Dear Concerned Citizen:

Dear Concerned Citizen: Update-001

Thanks for writing. Not to mislead you but due to the extreme variety of the situations by physical locations there will be no cookie cutter solutions to offer. Rather, the reality with which we must deal, greatly depends on many circumstances which can only best be determined by the local Citizens. 

David Wallin:  Suggested the following be added for those to whom it best applies…

Beginning with prayer for their actions.   Without prayer, involving the Lord, as the founders did, at the beginning, the possibilities of success are greatly diminished.

If you too, are of the same accord, that we have no lawful government at any level—as the people—the choice of what we do as the next step really belongs to the people. It would appear that the most logical and manageable process to fix this problem would be to hold county wide-elections, where required, to fill the lawful seats of government left vacant since the 1860’s.


To begin this process, the people of each county and political subdivision, might wish to hold townhall type meetings where the people can organize and decide what is right for them. Part of these meetings might be dedicated to forming the committees of safety or correspondence as in the case of the founders, for the purposes of making such activities more manageable.


Once organized, the people may wish to hold such a meeting and summon, not invite, but summon…their local elected officials to answer to the people for the crimes they have been committing or are allowing to be committed against the people. The possibility may exist that when confronted, some of the impersonators may realize the seriousness of the people and fall back in line and begin to act in the de jure. That would eliminate much of the urgency in holding an election until the next proper election cycle.


Of course the people will then be confronted with the responsibility of dealing with the truth, with respect to Constitutional violations, in these matters and acting accordingly. Their respective common law grand juries will be able to deal with these aspects.


I have taken the liberty of copying Judge Stewart on this message. The good judge has some definite ideas on how to proceed in these matters. As I mentioned upfront, I don’t believe we can resolve these varied issues with one common solution but I would hope we can intelligently apply some logic and consistency to minimize our differences across all the states of our union.


Let me hear from you on your thoughts so we can begin to move forward.



“You only think you know!”

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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