A public Apology: Judge Anna —Please accept my apologies…

Reference: The Trust – the other story

For the manner in which you have behaved.

A note from the scannedretina; a resource for the people.

The purpose of this post was to publicly respond to a demand being made by Judge Anna for a public apology and an explanation.  She has made the claim that the ScannedRetina has deliberately conspired with Thomas Deegan to somehow discredit her.

While we do not take kindly to threats of intimidation and  coercion, we do feel obligated  to push the envelope and pursue to whatever extent we are capable…the truth.    It is  with this spirit in mind, that we provide a more in-depth view of the circumstances which have led up to this document being published.

As previously stated, the ScannedRetina takes no responsibility or accepts liability for the content of posts submitted and published on behalf of third parties.    For the most part, whatever is submitted is published.  We also do not accept the notion that it is the responsibility of the scannedretina to guarantee the accuracy and the quality of the information posted.      Our visitors establish the level of quality and  acceptability earned by this site.

let me just state for the record at the function of the scanned retina that is provide information.    We accept no responsibility or liability for any  continent of posts submitted by  individuals.    In most cases, what is submitted is published.

This current post is being published in response to your demands.  For whatever reason, it appears you are of the belief that   The scanned retina  has  deliberately conspired with Mr. Thomas Deegan to somehow discredit your efforts.  While I have communicated with Mr. Deegan, in the same manner as with you, Mr. Deegan is solely responsible for any content which is been submitted and published in his name.

Judge Anna,

Just to get it on the record..I am not learned in the deliberately deceptive structured system you and many others refer to as “the law.”  Therefore I can only express my opinions in this matter.

It is my belief, that this system of “law,” is nothing more than an elaborate vehicle of deception that was deliberately concocted by some of the most evil people in the world—mostly attorneys.

Their unique qualifications—possessing twisted and distorted minds—placed them in the most advantageous position to  execute this disgraceful plan.    A plan by which to deceive and imprison all of the ignorant people of the world…Me included!

And without prejudice, in my view as just a common ordinary reasonable man, All of the Popes have played a significant role in this deception. And they were not alone. You also agree as you stated below:

“You Know Something Is Wrong When…..An American Affidavit of Probable Cause”

From your affidavit:

Voila_Capture 2015-09-02_10-54-35_PM.jpg

Let me make this simple. They ( referring to those members of society elected in good faith and commonly believed to be legitimate public servants who are misrepresenting their actual public roles) are all impostors.    Knowingly or unknowingly, they are impersonating the lawfully elected public servants, placed in what the people were led to believe was the proper public offices. Perhaps this might include…even you.

Regardless of the way you conveniently sidestep issues by changing the subject, even you have admitted and recognized that “misrepresentation,” is a criminal act.

if I understood you correctly in your recent post, even those foreigners of which you speak, misrepresenting themselves as anything other than what they are is criminal misrepresentation and fraud.

See the clever example below…

You are looking at global and international officials as “impostors” because they have appeared to be national (land jurisdiction) officials. This mistake on our part was promoted via the use of deceitfully similar names on their part, but the record shows that they are NOT in fact occupying any national land-based offices. They are NOT operating on the jurisdiction of the land at all.

Sorry…you cannot excuse their criminal behavior with any type of twisted descriptions.  Their actions are crimes.  Crimes against the people.  The “peaceful,” people of the Continental United States of America.  The people who are the deliberate targets of these acts of deception.

Below you describe what  you would like us to believe is  part of some sort of an arrangement by which “We the People,” are expected to accept as history and accept as legitimate. And from my point of view,  exactly who is the source of this information… And if all of the previous information and history is based on more fraud, then this great story, which may make for interesting reading to those who know nothing of this great plan of deception, must ask  the question…does this too…even exist?
Voila_Capture 2015-09-02_10-56-44_PM

You have admitted and confirmed that the Pope has no more authority than you or me…to do anything.

You have already admitted and  confirmed that everything related to “government,” legislation, acts, treaties, agreements, and any other type of transactions, related to the work of the people, has been executed through acts of fraud.   this is further confirmed by the following: Steven Wayne Pattison: Most of what they do is without “Delegated Authority” and again is “Null and Void” from the time they did it.

From your sworn affidavit, you revealed the fraud first began to occur around 1860 and has been ongoing ever since.

And  below you present the case for the 14th Amendment creating the largest fraudulent scam using the birth certificate and creating corporate estates based upon identity theft and misrepresentation..again more fraud.

Worth repeating isn’t it?

Voila_Capture 2015-09-02_10-54-35_PM

So Judge Anna,   I am forced to conclude  that you are attempting to convince the readers of your affidavit that the justification for these acts of criminality are justified since “Everyone else is doing it.”  Certainly makes perfect logic now doesn’t it?  There is no deception intended  here… Of that I am certain… Or am I?

Isn’t it ironic, the 14th Amendment has been recognized by the entire legislator of Georgia as fraud and therefore non-existent.  And this was as is as recent time as 1957.

Even you Judge Anna published your own version of the hoax exposing the fraud. Would this be considered as Hypocritical? Deceptive?    Yes judge at I certainly owe you an apology.  You are more clever than originally  perceived… But then, that’s just my opinion.

Red Alert from Judge Anna – There is no 14th Amendment!

And just a few days ago…Mark Levin…A highly “respected radio talk show host,” and an attorney…so no big surprise here…the deception continues.

Mark Levin – The 14th Amendment Fraud

The next representation would normally lead the less educated and ignorant citizens, to conclude was legitimate.  But then let us go back to your own post regarding the hoax of the 14th Amendment.   Would anyone have reason to question this obvious contradiction?

Red Alert from Judge Anna – There is no 14th Amendment!

Voila_Capture 2015-09-02_10-57-08_PM

but surely any reasonable person would now have to conclude that the above information is a lie.    There is no 14th amendment.    And there is no national debt for which the American people are responsible.

The debt belongs to the impostors.  You know… The ones that don’t exist.  The ones who operate out of Washington DC with no delegated authority from the governed.   the same corporation misrepresenting themselves, as the lawful government of the American people.  Fraud – pure and simple.

Many other abuses occurred in the administration of FDR.

The above  key issues are but a few documented in the works of Dr. Eugene Schroder

You also agree and recognize fraud negates all lawful acts, treaties representations and transactions.

Therefore… Any reasonable person would be forced to conclude, that the  the legitimate and lawful world for the people of the Continental United States of America ended around 1860.  As I see it… the people of the Continental United States of America have been deliberately deceived and defrauded ever since.

Say what you will about blame (just see your text below), In your own words you blame everyone but the impostors. And you speak of Alinsky tactics when in fact you are engaging in Alinsky tactics yourself.

But the facts remain, the Pope is no more than any other mortal man, except to his followers. But even then, his influence is spiritual and he brings with his widely accepted wisdom, prayers and encouragement, no force of law.

But even more importantly the Congress is a fraud and has no authority to invite anyone, let alone the Pope.  But, from a personal point of view, they  are more than welcome to invite themselves to become permanent residents one of the for profit prisons  with whom  they have so conveniently contracted.

For Profit Prisons – CCA Contracts Keep Prisons Full and Profits Up – A government PPO?

Your obvious support for the pontiff:

In my opinion, you do a great disservice to humanity, when you create false expectations and hope and extend the notion that somehow the Pope can make this all better. And  then to minimize  any dissenting views, you dare speak of conjecture… But your view of the matter is as much conjecture as people expressing their skepticism and concern.

On top of your shifting blame to the victims you openly criticize people who express views different from yours.


Now to anyone who has visited the Scanned Retina, can there be any doubt as to the amount of support  an recognition that was provided to Judge Anna?

Voila_Capture 2015-09-02_11-53-43_PM

Then for Judge Anna to  to launch pure Alinsky attacks reveals a lot about the terrible mistake I made in trusting and supporting her efforts. —  arnie.

Well yes…I agree…I owe an apology. Even though I admitted to be stupid and dumb, I really fell for this one. — arnie

But the real tragedy would be for the factual portions of the book to be discredited for the facts revealed.

So Judge Anna, please accept this as an apology. Now to continue…

On Aug 31, 2015, at 1:03 AM, Anna Von Fritz <avannavon@gmail.com> wrote:
You said that the accuracy of what I have said and published is not what it is about, so I asked you point blank what this whole diatribe IS about that you and Mr. Deegan have indulged in? This little witch hunt?
Jerry Springer journalism at its best?
You are disappointed I haven’t offered to lead an armed insurrection on top of paying for the troops and the horses?
You thought it would be fun and appropriate to give a Blowhard center stage for a week? Exactly what has Mr. Deegan done that hasn’t been done before to no good affect?
My name is too long? I am not poor enough? Not white enough? Not black enough? Not low-brow enough? Not ignorant enough for your taste? I can only be lower middle class with a sloping forehead, 6th grade education and a nickname like “Bubba” to be a credible patriot?
You think you I owe you anything, including any explanation for a single thing I think, do, or say on God’s green Earth?
I haven’t done enough? I’ve done too much? You secretly hate Lutherans? Or just Jews and Catholics?
I didn’t wipe your butt in addition to showing you what happened for the last 150 years? For free? And filed suit to save your claim to own your own soul– that wasn’t enough for me to do? I should have done something else, more or different– according to you? But you are not able to say exactly what?
You think that because government exists by social convention and is therefore to an extent “imaginary” we can somehow hobble along without public roads and schools and courts and all the other services? Just go live like brutes and eat each other in the forest?
Or do you deny that we’ve dumped our nuclear waste all over the Mideast, and on our own soldiers, too? And therefore owe our troops and the other victims of such reckless insanity something called comfort and Justice?
What part of this am I NOT understanding, Arnie? How could you allow a Thomas Deegan to ride roughshod over me for no good reason and say all these objectively false things without a word from you?
Just a show factor? Wanted to get your ratings up? Thought you’d stir the pot? Well, you have. You’ve got me angry enough to spit. All this “Catholic stoodge” stuff was disproven by what I had already written BEFORE the attacks began. And you had cause to know that, because you were given the book almost before anyone else got a copy. You KNEW that I had given AMPLE blame to the Queen and the Holy See– but you LET it appear otherwise. You gave that cretin credibility and a Bully Pulpit all the while knowing full damn well better.
So no, Arnie, I don’t know what this “discussion” has been about other than Mr. Deegan’s self-important ignorance, incorrect assumptions, and your lack of decency and courage in failing to stand up for the objective and known and readily ascertained truth.
Shame on you, Arnie Rosner. You saw fit to infringe on my copyright without an apology and now this.

On Sep 2, 2015, at 8:51 AM, Anna Von Fritz <avannavon@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear Arnie,

Just to remind you: you and Thomas Deegan have accused me of having a secret agenda.
I have asked exactly what you think my “agenda” is?

Dead silence.

Just a naked, unsupported, and so far as I can see, unsupportable claim that I am “up to something” while the “something” remains undefined isn’t good enough.
So let’s all see what you two geniuses can come up with that isn’t already refuted in black and white by my own published works.
You are the ones that accused me, so it is up to you to bring your evidence.
Where is your proof that I have been wrong about a single thing?
Where is your evidence that I am anyone or anything but what I say I am?
What is my “secret” motive? Is it supposed to be money– after what I have said about money in my book?
Or am I a “tool” for the Holy See— after what I said about the Holy See’s earlier complicity — which is also published in black and white?
Oh, wait, the “plot” thickens– I am secretly a High Priestess of Satan and a member of the Bar???
Then I should have a license on record somewhere, shouldn’t I?
Surely you can tell the world what ball of goods Deegan sold you?
As for me, I need a good laugh and am tired of waiting for this blockbuster expose.
Meanwhile, Mr. Deegan’s “agenda” of causing doubt and fear and division in the patriot ranks is all too clear and so far successful.
He has borne the same fruit wherever he goes and has done the same things repeatedly with other people, organizations, and blogs— proof of which was presented to you, Arnie– but which for unknown reasons you chose to ignore and interpret (again) as some kind of plot.

Let’s see what you’ve got besides a bunch of hot air.

On Sep 2, 2015, at 8:17 AM, ARNIE ROSNER <arnie@arnierosner.com> wrote:

There is nothing about which to respond.
You are a victim of your own making.
Most of your work where accurate is good. Well accepted.
And then there is the unethical way of you attempting to pressure me. Shall I respond?

I just did.

On Sep 2, 2015, at 9:32 AM, Anna Von Fritz <avannavon@gmail.com> wrote:

Let’s see– you infringe my copyright and then let Thomas Deegan spew all sorts of crap that you knew ( or had cause to know) was not true about me— and you have the brass cajones to pretend that I am pressuring you?

Brass my ass!  Gold…Solid gold!

Oh yes that pesky bit about your copyright claims. You made it clear to me early on the objective of this project was to get out the information.

Voila_Capture 2015-09-07_11-49-53_AM

You also led me to believe I was an important part of the project.

I recognized I had been used when you denied providing me sales information so to better direct my marketing efforts of the book.

Make no mistake, the book contains valuable information but the beginning about how the Pope can to claim ownership is a real stretch and some of the other issues seem to cleverly infer things which may be more of the power of “Alinsky suggestion,” but the rest of the details seem spot on.

A link was provided to a version of the book which clearly stated:

Voila_Capture 2015-08-20_12-19-05_AM.jpg

Since you indicated the key purpose of the book was to get the information to the people I did not hesitate to provide a link.

It is well known many of the people who are victims of this criminal enterprise could not even afford the more than reasonable $12 so it made perfect sense to make the link available.

But let us address your use of my name as a quasi-endorsement without my permission?  An when I suggested the use of someone like Randy Due who deserved such recognition you advised me the book was already in print.  So how do you justify that?

Voila_Capture 2015-09-03_11-12-53_AM

When push came to shove, though… you began whining about your investors were not going to recover their $20,000.   I became painfully aware that the original objective as stated must not be correct…money indeed was an  important aspect.

I removed the link and made comment about your conduct in this matter.

On Aug 28, 2015, at 12:07 PM, ARNIE ROSNER <arnie@arnierosner.com> wrote:

Judge Anna,

You are a bright woman.  I have always maintained respect for the accuracy and the validity of your work.  That has never been an issue.

But, as a matter of record, I have indicated to you on several occasions…you seem to have a short memory,..you conduct yourself at times where your behavior raises questions.

I don’t assume on such matters so I ask you directly.  So while your work is not an issue, your motives are not always totally clear. You seem to side step issues you chose to ignore.

For you to make comments like…”If you don’t stop assisting in the spread of spurious gossip and fear-mongering both you and ScannedRetina will be discredited and it will be your own fault.”  That sounds like an attempt to apply intimidation.  This is the kind of occurrence, I am inclined to suspect your motives.  Do you honestly believe I am that susceptible to such overt suggestion?

For the longest time I supported Mr. Curry.  However, inconsistencies of facts he presented personally ended up being incorrect.  I verified them myself with the sources he quoted.  My conclusion ended up that he was not always anchored in the current reality. He proceeded to behave strangely until today, when his behavior as a judge was totally unacceptable.

Since I called him on his bad behavior as a judge, he retaliated in a childish way which discredited all involved.  He further suggested I close down the scannedretina since I was now in dishonor in his eyes.  Naturally I accommodated his request.  As far as Mr. Curry is concerned…the scannedretina no longer exists.

My point…the scannedretina is for the people.  The information offered is as accurate and truthful as it is possible to provide.  All sides of an issue presented by people who properly identify themselves is generally posted.  The responsibility for the accuracy and the content itself lies with the submitter.  The Scannedretina simply acts as a messenger.  In cases of open conflicts, the parties involved are provided equal access to the forum.  It is not for the scannedretina to take sides.  However, with rare exception, all sides of an issue must abide by the basic rules of civility.

The information posted is freely available with no restrictions, no copyrights and no other financial expectations.  As it is plainly stated, the information presented is a resource for the people.  On that basis, we publish what is submitted.

As you well know, it is up to the individual to make the determination as to what is acceptable.  On that basis, with rare exception, most everything is published that is submitted.

When you classify “spurious gossip” as “spurious gossip” by what criteria do you make such a judgement or claim?

While we both know I am not expert in law, but even under natural law the basis of the first Amendment seems very clear.


In the service of the Creator.

This should satisfy any ridiculous claims you make about copyright nonsense.

 Voila_Capture 2015-09-07_11-39-12_AM

On Sep 2, 2015, at 9:32 AM, Anna Von Fritz <avannavon@gmail.com> wrote:

Let’s see– you infringe my copyright and then let Thomas Deegan spew all sorts of crap that you knew ( or had cause to know) was not true about me— and you have the brass cajones to pretend that I am pressuring you?

That is a Saul Alinsky tactic— accuse the other person of what you are doing yourself.

What you have done to me and allowed Deegan to do is objectively dishonorable, and yes, I expect either an explanation justifying these vague doubt-casting accusations or a public apology.

On Sep 2, 2015, at 9:39 AM, ARNIE ROSNER <arnie@arnierosner.com> wrote:

One more marvelous example…

There is more but not to dwell on the negative aspects…for the most part…the details in the book are accurate and well received.

To continue…

As I see it, the American people have been ridden hard and put away wet…they have been abused by those from which they had a legitimate right to expect more. A lot more!

  • How dare you lay this series of criminality in which so called trusted officials from every walk of life participated to defraud the people.
  • How dare you even make a suggestion that the people are somehow remiss because the people they believed they could trust deliberately lied, cheated and deceived the people. Especially when you know full well and even noted it in your book, the deception included the founders. They acted in collusion with the king.

Voila_Capture 2015-09-02_10-55-35_PM

  • How dare you make such ridiculous accusations about the people whose only crimes were to take people who swore an oath to honor their commitments and their employment contracts at their word.
  • How dare you make such outlandish accusations that the people, the ultimate authority, the final orbiters could do anything wrong but behave as the good, honest, trusting people who were so endowed by our Creator?
  • How dare you even call yourself a judge when by your own admissions you know that everything you are advocating places the people back under the control of the same system by which the original fraud and the ongoing fraud continues.
  • How dare you act the part of a patriot when it appears your role is anything but?

In the words of one of those mostly credited for revealing the diabolical nature of this extensive criminal enterprise,

Colonel Edward Mandell House

  • “They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans”
  • “Without realizing it, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and we will employ the high office (presidency) of our dummy corporation ( USA ) to foment this plot against America .”

Please explain to the people, Judge Anna, how any reasonable American, could even begin to contemplate such devious, deceptive and pure evil.

Granted, now that we know more of the truth, thanks to your marvelous affidavit, “we the people,” are now enabled to move forward and discharge our moral and ethical obligations to rein in our errant employees who have committed:

  1. perjury,
  2. insurrection and
  3. possibly rebellion, against the supreme law of the land.

So dear reader…can you say with any certainty that the person representing themselves as Judge Anna can be totally trusted?  Is she operating in a manner of someone who might be attempting to mislead people while at the same time providing some accurate information, interspersed with misleading and absolutely false assumptions?

Like the dog who is barking, with a wagging tail…?  Which end do you believe?

Unethical behavior of Judge Anna?

After several warnings about attempts to pressure the scannedretina posting policy, her final effort was the cause to remove the chance of the scannedretina causing her any further discomfort.  It was after all for her own good!

You be the judge…

Please feel free to express your views if you would like them posted.  Or call me at anytime.  Contact details below.

For the most part I am available 24/7.


In the service of the Creator.

American Civil Flag – at Peace since 1874
It takes so few words to express the truth!
Available 24/7 –
714-501-8247 – mobile

On Sep 2, 2015, at 8:07 PM, Anna von Reitz <avannavon@gmail.com> wrote:

The simple answer to “why the Pope” comes to America is that he was invited to address Congress by the House Majority Speaker. That’s usually how foreign dignitaries show up in front of Congress, and this is no exception.

The more practical answer is that America is in deep Kim-Chee because of malfeasance and Breach of Trust by members of Congress. The Pope as the Global Trustee has both the right and the responsibility to address this ongoing criminality both in general and in specific terms. Everyone’s guess is as good as the next how he will approach this and what the exact content of his message will be. All the pointless conjecture in the world does not help.

The third question is most important: “Why is he engaged in a campaign to promote the politics of the impostors?” It shows where your own thinking is mixed up.

First, there are no “impostors” per se. It isn’t as simple as that.

You are looking at global and international officials as “impostors” because they have appeared to be national (land jurisdiction) officials. This mistake on our part was promoted via the use of deceitfully similar names on their part, but the record shows that they are NOT in fact occupying any national land-based offices. They are NOT operating on the jurisdiction of the land at all.

So they are not “impostors”per se— they are legitimately occupying offices operated in the foreign jurisdiction of the sea and the fact that they named these offices in a deceitful way after the offices owed to us on the land is the crux of the matter. They have promoted a confidence racket fraud against us, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t office holders in their own foreign jurisdiction.

Ask yourself, was Quadaffi still President of Libya, even if he committed crimes against the Sudanese?

Well, yes, he was.

In the same way, these people are still officials of the Federal United States even though they have promoted fraud against Americans and the American States.

The Foreign Sovereigns Immunity Act and the Internatonal Organizations Immunity Act both made this point circa 1976. They are not “your” Governors, “your” Legislators, or “your” members of Congress. They have explicitly, on-the-record, made it crystal clear that they are operating entirely in the international jurisdiction of the sea and have nothing to do with the land jurisdiction and the state offices that you are owed—–and. more to the point— the offices which you owe yourself.

Hear that little tag-line at the end? Which you owe yourself?

If you want to operate the Republic, it is your right and responsibility to do so.

If you want to occupy the offices of the land jurisdiction, it is your right and responsibility to do so.

Nobody else can do it for us.

If you were duped into thinking that that was the business of the Federal United States, you were wrong. If they purposefully misled you to believe that they were doing the job by naming their “State of________” franchise after your State on the Land, that was fraud on their parts using semantic deceit and breach of trust and deceptively similar names. But that doesn’t change the fact that you are supposed to be providing your own government operating the land jurisdiction and your failure to do so cannot be regarded as their fault.

Page 70 of “You Know Something Is Wrong When…..” “This is because the separate States are each sovereign nations acting for international purposes as a federation.”

Each State is a nation and each county is a state.

Self government is literal.

If you fail to govern yourself, the responsibility keeps getting bucked up to the next level of organization. If you let your county government offices lapse and go bankrupt, county governance becomes the job of the State on the Land; if you allow your State on the Land offices to lapse and go bankrupt, the national land jurisdiction becomes the responsibility of the “federal” government by default and the international officials saunter in and take over.

It’s true that they used semantic deceit and other fraud gambits to hide the fact that this was going on, but it remains that if we want to govern ourselves, we have to get busy and do it—- which is just part of the wrong-headed attack on Judge Curry and I. We have stepped to the plate and gone through the drill to occupy offices on the land of our respective States. If we don’t do this the body politic of the Republic disappears and so does our Republic—- by default.

Far from yarping at us, you and Deegan and countless others should be doing the same and more. Everyone with experience and skills to do the work should be occupying the vacated offices of the land jurisdiction. If you do this in accord with the founding documents of your state, it is impossible for you to be wrong or doing anything unlawful.

“Saving the Republic” means rebooting the Common Law Court System, the Township, County, Parish, and State governments on the land—- all of it. At this point, there are just a handful of land jurisdiction offices and courts still operating, just a tiny fraction of the counties —- seven counties—-are operating as land jurisdiction counties and holding the dyke for all the 3100 others.

Think about that and about how slim our hold on the land jurisdiction really is.

If and when those few faint bastions collapse, the “Federal” aka British Coup will be complete and the Republic will be dead.

When Steve Curry and I stood up and started operating land jurisdiction courts again, we took an important step toward resusitating the Republic and its claim to be a viable nation on the land. With every office and officer reclaiming the land jurisdiction, the stronger that claim grows. As each county and State is resurrected, each Common Law Court on the Land put back into play, the claims of the Federales weaken.

As we “re-populate” the Republic and re-occupy the offices of the land, it becomes self-evident that we were the victims of fraud and misplaced confidence, not low-life incompetent slackers who didn’t want to be bothered with running our own affairs.

This is a time when everyone needs to be digging out the original trusts and compacts that created their states on the land and pouring over them to see the names of the offices and the branches of government that they are actually owed and how the land jurisdiction state is supposed to operate. There are now fifty of these and they are all different. All the offices of all these states and all these counties need to be filled— and for now, all this has to be done on a volunteer basis.

Our system of government and our jurisdiction on the land has to be operated or die—-and it all depends on you taking action in your own behalf to govern your own town, county, and state.

Hold your public meetings at the township (town) and county levels and when you have some counties organized, start operating at the state level. If you can’t be a Common Law judge or a sheriff, fill another office. If you can’t be a deputy, be a clerk or recorder on the land. If you can’t serve as a clerk, serve as a notary on the land. If you are a doctor, serve as a coroner on the land. GRAB AN OAR. Stop sitting on your rumps thinking that those who are rebuilding the Republic from the ground up are “the enemy”— mistaking (or pretending to mistake) us for those who have bamboozled you all these years is not an option. You have to find your own butt with both hands and get it in gear.

I also want to address this:

To one particular statement from Judge Anna I take exception. She stated and I quote,“You have supposedly done all this voluntarily. Otherwise, what they have coerced you to do and misinformed you to do would clearly be a CRIME on their part.

The truth is undeniable even in the judge’s own words. It is a crime.Rather a series of crimes.

That is why they set things up to make it look like you just volunteered to give the Federal State of State corporations an ownership interest in your estate and your private auto, your marriage and your businesses and your labor.”

Yes, it is a crime. That’s the whole point and always was.

Yes, what the perps are doing is fraud, fraud, and more fraud. That is what we said in our affidavit over and over again. That’s why we published an Affidavit of Probable Cause— a criminal affidavit.

What we were explaining here in this quote is how the Federales are “interpreting” our acts to others as “voluntary” acts on our parts—- after we have in fact been coerced and misinformed. That we “volunteered” for all this abuse is what they tell the rest of the world, in order to escape punishment and legal action themselves.

According to them, 390 million Americans just “volunteered” to pay income taxes, to be drafted, to obey 80,000,000 codes and regulations, and to give away their bank accounts, their lawful money, their homes, and their land.

How many times must an IRS official shrug and say, “It’s all voluntary!” — before we get the message? It’s our own gullibility and our own autographs that get us into this trouble, even though we are being purposefully misled and defrauded and deceived every step of the way.

We were lied to and told that we had to comply with “government mandates” –like Selective Service, like Social Security, like Driver Licenses—- by people acting as undeclared foreign agents, so there is no doubt that both force and fraud are present and at the root of this circumstance, but from the Federal side of it, they just shrug and say, oh, but, they applied for Social Security “voluntarily” and they registered their car “voluntarily” and they sought a marriage license “voluntarily” and filled out a 1040 contract “voluntarily”——

Based on our supposedly “unlimited right to contract” we can agree to strip naked in public and be raped, if we want to, and according to the Federales, that’s what we “voluntarily” did. See? They don’t disclose what they are doing, who they are, or that they are entrapping us into contracts when they show up and make their demands “in behalf of the government (corporation)”. They pretend to be agents of our lawful government.

And after they have lied to and coerced us into all these contracts, they stand back and say, well—–they paid a fee to get a Driver License….. they paid another fee for a Marriage License…. they signed this mortgage document….it was all voluntary!

So we were explaining what the Federales say to excuse themselves and avoid criminal prosecution, not agreeing with their self-serving hokum.

Anyone who actually reads “You Know Something Is Wrong When…..An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” will have no trouble understanding that yes, these vermin have committed fraud on a broad scale against us and yes, we are owed remedy on an equally broad scale.

And I never, ever said otherwise.

About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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1 Response to A public Apology: Judge Anna —Please accept my apologies…

  1. OR says:

    It is my belief, that this system of “law,” is nothing more than an elaborate vehicle of deception that was deliberately concocted by some of the most evil people in the world—mostly attorneys.
    Thank You Arnie:
    I offered 9 questions and 12 pages of supporting information gleaned from legal documents and laws to a Summit Committee of which one side of the argument wanted discussed, the opposing side did not. The wanting side offered to hold a Recorded Meeting and asked that I review all questions with their lawyer at the public meeting. The Lawyer could not respond to all questions; and politely acknowledged the supporting documents. This happened in less than three minutes of the 45 minute discussion. We both realized that to argue points would be fruitless so we joined to discuss legal issues that effect 1902 families concluding that we have a “proverbial @#$%^!@ pot” full of legal issues. The issue that we settled on without speaking about it was this “elaborate vehicle of deception created over 20 year period”.

    Thank you Arnie for the personal dancing in an effort to “open our eyes” and maintain sanity. “We the People” are truly up the @#$%^!@ creek, lost our paddle, and have not the slightest idea which way the water flows.

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