common law: UZA v. RSA Our aim is to re-establish constitutionally valid people’s common-law and customary law courts, forums and public hearings by the law of the land

On Mar 18, 2016, at 6:23 AM, common law <> wrote:

Dear people,

Finally the payments for UZA v. RSA are through! We did not change a thing in the transfer documentation; let’s put it down to coincidence he he (which we do not call ‘payments’; in truth it is fictitious, imaginary, electronic book-keeping entries; and, not to be confused with the sweat of our labour or tangible gold or other natural resource the only real money)

The third directions hearing in UZA v. RSA will proceed in early April; we will finalise a date by Wednesday.

Our aim is to re-establish constitutionally valid people’s common-law and customary law courts, forums and public hearings by the law of the land as opposed to civil law courts. And, which are in fact superior jurisdiction courts.

Feel free to download the foundations of the above, namely the interim 2016 UZA Constitution, 2016 UZA Bill of Rights and 2016 UZA General Procedures Rules at:         

Soon, we will add the people’s 2016 Freedom Charter in which we scrubbed out the evil legalese manholes and obstacles that have created the mess we are in today from the 1955 one;

We are drawing up a basic lawful dictionary too, lest we again slumber on our rights and to ensure the natural freedoms and rights of the earth, the people and all living creatures equally. We know words ought not even be defined: “the law does not protect those who slumber on their rights.” bt

In May, we intend for Pope Francis to sign off on these documents on our journey with global Indigenous leaders calling for the revoking of the papal bulls of discovery which lowered their status to animal when in fact it is the closest to natural law and, in a superior jurisdiction; we should be using the old ways in the people’s courts; and, the indigenous people should systematically replace the U.N. as the World Hereditary Council, a natural law League of Nations;

On the ground:

In Christina’s ‘bankruptcy administration’ case, the attorneys were a no show; we are filing a notice to strike it from the roll; there is a lot of fraud being perpetuated against the innocent; falsification/removal/replacement of title deeds, attorneys attempting to auction houses without due process of courts; suckering those who do not understand the legal world, nor afford legal costs;

In ABSA versus Jivi in 2015 ABSA attempted to auction her house which we averted;

On Wednesday she self-represented and the Judge ruled ABSA had insufficient documentation and the matter was struck from the roll;

brother-thomas was almost arrested in the specialized piracy sea court; two weeks before the magistrate had entertained UZA regarding subject-matter-jurisdiction, but this time made bt walk the plank and leave the ship immediately or be arrested and face criminal charges for impersonating a pirate. He had obviously read our documents and realised we were re-directing the ship back onto the land where the people were waiting to offload the stolen goods; the colonial Roman-Dutch East India Company mercantile ships are still sailing the seas in the 21st century; now they even have the ability to float to any location on the land; colonial apartheid, slavery and man-made artificial poverty is alive and well;   

That is one ship bt will never be allowed to set foot in; in fact, bt has been advised by SASACCO members to instead guide the people’s legal attorneys by what SASACCO members wish to achieve; this is a much better arrangement and the attorneys are open to it; new and interesting times for all; bt won’t be doing RSA court appearances again;

The online credit clubs, modern stockvels have associated as Southern Africa Savings And Credit Co-Operative and our largest groups of supporters; yesterday we filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission; we know who they work for; however, we need to exhaust all possible remedies nationally before going to the African Human Rights Court or World Human Rights Court. We are claiming prejudice as the people are practising a modern version of their customs; and, they range in the millions;

How can you help?

We, the people on the land of Southern Africa are holding a people’s interim referendum and require 50 000 wet ink signatures for change. Download the document which has space for 100 names. The question is simple:

Is the current system of governance based on the will of the people?”

Anyone who says “no” should support the referendum. United we stand, divided we fall.   

This case is crowd-funded by we, the people. Go to

We will try and recover costs; at high end attorney rates of R5 000 per hour x 22 000 hours, UZA bill will be R 110 million;

Please make a donation even if you are not an African. Go to and make a donation to

It was Martin Luther King who said:

Faith is taking the first step even when you do not see the full staircase.”

ex causa onerosa, all natural rights reserved,


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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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