Without Honor…A Man is not a Man!

Americans…for your consideration.

Have we not been deceived enough?  Even in the final passing of Newsweek the truth has been given a final twist.

Permit me to attempt to be as delicate as possible on this matter…

“It matters not what laws or agreements are in place unless those responsible to act on behalf of the people  act honorably to respect them.”  

By Matt Patterson
(Newsweek Columnist — Opinion Writer)
In short: our president is a small-minded man, with neither the temperament nor the intellect to handle his job.  When you understand that, and only when you understand that, will the current erosion of liberty and prosperity make sense.  It could not have gone otherwise with such an impostor in the Oval Office.

Permit me to edit his version…

In short: a foreign intruder, with no lawful credentials was permitted by Congress, the representatives of the people, sworn to support and defend the Constitution, did neither and instead committed treason against the American people.   The egregious failure of the Congress to uphold their obligations and responsibilities has earned them all the death sentence.  Anything less is a compromise no American has the authority to change.

The multiple opportunities to correct any possible error of their behavior to prevent the unlawful seizure  of the mechanism of control by which all Americans, of a peaceful, just society depend, is testament to their deliberate intent to act in treason.  Continuing to act in treason against the very people by whom they were entrusted, leaves no doubt as to their culpability.

But by no means, is the Congress alone in their treason.  Every public servant, who failed to act in accordance with their oaths of office also are acting in treason and have acted in treason.  

They too, have the blood of patriots on their hands.  And until the American people take the necessary action to correct this situation, no amount of elections, new candidates or rewriting of existing laws or even the creation of the perception of new laws will make any difference.

A man with no honor is not a man!

“You only think you know!”
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About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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