Eliot Bernstein: Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) technology that has the potential to provide inexpensive, limitless energy 24/7 – a working prototype tested at the prestigious Stanford Research Institute (SRI)

On Nov 11, 2015, at 5:33 AM, Eliot Bernstein <iviewit5@gmail.com> wrote:

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Conservative base wrote:

Brillouin Energy’s Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Technology is Game Changer for U.S. National Security

Last week, the public became aware of a major breakthrough in Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) technology that has the potential to provide inexpensive, limitless energy 24/7. The fuel (hydrogen) is essentially inexhaustible and can provide thermal or electrical energy for the general public. There is no pollution and, unlike traditional nuclear energy, there are no radioactive waste or weapons proliferation concerns.

Originally called “cold fusion,” this type of energy was much in the news in the 1980s, but failed to live up to its promise. However, last week in the US Capitol, it was announced that over the past 25 years, scientists have developed various enabling technologies such as Controlled Electron Capture Reaction (CECR) Q-Pulse technology that now makes LENR a reality.

What the public has now learned is that California-based Brillouin Energy Corporation has actually developed a working prototype that has been successfully tested at the prestigious Stanford Research Institute (SRI). In fact, Dr. Michael McKubre, Director of SRI’s Energy Research Center, was on hand at the U.S. Capitol announcement with a report on his test results. As he stated, “it is very clear that something on the order of four times and potentially more gain in power (and therefore ultimately energy) was achieved at an impressive and industrially significant operating temperature of around 640oC. To my knowledge, this has not been achieved before in the LENR field.” Interestingly, Dr. Banning Garrett, former Strategic Foresight Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council, was also on hand with an impressive report detailing the current status of the LENR field and credibility of Brillouin’s claims.


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