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all that really has to happen is for only one (the more the better) man, or woman (not a ‘u.s. citizen’) to give notice to EVERY man, or woman, acting in the capacity of a public servant, and is accepting a paycheck from the People for whom they serve, and simple tell them that if they do ANYTHING that interferes with, or trespass on the rights, or property, of the People, that they will be held personally liable for a trespass, and that they will be summoned to a court of record and will be required to answer to a claim (not a complaint) is trespass; the trick that people do not seem to comprehend is that you must go after these public servants in the personal capacity as a man, or woman; you do not go after them in their capacity acting as a senator; or governor, or mayor, or councilman, or congressman; these are all titles (actors, costumes); all these titles have immunity; this is why you don’t go after and sue their titles; you go after the man, or woman, who is acting in the capacity as the title; basically what you are doing is stripping the man, or woman, out from underneath their costumes and holding them personally responsible in their capacity as a man, and woman for any harm to their fellow man, or injury to their property (this is called a ‘trespass’);

… THIS IS THE TRICK that they don’t want you to know about;   the legal society (through the u.s. department of education) took control of the curriculum in the public schools, away from the States, and purposely stopped teaching ‘civics’ in school: the most important course in school that teaches the children: the difference between their ‘unalienable rights’ vs. ‘civil rights’; legal vs. lawful; the difference between a ‘claim’ vs. a ‘complaint;’ the difference between common law vs. civil codes; difference between state Citizens vs. U.S. citizens; the People’s true power as the creators, and masters of their government; teaches the People in regards to the duties and obligations of their public servants; the relationship between the People and their public servants; and what these public servants can, and cannot do while working for the People;   there IS a process recently created that would not only INSTANTLY correct the issues of these public servants doing something that cause harm to man, or woman (collectively, the People), or injury to their property, and that can even go back and have ANY previous ‘code’ or ‘statute’ that interferes with, or trespass on the rights of the People, appealed; this is the ONLY true way to instantly stop all corruption and fraud currently happening within the government; this is something I would like to get into dialog with, and on a mass scale, with People who really wish to fix this nation; this info, and process needs to be discussed and implemented in every state in order to affect real change in this country; how to correct this problem is very simple; there is no other way, and time is quickly running out; once time runs out, it will be too late; it’s a race against time against tptb; and the time we are in now is the final stretch; while tptb have most of the People purposely distracted, they’re coming around third base and headed to home plate to score; if that happens, it will be too late, and life itself will forever change into pure ‘legal’ serfdom; after that happens, only g0d can save the People; g0d help us all; g0dspeed- KnowUrRights

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Eric Rhodes: Social Security, it’s now a “BENEFIT?”

I DON’T THINK SO!!! Time to form a citizen’s oversight committee and summon your members of Congress back from Washington, DC, to Explain to the people. The Social Security a Gift from the Queen. The Social Security a UK Treaty? … Continue reading

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The Impostors Rigging the Game—The Hoax of Federal Jurisdiction

https://supremecourtcase.wordpress.com/ supremecourtcase The lesson they do not teach in law schools or high school civics classes: the Hoax of Federal Jurisdiction the-lesson-they-do-not-teach-in-law-schools-or-high-school-civics-classes-the-hoax-of-federal-jurisdiction For complete details: https://supremecourtcase.wordpress.com/  

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