations established for Henry County. Now, the only person on record as having anything to do with them is an Attorney/Esquire that he/they know little of.

This all came about because one of the corporations was charged with overseeing a County owned Golf course formerly known as Cottonwoods Golf Course.

Reflecting on my appearance before the board earlier this year and the recent decisions in regards to a lease agreement between the county and those who now run the golf course it became apparent that there was a serious conflict of interest.

He took the opportunity admit to me that there is serious corruption within the county. This was also the result of my requesting and being granted a place on the April 5th agenda. That request was made via the General Post Office two cent first class mail that every commissioner (both in Henry and Clayton counties) received.

He and the other commissioners appear worried that this conflict of interest could have legal ramifications and they would be right.

Tonight at 7 PM I will be speaking before the Clayton County GOP whose officers all received similar mailings and wish for me to explain it to the membership and other guest speakers in attendance.

Yes, it will be video recorded and my gut tells me that if CONgress doesn’t immediately act to repeal or rescind (don’t believe they can) the act allowing this they are going to finally “feel it” where it counts… in the pocket book.

carl alfred: Swensson

carl alfred

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