20SEP16-Yes..I admit to being the biggest fool…

Look…Now that I am sharing this with you…you can avoid falling into the same trap.  You can escape the illusion by which you have been imprisoned from birth.

Over-1274000-plus-posts which have been viewed

This is my confession.  I must wear this humiliation on my own.  Like I have maintained all along, I am old, dumb and incompetent.  So the following is the proof.  However, this is my failure…

Your outcome can be what ever you decide!

Some observations you may find helpful.  Keep in mind these are just my observations and experience.  Yours may and most likely will be different.  But-

Make no mistake…We are all being tricked.


Nothing of what we are confronted with today is real!

Nothing else really needs to be said and knowing and understanding this fact sets everyone free…totally!

But sadly…too few really understand.  So for those still confused…for those who do not see the simplicity of the snare by which we have been trapped…please read on in the hopes that more will become clear.

America has been taken captive by an internal enemy, under the control of foreign controlled entities, posing as our lawful elected representatives.  The truth is they are impersonating their roles.   They are impostors.

As impostors, they are criminals.  They are guilty of criminal impersonation.

“They do what they do because they can…not because they have the authority.”

Make no mistake my dear fellow Americans, these issues are criminal and not political.

Permit me to make the true reality brief…

  1. The people are the only lawful authority
  2. We create government to perform our work
  3. Government agencies and employees are in the service to the people.

Now also permit me to describe the reality under which many are laboring but are fearful to pursue for many self-imposed reasons.  None of which,  in my mind justify their reluctance, to proceed just for the sake of doing the right thing.

  1. They are pretending to be working for those by whom they were elected.
  2. Many people seem to have lost the ability to distinguish between right and wrong.  They may recognize the differences but do not feel it important enough on which to take a stand regardless of the consequences.
  3. Below you will see the evidence to begin to unravel the fraud which has been perpetrated against the people.
  4. The impersonators are acting as criminals
  5. Not all may understand their criminal participation…too bad…they are still responsible for the crimes they commit.
  6. The foreign controlled corporation in Washington, DC is the owner of the national franchise known as the United States of America, Inc.  It has been bankrupt for some time.  And this is not the first time such a scam has been orchestrated on the people.
  7. There currently is no lawful enforcement of any laws regardless of whether they are lawful or legal.
  8. Bottom line…Each of us as Americans are responsible to clean up this mess.
  9. We must begin in the local community.
  10. We must deal with the impostors at the local levels and work our way up until the entire state is back in the hands of the only lawful authority…the people.
  11. This all starts with local elections in your local communities.
  12. As the people we need no one’s approval…we are the people.

Following are more details for those who wish to look deeper.

Here is an example of how we the people are defrauded and never realize what has happened to us.

By What Lawful Authority? – Candidate Eligible…? – To Even Take Donations?

If you are into this business to resolve our dilemma so we can responsibly turn over the reins of the country to the next generation, then I urge to to strongly consider the points above.  There is no one except us to do this.

Phantom of the Corporation. | Scanned Retina – A Resource for the People!

The following has been uncovered in two counties in Georgia.  Does it make sense we can probably find a similar model in each and every county across America?  we are being deceived by those who sit right in front of us and pretend to be the servants of the people.

Only you the people of each community can end these massive abuses.  As the only lawful authority it is you, the citizens of your own community, that is responsible to rein in your employs.   And so is it time to begin to make the arrests required….?  Only you can make that call.

The Evidence is Irrefutable – Time to Arrest?


Voila_Capture 2015-09-24_06-23-41_AM

In the larger view, you may have been affected differently…But in my case, I have spent the last 6 years following what I believed was a legitimate mystery.  But instead of a mystery, it was all fake. All fraud.

Like the Phantom of the Opera, the Phantom of the Corporation is of little difference.  From Judge Anna herself…in her own words, in her own sworn affidavit…Her own admission…all was based on fraud from the beginning.  Therefore, since fraud negates all…None of it was ever real.  From the beginning.

Voila_Capture 2015-09-23_01-59-00_PM

So…do you accept this?
The Trust – a truthful account of history?

or do you see more behind it?
The Trust – the other story

There are close to 6 thousand items posted on the Scannedretina.  Over 1,100,000 viewers have read some of these items.

Most of these posts provide accurate details to many aspects of the fraud.  But the biggest and most obvious fraud had been overlooked due to the enormity of the bigger fraud.

So in the final analysis, I must take full responsibility for my failure to recognize the greater truth.  And by far I am the biggest fool…for I should have known better but was also taken in.

There are many clever operators working directly along side of us.  They offer good information.  They seem to be on the right side of this conflict so one tends to trust them.  But now, the rules of engagement have become a bit more clear.

And we must be able to change tactics and adapt. We must learn to take the good things offered and use them to our advantage.  But we must be capable of discerning the bad from the good.  We must recognize the double-speak and recognize the agenda being played as opposed to what we are expecting.

The enemy that you pay to remain in the shadows

But the thing that really makes dealing with all of the crimes, corruption and the deception, easy is for all of us to realize it has all been a big show.  None of it is any more real than a gigantic, outdoor, global theatrical production.  A live acting show which has been in actual production by a continuous stream of global actors for over 200 years.  But as difficult as that might seem to accept…the fact is that none of it is or ever was real is the point on which we must dwell.

545 – the impostors responsible.

As the people, we are the only lawful authority.  We carry with us our own sovereignty endowed upon each of us by our Creator.  Free choice is a key in our natural rights.

This gives us the unique ability to accept or reject what ever we chose.  What ever we accept becomes part of our individual and unique truth.  No one can lawfully force you to accept anything which is against your sense of free choice.

Are you gaining the sense of perspective here?  Can one person own another?

Of course not.  But kings and queens have beguiled people into believing such things.  And they are not the only ones who have abused the trusting nature of the people.  Political and religious leaders have also sought the same power over others.  But usually for personal gain.  But what really stands out in such a significant way is that we are all created with equal natural and political status.

Many of us have made the giant leap and connected the facts that there are none of these imposed laws or processes lawfully in place.  Things like jurisdictions are devices used to control those who are not thinking clearly,  Imposing laws which are not laws…The banking scam, the obamacare scam, the Congressional scam.  The obama birth certificate scam.  The murder and destruction of the people and their communities from across the globe, in the name of the American people and supposedly all paid for with money that also does not exist.  Even the system of justice that has been imposed is not real.  Yet every day people by the thousands are being affected.


And then there is the most blatant abuse of all…

Legal System – NULL AND VOID! – Rules NOT Laws –

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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