Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2015 10:31:07 +0000
Subject: 33 Bankruptcy was fraud in the inducement – a staged event


Proof the 1933 Bankruptcy was a staged event as the international bankers met at Basel. This from the Congressional Record – House: December 13, 1932.

…whereas such agreements entailed the surrender of rights of the United States and whereas the said agreement so made have never been disclosed or submitted to the Congress of the United States for ratification and have never become law in the United States: and whereas a second conference, composed of a committee appointed by direction of the aforesaid London Conference under stipulation it should consist of representatives nominated by the governors of the central bank interested and that it was to take place at Basel under the Bank of International Settlements; and whereas Albert H. Wiggin appeared at the said conference at Basel as the representative of the United States on the nomination of Gerorge L Harrison, of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York an individual who had no power to make the said nomination and whereas control of all the banking system of the United States including the fiscal agents of the United States Government with their control of United States Treasury funds was given to this London Conference committee , consisting of Albert H. Wiggin, Alberto Beneduce, Dr. R. G. Bindschedler, E. Fringul, P. Hofste de de Groot, Walter T. Layton, C. Melchoir, E. Moreau, O Rybeck, T. Tanka, upon which the so-called United States representative was out numbered nine to one by the control of all banking system and all the wealth of the United States and control of the Untied States Treasury was thus given to foreign powers; and whereas actions taken by the said committee made it impossible for the banks of the United States to withdraw the funds of their depositors and other funds from Germany and obligated the banks of the United States continually to maintain the volume of their funds in Germany and made it impossible for the Treasury of the United States to withdraw moneys unlawfully taken from it and placed in Germany; and whereas such actions in regard to the banks and banking system of the United States were unlawful and where unnecessary for any benefit to Germany, whose economic and budgetary situation according to the report of the London conference did not justify a lack of confidence; and whereas the said actions were taken as measures of deflation against the American people to impound United States funds in Germany under foreign control, to paralize United States Banks, to injure the United States Treasury, and to keep the United States in a condition of depression until misery and fear and starvation would drive the people of the United States into submission and compel them to cancel the war debt owed to them; and whereas the said Wiggin had no lawful power to represent the banking system of the United States at the said conference at Basel; and whereas the nomination of the said Wiggin by an individual at the direction of the ministers of Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Japan and the United States was unlawful; and whereas the agreements made and the action taken by the London Conference committee at Basel have never been submitted tot he Congress of the United States; and whereas billions of dollars in bank deposits have been lost by American citizens on account of the said agreements, and many United States banks have failed by reason of them and the Reconstruction Finance Corporation has made loans of public money to banks and institutions injured by them and the public debt of the Untied States and the deficit in the United States Treasury have been increased by the actions of the London Conference committee at Basel; and whereas the said actions were taken on the initiative and by the direction of the said Hoover; and whereas the still-holding agreements entered into at Basel by the said Wiggin was unlawful and was prepared concurrently with the terms of the Hoover moratorium proposal by the said Hoover and others and was presented to the London conference by Henry L. Stimson as a joint product of British and American participation and was a part of a conspiracy designed* to force the United States into submission to foreign nations and international bankers and thus to obtain cancellation of the war debts; and whereas in violation of the Constitution and laws of the United States, Herbert Hoover, President of the United States, initiated the London Conference and the Prearranged events which flowed from it; and whereas the London Conference was deceitfully initiated by the said Hoover for the purpose of securing cancellation of the war debts as shown by facts and circumstances; and whereas the Herold Tribune published a report at the close of the London Conference, a part of which reads as follows:
“If, as these British leaders expect, the committee recommends a considerable extension of credits to Germany ; if it indicates, further, that permanent amelioration of that situation depends upon reconsideration of the war debts and reparations problem, and if the interested powers take action along these lines the British admit that something indeed will have been accomplished-”

The record continues to include the impeachment of President Hoover for violations to the Constitution and laws of the United States, conducting conversations ignominious to the United States, attempting to negotiate treaties and agreements ignominious to the United States for the benefit of foreign nations and individuals, which violations make him guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors subject to impeachment;… it continues…

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