Microsoft has your medical records? – And the NSA and obama?

scannedretina resource:

Microsoft Privacy Statement

On Nov 4, 2015, at 7:28 PM, ARNIE ROSNER <> wrote:

Hello Alayias,

Thank you for your followup. Yes I now have access.

I do have a concern and a few questions…

(I attempted to address my concerns with Paul Surdez, Vice President, Investor Relations, Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, but he never had the courtesy to respond.

I can understand that perfectly. I am sure all investors would also express the same concerns had they recognized that LabCorp would seem to have exposed all Americans medical records in their custody, to a real security breach).

If I have access and the access is through Microsoft’s vault…who else has access?

After all..

Wasn’t it Microsoft, who violated the privacy and public trust of all Americans by providing unlawful access to all computers using Microsoft’s operating software to private corporations like the NSA, who are impersonating an agency of the lawful government?

Download PDF file:

NSA Built Back Door In All Windows Software by 1999

In researching the stunning pervasiveness of spying by the government (it’s much more wide spread than you’ve heard even now), we ran across the fact that the FBI wants software programmers to install a backdoor in all software.

And while we are at it…by what authority is all of what appears to be the entire medical records of all Americans being entrusted to the care of Microsoft in the first place? Doesn’t this involve every doctor and medical practice in America regardless of with which labs they may be affiliated?

There is a reference to HIPAA. Surely LabCorp is not using this “ACT,” CREATED BY IMPOSTORS, IMPERSONATING THE LAWFUL GOVERNMENT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE to justify imposing these potential criminal abuses upon the clients and patients of all the medical resources across America? Is LabCorp an accessory to fraud on the people? And what of the complicity of the share holders as well?

US Corp (of which obama is CEO) Is In Worse Fiscal Condition Than Greece. Continental Americans not necessarily involved!

The same applies to state governments who are also impostors, impersonating the lawful public servants of the people by whom they were elected, appointed or hired to serve the needs of the people, in good faith.

Exposing the Federal Franchise Corporation

Something is Wrong! I just can’t put my finger on it!

Who would be so foolish to accept mandates of fraudulent legislation to violate the privacy of all Americans? When one considers there are no lawful corporations in America as a result of this fraud on the people, then there is no corporate immunity.

Now I am no expert in the law, but even to me as just a plain American…a reasonable person, as a result, of accepting this fraud, this would make all corporate officers, employees and their respective spouses liable for both, criminal and civil actions, which could be initiated by anyone injured as a result of corporate impersonation.

Reference:   LabCorp


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