obama and brown colluded To assassinate Finicum?

Just expressing my views here folks…Yes…obama and his franchise manager kate brown seems to be engaged in collusion.  And everyone including the trigger-men are complicit.  That would include those in the impostor Congress.   -arnie, just one of the people.

Finicum Assassination – America’s Liberty at Stake!



The FBI and Oregon State Troopers Colluded To Kill Finicum and Cover It Up


Conspiracy to assassinate a true American hero perpetrated to silence a vast citizen’s movement; Subsequent cover-up will not be successful

State of the Nation

The U.S. Federal Government is no stranger to adding insult to injury.  In fact, doing so has become their signature MO in practically everything they touch.  Such is the case with first carrying out the assassination of patriot LaVoy Finicum, and then covering up the cowardly murder.


There is no question that the FBI, working in tandem with the Oregon State Police, fastidiously planned out the execution of Finicum.  All the of the highest integrity evidence indicates that his killing was a calculated hit on one of the greatest heroes of the American patriot movement.  The FEDs truly felt they had no choice but to snuff out a powerful voice of the coming 2nd American Revolution.

A typical propaganda piece published by the WashPo (posted below) has predictably towed the government’s line on what is now well known as the premeditated execution of LaVoy Finicum.  The following two articles offer photographic and video proof of this cold-blooded killing of an innocent and unarmed man.

NEW Analysis of LaVoy Finicum’s Murder – Each Shooter Numbered and Magnified

FBI Releases Video Of Shooting Death Of LaVoy Finicum

The two articles linked below provide additional facts which are conveniently left out of the government’s patently false narrative about the planned assassination.  One presents personal testimony of the murder by witnesses who were at the scene of the crime; the second post offers closely held information that indicts the government co-conspirators.

LaVoy Finicum Murder Witness Refutes Government Narrative

Shocking New Secrets on the FBI-Sanctioned Assassination of LaVoy Finicum (Video)

When FBI agents fail to report the number of shots fired at a murder scene, something is very wrong.  The witnesses in the vehicle have asserted that there were many shots fired at the truck alone.  Hence, the many news reports which have stated only one bullet hole are clearly the result of deliberate FBI false statements.  Let’s face it, whenever the System is engaged in a full-blown coverup, they will lie about everything and refuse to tell the truth to CYA.


Normally SOTN would not post such a blatant piece of MSM propaganda; however, the WashPo article below ought to be studied in order to understand just how far the mainstream media (MSM) is willing to carry water for the Obama Administration.  Put simply, the MSM has demonstrated repeatedly that it will cover up any crime and collude beforehand with government agents, no matter what the crime.  The false flag terror attacks of 9/11 conducted by the U.S. Government are another perfect example of their joint perfidy.

The following video records the last minutes of LaVoy Finicum’s life.  It clearly documents the truth of what led up to his murder, and the many falsehoods that the FBI have strung together to justify it.  At no time did LaVoy pose a threat to law enforcement during this entire government setup to assassinate an all-American hero.

VIDEO: The Last Few Seconds Of LaVoy Finicum In His Vehicle Before He Was Shot

State of the Nation
March 9, 2016


LaVoy Finicum: Shot 9 times by the FBI during staged assassination

LaVoy Finicum: ‘Shot down like a dog with his hands in the air … after he fell, they pumped up to 6 more rounds into him”

An Open Letter To The Three FBI Agents That Killed LaVoy Finicum In Oregon

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