Trump AIPAC Conference: From the clips below…Trump sounds like he is REALLY addressing the Key Issues concerning many Americans.

Trump is standing up for America. Regardless of what you think about Trump, consider the opportunity he has presented in this speech. This speech has opened the door for every American to address these matters with the people who have the control to fix the problem.

Yes…my fellow Americans…the problems we face are controlled by your county commissioners and members of your city councils and planning commissions.

As I see it, once you voted them into office, they promptly violated their oath and their fiduciary responsibilities. However, they did so in secret. They violated the public trust. They committed criminal impersonation. They committed fraud and these are crimes against the people…not political acts.

Through deceit and misrepresentation, these corporate impostors are the ones who implement the policies of the Washington, D.C., based corporation which is misrepresenting itself as the legitimate government of the American people.

They have been secretly implementing Common Core and Agenda 21 with no consent from the governed. Many are engaged in permitting the courts to impersonate the lawful courts and permit judicial corruption and fraud upon the people…even murder.

The Thomas Deegan Affair – Thomas Deegan One in a million


There is also the chance the oath they took was the corporate version which is null and void.

Alicia Lutz-Rolow/ Leonard Harview wrmltd: EXPOSED!!!!! The misrepresented corporate constitution; by-laws of the corporation; not the law of the land! Fraud Visiates ALL!!!!

As criminal impersonators they have become impostors and even though they were elected to public office to manage public institutions, without your knowledge or consent, they act in their corporate capacity for the benefit of their share holders and to the benefit of the corporate franchise.

Complete Report

The corporate franchise is part of the national franchise based in the foreign jurisdiction of Washington, D.C.. The corporation, named by semantic deceit, the United States of America, Incorporated is controlled by the British Crown…AKA The City of London.

Mr. Trump has publicly cited the major issues about which Americans are concerned but are fearful in raising in public. Most of the individual topics are presented below in short video clips for your convenience. Select at will the most serious issues you would like to address with your local public officials who at the moment are most likely acting in fraud and impersonating your lawful public servants.

Find an example of the way some earlier information provided by the grand jury was presented to the Orange County Commissioners, please check out the link below:.

Orange County, CA Grand Jury: Orange County—A Culture of Corruption!

More information is provided below to provide some examples of how to address some of these matters.

Is your Public Servant an Impostor—Impersonating a lawful public servant? How would you know?

Again, these short clips on individual concerns may be used as you see fit. The short clips may be used to keep some of the communications short and brief. Others may be combined to provide a more comprehensive approach. Regardless of how you exercise your rights to express your views, you can take this opportunity to leverage on the efforts of Mr. Trump.

Imagine if you will, hundreds of thousands of individual letters demonstrating direct support for the same issues being raised, will send a very powerful message to the impostors. If enough letters are sent, the possibility exists that the American people, also speaking the same language as Mr. Trump, can not only assure his election, but it may provide the important view of solidarity to convince the impostors we the people are serious.

01-Trump Backed Juliani to Israel in support
02-Trump Politicians all talk no action
03-Trump Bond with Israel
04-Trump Treason exposed of current impostors
05-Trump Impostors commit Treason-Treason-Treason
06-Trump Impostors committed treason and Americans stood by and permitted the fraud!
07-Trump Dismantle Iran’s capability for terror paid for by we the people
08-Trump Trump reveals the threat to Americans
09-Trump Dealing with Iran’s criminal behavior
10-Trump UN Incompetence and bias
11-Trump Americans are permitting illegitimate government agents – impostors – Speak for America
12-Trump Can not reward bad behavior
13-Trump Confrontation – Americans there is your message – your county commission
14-Trump Trump reveals just how Americans are being treated by the impostors pretending to be the government of the Americans
15-Trump Proper recognition of the right values must be established
16-Trump Proof of the role of obama-the impostor
17-Trump Sound familiar—How Americans are treated by impostors?
18-Trump While addressing Israel, It sounded like he was addressing Americans
19-Trump Israel will persist
20-Trump The whole speech

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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