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Hello Gary,

Thanks for the question. As you may recall I am no expert in anything. Especially the version of law de facto is purporting to be legitimate. In fact, to prove my point…

Black’s law dictionary – Surely you know better!

It is my contention we have no federal government. We have impostors pretending to be our federal government. It does not appear that any representatives are functioning with the delegated authority of the governed.

Revoke the Bonds of Nebraska Public Officers

The Thomas Deegan Affair – Thomas Deegan One in a million

Oh Sheriff….Wood County, West Virginia: Ken D. Merritt – Sheriff

West Virginia: A Private Company? Impersonating a lawful State?

Notice: West Virginia State Police – Official Notice: It is we the people who create and can abolish government at our will.

However, the decision to act as an impersonator versus a legitimate public servants depends on how the individual empowered by the people actually behaves. And we can only understand their true intent by the fruit of their actions. They can actually be acting in the people’s interest in one instance and working in the interests of those who bribe them in an another.

As in the case of any person who resorts to living a less than honorable life, in those times when they act as a criminal, they are chargeable with crimes. An important point also is that the crimes of which we are speaking are not matters of politics…they are out and out crimes against the people. For instance…

ORANGE COUNTY, CA: Both the sheriff’s office and the DA’s office worked together to cover up the misconduct:

Here is a case where both the sheriff and the DA were complicit in committing crimes recognized by a judge. So why are they both still in office?

Another case…

How can there be any doubt as to the crimes involved in this instance? You can see them for yourself.

How about Benghazi…? A conversation with a state district representative’s fieldman.

How about a conversation with Issa’s staff regarding a report published by Issa’s department reflecting White House violations of using its influence on the media under the color of law.

Download the PDF:
20100816 Oversight Committee obama administration propaganda report

To answer your question more directly, the people need to act, in sufficient representative numbers to accomplish any meaningful result. There does not appear to be any specific number, just as long as the people are assertive and demand answers to the hard questions without leaving the politicians off the hook.

But first people must realize that it appears that all public servants have been turned over to the UN and so none of them are legitimate public servants. And as long as they continue to misrepresent themselves as public servants, they are acting as impostors. They are guilty of criminal misrepresentation.

Exposed: As of December 1945; ALL Public Servants give up Immunity and Citizenship!

That being the case, the cause for justice was made easier and the path to resolution seems apparent. But nothing will happen until the people unify and begin to assert their lawful authority against the impostors who are impersonating our lawful public officers.

Criminal impersonation by itself is a serious crime. Violation of their oath of office amounts to perjure, insurrection and rebellion against the supreme laws of the land. All serious breach’s of their employment contracts.

But the second half of the equation for justice is explained here:

The DOTS! Connected!!!

Anna von Reitz: the District of Columbia Municipal Government has been in control of America since 1864. The UN Agency, the IMF, have been in control of the District of Columbia Municipal Government since 1944


NLA has yet to learn about the court system it is heir to and the true function and power of the Common Law Grand Jury and the Article VII Courts.

It’s right there in front of them in Article VII of the Constitution. We owe ourselves a whole Common Law Court System to back up the Common Law Grand Juries–which the “federal” government is not authorized to provide.


The Common Law Grand Jury is enabled to hand down presentments against living people and unincorporated businesses, and indictments against corporations and other “federal citizens” for a reason.

That reason is that the Common Law Grand Jury is designed to sit like a lynch pin between the Continental Common Law Citizens and their Court System on one side and the Federal Court System which is only administrative (to deal with the in-house business of the United States, Inc.) and international in nature–admiralty and maritime venues only.

It is plain as the nose on your face from reading the Constitution that we are owed Common Law Courts. It is also clear we are supposed to have Common Law Grand Juries. It is also clear to any lawyer that the present court system from county to state to US DISTRICT is all functioning either as administrative courts or in Admiralty/Maritime.

So without the legitimate courts of the people in operation, the de facto courts are impersonating the system of resolution by fraud. So they do not lawfully exist.

As I see it, the key to everything is the people recognizing who and what they are…the sovereigns. Kings and queens with no subjects.


This is why de facto has created the false notion regarding the sovereign citizen movement. It is utter rubbish invented by de facto…the impostors.

The Sovereign Citizen Scam – Your government propagandist in action!


“You only think you know!”
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Gary Plunkett commented on Victory! Victory!!! Victory!!!! What the Cabal is desparately hiding! Dare you even view this post?

We all know that our pretender government never does anything strictly for the benefit of the people. There is always a …


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