Steven Pattison (Kansas): Dear Senator Knox, The last time I talked to my Kansas Representative—

On Mar 30, 2016, at 10:16 AM, Steven Pattison (Kansas) <> wrote:

Dear Senator Knox,

I am Steven Wayne Pattison and I inhabit within the Republic of Kansas. I see that you have been exchanging emails with a friend of mine Arnie Rosner [].

The last time I talked to my Kansas Representative he told me that he knew what I was talking about and that he was going to leave it up to his God and not run for reelection!

If you don’t know which I believe that you have to know for I believe everyone does know about the de facto governments as Municipal Corporations which are not part of the de jure governments meaning the lawful government here within the United States of America. If you want to talk to me call me for my contact information is posted below.

Illegal money drives the world and how it works is explained within this video.

Crash Course: Chapter 10 – Inflation by Chris Martenson which is what is causing the Stock Market problems today.

NO, I WILL NOT COMPLY! PERIOD! The title says it all. View Michael’s full class on this channel. If this is what you believe will work you need to understand your Standing and how to present it within a Constructive Notice.

It’s a big waste of time to go through life being unclear about what must be true. Steven Wayne Pattison – Internet search yielded 8,130 results

There have grown up in the history of nations only two great systems of law, the civil law of ancient Rome, and the common law of England.

Retired US Admiral James Lyons video –

“…It hasn’t mattered if it has been a Republican or a Democratic Administration…

Jordan Maxwell – Matrix Of Power – Secrets Of World Control Published on Sep 29, 2012.

“The Obama Administration has a strategy. It is very simple; any thinking American should be able to grasps it. It’s anti-American; anti-Western; it’s pro-Islamic; it’s pro-Iranian; and pro-Muslim Brotherhood.” An Internet search yielded only 2,270 results.

“Thinking without knowing the truth is a big waste of your time. Steven Wayne Pattison – Internet search yielded 827 results

Quote – “Sarah, if the American people knew the truth about what we Bushes have done to the nation, we would be chased down the street and lynched.” (George H.W. Bush to reporter Sarah McClendon, Dec. 1992) Internet search yielded only 64 results

Search First; search second about money; third one on scanned retina; fourth about The federal government, in collusion with the Supreme Court, have grossly misinterpreted the Necessary and Proper Clause and the Commerce Clause of the Constitution to usurp almost all of the powers delegated to the states into the federal government’s hands. – Internet searchDO WE HAVE A FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OR A NATIONAL GOVERNMENT?” ‘The History of our Country’and my home page. Cell (913) 461-1661 – Skype

Once I, Steven Wayne Pattison, was an “useful idiot too!” and that is the reason I sign my lawful name as follows.

/S/ Steven Wayne Pattison, a natural person, where I am a man on the Land within the Common Law County known as Johnson located within the Union State known as Kansas where it is guaranteed within the Constitution for the United States of American a Republican Form of Government.

From: Arnie Rosner <>

Subject: Re: Straight Talk = Legislative Non-News

Date: March 28, 2016 at 9:26:58 AM PDT

To: Forrest Knox <>

My Dear Mr. Knox,

It appears you may be on to something. Thank you for your response.

Would you please be kind enough to furnish, by return e-mail, a copy of the “Oath of Office,” to which you swore and attested? This would be a first step in establishing from where you come, in terms of legitimacy as a lawful public officer.

Thank you for your courtesy.


“You only think you know!”

<Flag of peace signature 2016-01-20_06-25-23_AM.jpg>

The flag of the Continental united States of America
714-501-8247 – mobile

On Mar 28, 2016, at 9:13 AM, Forrest Knox <> wrote:

Arnie, Lots and lots of laws, that is true. That’s why it’s so complicated when we are always trying to improve them. I do think if you’ll look at the Kansas Constitution you’ll see that we are constitutional, though. If not, let me know what you see. The US Constitution puts great limits on the federal government, which they ignore. The state constitution is different and gives much authority to deal in the lives of people, welfare, education, etc.

I’m interested in your thoughts.

Best, Forrest


Forrest Knox

Kansas Senate, District 14

17120 Udall Road,   Altoona, KS    66710

Office: 785 296 7678

Home: 785 783 5564    Cellular: 620 636 0051



From: Arnie Rosner <>

Date: Monday, March 28, 2016 at 11:07 AM

To: “Forrest J. Knox” <>

Subject: Re: Straight Talk = Legislative Non-News

Mr. Knox,

Thank you for your straight talk. Please consider this message as even straighter talk.

Your effort to share the legislative news is appreciated. You mention fixing bills? I raise the question for even the need for the bills.

It seems many bills are not Constitutional and should be abolished…now that would be fixing at least part of the problem. However, the most serious of all of the bills and problems is the lack of legitimacy of those who are criminally impersonating the lawful representatives of the American people…at all levels, Mr. Knox…AT ALL LEVELS.

Can we expect your strong support, and even more importantly, your personal action to expose and remove the criminal perpetrators who represent the corporate interests of the Washington, D.C., franchise, instead of the lawful public officers who are accountable to run the public institutions turned into corporations…without the consent of the governed?

“The State of Kansas…” A fictional entity being criminally misrepresented as the lawful state…Kansas. Created by semantic deceit for the deliberate and premeditated purpose of defrauding the great American people of the Citizens of Kansas…the lawful state which is part of the Continental United States.—cafr

Trump AIPAC Conference: From the clips below…Trump sounds like he is REALLY addressing the Key Issues concerning many Americans.


“You only think you know!”

<Flag of peace signature 2016-01-20_06-25-23_AM.jpg>

The flag of the Continental united States of America
714-501-8247 – mobile

On Mar 28, 2016, at 8:24 AM, Forrest Knox <> wrote:

Straight Talk from Senator Knox

Legislative Non-News

March 28, 2016

To give you a more realistic view of the legislature, I share here legislative non-news.

It seems that the public thinks that all the legislature does in Topeka is fight. This is perhaps because controversial issues are all we read about in the news. But, people have an unrealistic view of the legislature in this regard. In truth, most of what we do is noncontroversial.

Almost 1500 pieces of legislation have been introduced during the present two-year legislative cycle, 824 in the House and 614 in the Senate. Most of what we do in the legislature is fix existing law. Groups that deal with a particular statute might suggest changes that they want made. Often there are different points of view on these issues. The news media covers such legislation, usually as it is introduced. In committee however, all sides present their opinions and often the process irons out the differences as the legislation moves forward. The process itself fixes controversies as changes are made to solve the issues. At this point, the legislation ceases to be news worthy.

During the 2016 session the Senate has so far passed 150 bills, 55 were House bills. Many bills that are passed in one body will not pass the second body. The Senate has also confirmed 24 gubernatorial appointments, all but one (who had two NO votes) with unanimous votes.

Of the 150 bills passed so far, 94 (63%) passed unanimously. The number of bills that passed with a super majority (greater than 2/3rd vote) were 141 (94%). Only 9 bills (6%) passed with less than a super majority, and of these only four passed by one or two votes. I believe these four bills could truly be called controversial, and few of these controversial bills will pass the second body.

I haven’t tallied the numbers, but I would guess that half of the bills that make it through the committee process and get to the Senate chamber never come up for a vote.

Of note is that, while many bills die in the process, very few (none so far this year) are voted down on the senate floor. Having made it this far, they usually survive a final action vote.

I voted NO on only four bills. I was the only NO vote on SB 323 (39/1), the Jason Flatt act, which required suicide prevention training in all public schools. I consistently vote NO on unfunded mandates the state puts on our public schools. Our locally elected school boards are perfectly capable of making such decisions without the state’s help.

I also voted NO on SB 133 (36/3), which gives immunity to under aged drinkers when they call 911 to help a fellow minor who has consumed too much alcohol. Indeed, this may save some lives but I felt it encourages such behavior, which could cost lives in the long run.

I also voted NO on SB 440 (28/9) and SB 454 (30/7), both of which hand power to the courts, power which has long been in legislative control. I believe we’re giving up our traditional checks and balances with these bills.


If you’re interested in more non-news, I list here some more, or less, controversial bills that passed the Senate this last week:

The legislature voted to pass HB 2655 (Senate 32/5, House 93/31), which is intended to meet the Supreme Court’s school finance ruling and keep our public schools open.

SB 469 (22/18) makes changes to the Professional Negotiations Act, and allows teachers to vote every three years on which organization represents them. Many teachers have never voted on this, often for decades.

HB 2088 (24/16) caps the budget, and thus property taxes, of local units of government to include only inflation and population growth. However, many exemptions are included to give the flexibility they may need.

SB 436 (32/8) prioritizes tax dollars that are used for family planning services as going first to local community health care centers, limiting funds that may have gone to provide for abortions.

SB 437 (37/3) requires parental consent for a doctor to list an imperfect or sick child as “do not resuscitate.”

HB 2456 (40/0) enacts the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact that allows states to enter into a compact in which doctors could practice over state lines.

HB 2441 (40/0) establishes a language assessment program coordinated by the Kansas Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

HB 2056 (37/3) amends law relating to bail enforcements agents – bounty hunters.

HB 2549 (36/4) allows cross jurisdiction cooperation of law enforcement.

HB2134 (40/0) would authorize security freezes on consumer credit reports for children under the age of 16.

HB 2696 (38/2) grants university police officers the same powers as campus police officers on property owned by a state educational institution and other properties.

SB 363 (38/2) establishes the Acupuncture Practice act, in which acupuncturists would be licensed.

SCR 1610 (37/3) reaffirms state sovereignty, specifically that of Kansas, under the 10th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

HB 2617 (40/0) amends the Workers Compensation System relating to chemical testing, permanent partial disability and the administration of the system.

SB 353 (40/0) allows the Director of Property Valuation to remove any person from the list of those eligible to be county appraiser, if the person fails to meet certain qualifications.

HB 2018 (38/2) adds a number of drugs and drug classes in the Uniform Controlled Substances Act.

SB 462 (40/0) expands the definition of “harassment” to include any course of conduct through the use of an unmanned aerial system, commonly known as a drone.

HB 2460 (40/0) relates the crime of violating the Kansas Offender Registration Act to the original offense.

HB 2463 (40/0) allows a court to continue or modify conditions of release for or impose a short-term prison sanction on an offender who absconds from supervision.

HB 2436 (40/0) establishes a special class M driver’s license and examination for three-wheeled motorcycles.

HB 2289 (40/0) deals with DUI driver license suspension due to refusal to test or test failure.

SB 356 (27/14) amends law relating to capital improvement state aid for public schools.

SB 509 (37/3) creates the Budget Stabilization Fund and allows legislative study and review.

SB 424 (40/0) grants the Attorney General limited authority to assist victims of identity theft and fraud.

SB 480 (40/0) deals with “search or seizure” of parolees and those on post-release supervision.

HB 2558 (39/0) prohibits municipalities from prohibiting or regulating election activity including: canvassing, polling, soliciting, and distributing campaign literature.

Let me know what you think.


Forrest Knox

Kansas Senate, District 14

17120 Udall Road,   Altoona, KS    66710

Office: 785 296 7678

Home: 785 783 5564    Cellular: 620 636 0051



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