ARNIE ROSNER: Permit me to urge all to keep this simple—There is no legitimate government of the people of the Continental United States of America.

On Oct 17, 2015, at 7:31 AM, ARNIE ROSNER <> wrote:

Permit me to urge all to keep this simple.

There is no legitimate government of the people of the Continental United States of America.

What most people have been identifying as their representatives of “government,” is really comprised of impostors. Impostors, impersonating the lawful government agencies, agents and officers—of the people’s lawful government.

Since about the early 1860’s most if not all legislative activity has been conducted in fraud and is therefore null and void.

Everything since about the 1860’s is null and void. It does not lawfully exist.

The American people have not had any lawful government operating on the lawful delegated authority of the governed since that time.

The whole concept of the corporate franchise structure based in Washington, D.C., does not hold any legitimate power over the rest of the people of the Continental United States of America.

The state franchises, the county franchises and the municipal franchises, under the direction of the Washington, DC franchise, have unlawfully infiltrated and ultimately usurped the lawful infrastructure of the people. This has been accomplished through semantics deceit and deliberate deception.

The fact that the deliberate deception committed by the national franchise, of which obama is the CEO and Congress, the board of directors, are deliberately misrepresenting themselves as the lawful government of the American people is an act of fraud. That makes everything implemented under this false authority null and void with respect to the American nationals. That also classifies all participants in this fraud as common criminals.

All of the current “impostor governments” are operating as corporations. An example or two:

And the CAFR’s makes further discussion moot:

However, with no lawful authority (no delegated authority) to operate any government authority of the people, at any level, within the Continental United States of America, there has not been and there is no current lawful authority by which to lawfully issue legitimate corporate charters.

That being the case, there are NO legitimate corporations currently or since the 1860’s operating lawfully. With no legitimate corporate charters, there are no corporations and there is no corporate immunity for the officers, employees and their respective spouses, of these impostor corporations. That means all parties acting as part of these false, fictional entities, are directly culpable—financially and criminally—for any harm done to victims of their criminal activities.

Remember…fraud is a crime…not a matter of politics.

Since the perpetrators of these crimes of fraud are all common criminals, a simple arrest for criminal fraud is all that is required. There is absolutely no need to waste precious time playing in the de facto sandbox, with fictitious agencies, courts and the impersonators, pretending to act in the lawful capacity of the legitimate public servants…they are impersonating. They are NOT legitimately recognized!  These impostors are only impersonating our lawful government.

Mr. Pattison—As you pointed out…since the American people have no legitimate government. There can not be any legitimate claims of sedition, rebellion or revolution—as such claims can not be made by impostor corporations and fictitious officers. They are all fictional entities.

So one simple solution is to ignore the impostors and proceed to install a proper government of the people, should the people decide they even wish to create a lawful government.

A suggestion from Judge Anna in Alaska:

the people must establish the court system for the Continental United States of America.

Permit me to welcome any comments or corrections to anything as expressed above. I am not learned in the law and have absolutely no qualifications to express these views other than by my own recognition as a sovereign American.


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