Arnie Rosner: How damned stupid can we be?

‘White Privilege’ Now Means the Privilege to be Fired for Being White

Written by Paul Joseph Watson

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November 10, 2015 at 3:59 am | URL:

More proof that progressives don’t believe in equality

So maybe Tim Wolf gets paid off to take a dive?  One more impostor?

We’ve Been Hoaxed Again, Folks

Real Americans know hate speech from BULLSHIT.

However, these ignorant stupid people who attend at least 4 years of compromised education, designed to indoctrinate weak minded, people at the bottom end of the bell shaped curve, to believe they are educated. But not only educated but competent as well. What a joke…most are not competent to do anything but further add injury to insult by subsisting off the welfare system.

WOW! What an affront to these dumb bastards…and like the rest of us stupid Americans they (the impostors) who we have permitted to infiltrate and usurp the agencies we are led to believe are our government, who are actually working to suppress the liberty of the people they purportedly service…

Through intimidation, coercion and a total lack of honor, the criminal impersonators continue to treat the real citizens of America as if they should be guilty of being an American.

Why the hell are people so damned stupid not to know and understand who and what they are? Why do we permit the people we give the job to perform our work to dictate to us anything? We really can’t be that stupid?

Well must be…here is the proof.

‘White Privilege’ Now Means the Privilege to be Fired for Being White

Meanwhile, these criminal impostors have been bilking “we the people,” out of dollars to pay for this substandard education to ultimately destroy the ability of people who actually seem to only have half a brain. People who are more interested in getting laid, and now we can expect that right in school under the direct supervision of some pervert for a teacher, to make sure they derive the most pleasure and enjoyment at the expense of the community; drink a few beers and willingly subject themselves to indoctrination of violence, race baiting and sexual perversion.

Those of you who have the courage to tell it as it is…is this not the case?

We have the impostors to thank for all of this. The impostors that are functioning at all levels of this country and the rest of the planet.


Yes..I admit to being the biggest fool…

The Thomas Deegan Affair – Thomas Deegan One in a million

Sticks and Stones may break my bones…but Pots and Pans Beat the Impostors!

You know people…those of us who can be deadly honest…we really are that dumb!  We out number them maybe a thousand to one.  But we are so intimidated with fear we are paralyzed into accepting this organized criminal abuse.

Don’t you really owe it to your kids?  Don’t you owe them the same chance you had?  Are you really that self-centered, selfish and corrupt yourself?


You only think you know!

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On Nov 11, 2015, at 5:25 PM, America Conservative 2 Conservative <> wrote:

COLLEGE CRYBABIES AND MUSLIM WHINERS AGREE: The U.S. Constitution is ‘hate speech’ and should be banned

Written and Reposted from BareNakedIslam

November 10, 2015 at 6:43 pm URL:


North Carolina State College agrees to ban the U.S. Constitution from student dorms because it is upsetting to one student. Maybe we should let these America-hating far leftist idiots live under sharia law for awhile. Or forever.

Project Veritas does another great undercover sting of universities. You’ll be happy to hear that some of the universities refused to cave to this nonsense, though I don’t know why none of them threw the Project Veritas staffer posing as a student out of their offices. As part of its campus investigation series, PV’s James O-Keefe exposes how administrators have lost their ability to be reasonable and intelligent because they are bending over backwards to be politically correct.


Laura J Alcorn


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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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1 Response to Arnie Rosner: How damned stupid can we be?

  1. Teri Hinkle says:

    We need to counter their latest SMEAR CAMPAIGN of lies to the public against the first and ONLY governmental agency in history to actually do the job it is tasked to do, do it fast, do it well and hold the criminal banks, predatory lenders and extortionist collectors accountable. DEFEND THE CFPB everywhere you can!!! They are kickin butt, takin names and making them refund MILLIONS to we the people!!!! WE THE PEOPLE are the only way they can continue to be the BIG BOMB ON THE BLOCK!!! When you are violated big or small by any of those entities go to the CFPB and submit a complaint, it only takes a minute of your time. If that’s all you can do, its enough.

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