To Honorable Americans—only you know who you are— A proposal for your consideration!



On Mar 20, 2016, at 12:03 PM, Lee S Gliddon Jr wrote:

Walter deserves the help of all Americans. He is a TRUE PATRIOT!

From: “Van R. Irion”……….LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick Supreme Court Appeal

On Mar 20, 2016, at 12:03 PM, Lee S Gliddon Jr wrote:

Walter deserves the help of all Americans. He is a TRUE PATRIOT!

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From: “Van R. Irion”……….LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick Supreme Court Appeal

As you know, almost two years ago Lt. Cdr. Walter Fitzpatrick was arrested and imprisoned for exercising his constitutional right to petition the government.

He was literally arrested while quietly waiting to talk to the McMinn County Grand Jury.

He was imprisoned for asking the government to investigate governmental corruption.

I have been appealing his conviction ever since. The Tennessee Supreme Court has now refused to review Commander Fitzpatrick’s criminal conviction.

I am now preparing a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court requesting that the Tennessee Courts’ decisions be overturned.

This is our last opportunity to get Walter justice. I need your help. We need to raise at least $1,500 just to cover the direct costs associated with filing our petition. ……..

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Law Office of Van R. Irion, PLLC 

Business Law / Patents / Civil Litigation

800 South Gay Street, Suite 700

Knoxville, TN 37929 (865) 766-4040

Pastor Lee S Gliddon Jr
God’s Word Christian Ministry
Conservative Patriot

From: Arnie Rosner

Re: Cdr Walter Kirkpatrick; A proposal for your consideration!


Mr. Irion, Many thanks for your dedicated persistence in pursuing the release of the Commander.

Regarding the costs involved, would you please be so kind as to explain from where come these costs? I was of the impression, justice afforded all Americans is guaranteed under the provisions of the Constitution for the united States of America has already been paid for through taxes.

Where have I got this wrong?

Also, since the historical evidence of this case involves the fraud of the court and all of the other related criminal abuse of those impostors pretending to be the lawful judicial system, isn’t this now considered a matter of a criminal case? Criminal impersonation by the corporations, by semantic deceit, pretending to act as the state of Tennessee and the judiciary frauds and treason?

State of Tennessee Corporate Group Structure

Isn’t this situation just an extension of others who have been equally abused with out providing the equal justice under the 14th Amendment? The same 14th Amendment which condemns all Americans to be debt slaves if they mistakenly believe they are US citizens?

I refer to Thomas Deegan, Randy Due, Hartford VanDyke, and regrettably, posthumously Lavoy Finicum. There are many more too numerous to list here. The family of the deceased Mr. Finicum has already initiated a wrongful death suit.

Now if I may be so bold as to make the suggestion…

Mr. Irion, if this is something for which you are willing and qualified…how about combining efforts to prosecute the various criminal elements involved and launch a nationwide criminal action in an Article III Court? (If I am not mistaken, since this would be a criminal matter, the cost of the prosecution would be borne by the federal government).

Or if the advisability of that action will not provide an environment suitable to serve justice for all parties involved, what of the possibly of forming a special court of the sovereign people for the Continental United States of America; the lawful jurisdiction of the land?

A special purpose court for the express purpose of resolving this matter of peacefully addressing the unconstitutional conduct of the impostors…who through deception and dishonorable behavior…are currently and have been engaged in this mixed war since at least the 1860’s.

We, as the people, certainly need no permission from our employees who have acted in dishonor and chosen to act as impersonators of our lawful public servants; In my own personal opinion, they have with premeditation, and deliberate criminal intent, abandoned their Constitutional posts and are acting as criminals in criminal fraud. in fact, Mr. Irion, in many cases they acting in treason…


They have long abandoned their lawful Constitutionally protected seats for the imagined protection of a corporate shield, which by default, does not exist. They current occupy the lawful infrastructure of the people at every level, federal, state, county and municipal, by fraud, deception, intimidation and coercion. Under federal statutes these are all very serious criminal offenses under the civil rights and color of law.

Mr. Irion, as we discussed and agreed privately, there is no lawful government of the American people which operates on the delegated authority of the governed…the people themselves; the American sovereigns.

Therefore, as the ultimate and supreme authority, on the planet, under the guidance of our creator, the source of life itself and the undisputed grantor of the gift of life, if we, the American sovereigns, wish to continue this experiment in self-governance, we not only have the power to do so—but we must responsibly create our own lawfully seated public servants to fill the legitimate seats of government left vacant since the 1860’s.

With the concurrence of the various interested parties, we may be able to forge an agreement to create a lawful governing body by which to unite America and bring all serious and dedicated Americans…sovereigns…together.


The following references are provided for your convenience and review:

How we actually got here:

With more details for your consideration: cold

Some reference material on which this suggestion is based…
Judge Anna von Reitz: The fraud exposed in common every day language.

I eagerly welcome your reaction…


“You only think you know!”

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The flag of the Continental united States of America
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