Steven Wayne Pattison: Most of what they do is without “Delegated Authority” and again is “Null and Void” from the time they did it.

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What’s this? Does it mean we cannot share this information publicly without permission, or cannot do it for profit?

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On Thursday, September 3, 2015 10:18 AM, Steven Pattison (Kansas) <> wrote:

Most of what they do is without “Delegated Authority” and again is “Null and Void” from the time they did it. Please read – – PDF page 108 or Document page 92 states the following:
No one in government is allowed to do anything unless they have been given specific written authority by law, or unless someone who has been given authority in the law gives that person a delegation of authority order spelling out exactly what they can and cannot do under that specific order.
What we learned is that those that are doing things unconstitutional are operating under the government de facto. Read our research here –
To explain every detail would take the Internet!
/S/ Steven Wayne Pattison
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Subject: What is in a Contract

This gets down to which one of us is a US citizen and who is not, and I want you all to think about this.

Maybe we need the Question to come up, since the Government is a Corporation and UNITED STATES citizens have contacts with those corporations, then we need to ask the Sheriff and all other Government lead Officials of;

‘Where is the Contract that we Signed which then we are to comply with whatever you say?’

It cannot be just the statutes, laws, and regulations they write that puts the contract in place.

Where is the Contract that We the People are to comply with everything that the ABA puts in front of us?

If the words are anything like; ‘Just because I say so,’ then they do NOT have a contract as they have nothing in writing, with Blue Ink.


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