08OCT16-Lemon Creek Advisors – I STILL do not consent


I still do not consent!

arnie rosner.

Mr. Patterson,

Your unsigned letter was received yesterday…Coincidentally I called and requested a K1 which it appears I never received.  Dana assured me to expect the K1 in my email by end of day, Friday, October 7, 2016.  Like many things connected to your efforts, it too never materialized.  Am I surprised?

Permit me to reiterate…


I shall add this further insult in the form of one more unsigned letter in which you pose as the legitimate fiduciary of the investment in which you claim you hold controlling interest as the general partner.

You seem to have a short memory.  As I told you in our last conversation, I do not trust you or your company.  The reasons for which I have documented in the link below.

Lemon Creek Advisors – I do not consent

Based on our last conversation, I advised you my doubts, as expressed could be resolved with proper verification of your claims of control and authority.  As I told you, as the fiduciary, the matter was totally in your hands if you wished me to accept the validity your claims.

None was forth coming.

Now you are back with your hands outstretched…and it is easy to understand your predicament, looking at a very recent credit assessment.

Voila_Capture 2016-10-08_01-11-30_AM.jpg

Permit me to be very clear Mr. Patterson, you wanted to be in control of the investment as the general partner, well based on your claims, it appears you have it.

I found it intriguing that one of the first things you did one of the continuation of “bad,” decisions”…my opinion mind you, was to eliminate the need to audit the investment.  You claimed by doing so  saved the partners  expense.

And now with no audits, nothing but your word, and add in your wild eyed assumptions that you have the authority to commit your limited partners to a usury rate interest rate is beyond any reasonable and legitimate logic.

So putting all of these facts together, I am confident any reasonable person would also object to being treated in such a ridiculous manner.

In short…don’t expect me to bail you out for your “bad decisions!”  As a attorney, you of all people know full well the implications of your actions.


Arnie Rosner
8905 Rhine River Avenue
Fountain Valley, CA 92708-5607

September 10, 2015


Regarding: the matter of Rock Hill Associates (NY), Ltd
Lemon Creek Advisors – I do not consent
Full Details provided at the link above.

To Whom it May Concern,

This is to advise you that I do not consent!

You were advised of my position in a phone conversation with Mr. Chip Patterson.  I expressed my concern over the legitimacy of the manner in which the related transactions were handled.

My concerns centered around the letter listed below:
Voila_Capture 2015-09-16_04-32-07_AM
the source of my concerns are specifically to communications identified below:

•    06 LCA MPF 10000 offer AShlandCHecmicalOffer12-21-09
•    07 LCA MPF 50000 offer 2010_10_07_18_29_22

Item 06 refers to a $10,000 offer and item 07 a $50,000 offer to purchase our interest in Rock Hill Associates  Prior to the subsequent message listed as item  number 02.

•    02 LCA Rockhill Associates Capital Call

I find it extremely suspicious that prior to notification of the purchase of the Rock Hill Partnership, by Lemon Creek Advisors or McKenzie Capital, which ever is the real purported new owner of this partnership, we were offered notified us first $10,000 for our interests in November of 2009, and then when we did not respond, about a year later, in October 2010, $50,000.

When coupled with the latest announcements and capital calls, I find it difficult to reconcile how a unit of partnership could be worth $50,000, and then a relatively short time later, the organization which purported to own the partnership, is asking for $900 a year additional capital from the investors to continue to maintain their most recent purchase.

It simply does not make sense!

On that basis I was prompted to call and ask questions. I received a call back from Mr. Chip Patterson, purported to be one of the partners and when presented with the question expressed above, he responded, to the effect, “I made a bad decision.”

Considering all of the number of companies which are related to Mackenzie Patterson Fuller, LP and the fact that Lemon Creek Advisors seems to be an integral part of the corporate complex involved,

10 LCA Lemon Creek Advisors_Possible Related Corp Listing
I find great difficulty in accepting such an explanation. On that basis I clearly advised Mr. Patterson that I did not trust him or the company he claimed to represent.

Isn’t it odd that the message from Lemon Creek Advisors bears no authorized signature, which fails to identify by which corporate officer the message was issued?

So there you have it… I am not satisfied with the information provided. I am providing one last opportunity for those involved to resolve this matter quickly. I require a full explanation regarding prior purchase offers with complete transparency and proof that all of the related transactions have been legitimately and lawfully consummated as represented. I also require certification from the Securities and Exchange Commission to confirm what has been represented in the documentation provided is duly recorded and registered.

Please respond with the requested information by close of business no later than September 26, 2015

Very truly yours,

Arnie Rosner

01aa LCA Lemon Creek Annual Report and Capital Call 2015_09_08_23_36_37

01ab LCA Lemon Creek Env 2015_09_08_23_37_30

01a LCA Postage Meter Stamp 2015-07-01_06-08-43_AM

01 LCA Lemon Creek Advisors – Rockhill

02 LCA Rockhill Associates Capital Call

03 LCA Rock Hill2 From Rob Dixon

04 LCA Rock Hill3 Response from Chip Patterson

05 LCA Rock Hill Associates – Certificate

06 LCA MPF 10000 offer AShlandCHecmicalOffer12-21-09

07 LCA MPF 50000 offer 2010_10_07_18_29_22

08 LCA Rockhill Correction (ACS) 2011_09_10_03_59_31

09 LCA Rockhill (Shearson-Lehman) and associates 12-1986 2015_07_06_15_56_51

10 LCA Lemon Creek Advisors_Possible Related Corp Listing

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