Netty Wisbaum: Dear Clueless RNC: One Word Can Solve Your Debate Debacle

On Nov 1, 2015, at 5:12 PM, Netty <> wrote:

Dear Clueless RNC: One Word Can Solve Your Debate Debacle – Streaming…’Dear RNC:

If you are actually interested in winning the presidency; if you are actually serious about not allowing Democrats-disguised-as-reporters to try and disqualify our candidates in front of the entire country, let me give you a solution in a single word: Streaming. Judging by the turnout results of the last two election cycles, the RNC doesn’t appear to be all that high-tech, so let me explain what Streaming is: It is a glorious license to f*ck the corrupt DC media. Newsflash: Welcome to 2015, the year in which you no longer need the DC Media’s platforms or their left-wing hit men in order to put on a presidential debate. Rent a studio, invite moderators who are interested in the issues that matter to Republican primary voters, hire a decent director and production team, sell ads to cover the costs and boost your coffers, and stream it over the Internet…For the sake of your country, your candidates, and your voters it is time that the RNC man’s up and does the right thing. And never forget that the only thing stopping this from happening is the RNC. P.S. Millennials respect anyone who pushes the technological envelope. Imagine if that was the GOP for once’

Media Bias on Steroids! Bill Still on the CNBC ‘Debate’

GOP Media Takedown: A Recipe for Victory

Sheriff David Clarke: “Obama Suffers from Classic Narcissistic Personality Disorder”

The Continuing Saga of Smart Meters

Untangling America from the American Empire

Roger Stone Endorses Trump…’will wreck the Hillary and Jeb crime families’

CNBC Agenda Was To Undermine GOP Candidates… ‘Ya Think?

Bill Maher Rips PC-Left As ‘Humorless Jackoffs’ Over Halloween Costume Outrage…’Calls out ‘lazy liberalism’ that see whining as an accomplishment’

Cruz Brings Attack On Debate Moderators To Campaign Trail…’Here’s a word that the moderators never mentioned: ObamaCare, he said. How do you have a debate on the economy and never mention ObamaCare? But you know what we had plenty of time to talk about fantasy football, he scoffed, referring to a question towards the end of Wednesday’s debate’

CNBC says RNC officials went to them DURING debate & asked them 2 give Jeb MORE TIME! DUMP Preibus!

EXCLUSIVE–Sheriff David Clarke: Obama Is On A ‘Gun Confiscation Mission’

Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations and the FairTax by Rep. Dave Brat (VA-7)

Lawfare: The Crucifixion of Geert Wilders Global Nightmare Prevails!

Trump lays out plan to reform Veterans Affairs

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