Carl Swensson: criminal complaint filed March 1 2016: Wood County Sheriff, Ken D. Merritt


On Mar 4, 2016, at 7:21 AM, carl <> wrote:

To all receiving this,

Correction to the criminal complaint sent Yesterday, March 3rd.

Let the record show Tues. was March 1

Thank you,

carl alfred: Swensson


From: carl []

Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2016 9:06 PM‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘

Subject: Criminal complaint

March 3, 2016

Wood County Sheriff, Ken D. Merritt

Parkersburg police Chief. Joseph E. Martin

West Virginia State Police Headquarters


On Tuesday, March 2, 2016 I was one of a group of approximately 12 people who witnessed a criminal violation of the Oath of Office by the Wood County, West Virginia Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey B. Reed (if he indeed has one on file. If not, he is falsely sitting in a seat he was duly elected to occupy), when he openly and on the record refused to hear or rule on any Constitutional Law violations by that court and its enforcers in its case against Thomas David: House of Deegan.

Mr. Reed clearly stated that the only law he and his court will deal with is Statutory law. This is in flagrant violation of his required by West Virginia “Oath of Office”. In attendance and also witnessing this event were members of various law enforcement agencies who failed to recognize the crime that was being perpetrated in their presence. By their silence they have become accessories to this criminal act and must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of their law.

The entire proceedings were captured on film by the local television station WTAP with its reporter Todd Boucher controlling the camera.

Affidavits are in the process of being notarized and gathered by attendee Phil Hudok and this letter is to be considered as a criminal complaint. Copies are being sent to the Wood County Sheriff, Chief of Police for the City of Parkersburg. West Virginia Bureau of Criminal Investigation/ FBI and the West Virginia State Police Chief.

An investigation into the practices of Judges and Magistrates throughout West Virginia must begin immediately to remove and prosecute any court officials who similarly deny the State and U.S. Constitutional rights of the people of West Virginia. Those failing to take action can only be viewed as accessories to the ongoing criminal activities of the Wood County Circuit Court. The crime of kidnapping and involuntary servitude must be immediately remedied by releasing Thomas David: House of Deegan who has not now, nor ever harmed anyone. The pursuance of revocation of bond based on his leaving (by force of police action) his house while on house arrest for an unrelated and minor crime is further testimony to the ludicrous and downright criminal behavior of all those involved with the Wood County, West Virginia Circuit and Magistrate courts involved, along with those in law enforcement enabling these crimes to continue uninterrupted.

Take whatever steps you as officers and employees of the various West Virginia corporate agencies must and release this man immediately. Your Rules, Codes and Statutes are being made a mockery of by the Wood County Judiciary and its law enforcement employees. All receiving this are ordered to take immediate action since all of you receiving this have also taken your loyalty Oath of Office, at least you are supposed to have. Silence is not an option.

Your written response to this criminal complaint is hereby demanded.

In addition, the ongoing libelous slandering of Mr. Deegan by the local TV station WTAP must be made to cease and desist. Todd Baucher and other WTAP reporters continually taint future jurors by calling him a “self described” and/or “self admitted Sovereign Citizen”. At no time has Thomas ever used those words to define himself or anyone he communicated with. The term itself is an oxymoron served up by the SPLC and used frequently by the FBI and its supporters in the Media.

I cannot speak for Thomas but I’m certain when the smoke has settled in this case, lawsuits and criminal complaints will be pouring forth. All research indicates that each and every one of you are little more than corporate employees and were it not for the requirement that each of you sign that Loyalty Oath, no man or woman would have any recourse but you do and we have. So, at the very least, do what you were either hired, elected or appointed to do and protect the vulnerable citizens from these continued RICO style violations of the Supreme Law of the land.

carl alfred: Swensson

[43] Thurman Rd

Stocbridge, Georgia [30281]


carl alfred

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