Milt Farrow: Can anyone tell me who the “f” is driving the bus?

Milt Farrow commented on Talk about outraged Americans…The time to tell the truth is long past.

On Aug 27, 2015, at 9:29 AM, ARNIE ROSNER <> wrote: Sally, Talk about outraged Americans…The …

I have read all of this “caterwalling” for years, and it pisses me off that people, with greater knowledge than I ever will have, do not have the common sense to know, and come to accurate and provable conclusions.

The Republican Party, and it’s consorts along with some nationally known Democrats allowed, and abdicated government controls to the lowest of the low and the worst of the worst “THE NEO-CONS” who by chapter and verse enacted “PNAC” project for the new American century” ( Much like Operation Northwoods which was the model used by the “perps” who enacted 9-11 and killed now about what appears to be some 4000 living human beings and now have endangered another 30,000 who were in the proximity of the “demolition” This being done, to subject, and make war, for the prospect of securing their oil production.

If Christiandom felt challenged, they as well as Halliburton, Bechtel, and the rest of the world’s maniacs should have hired their own army(s) Admittedly Bush ( the Bastard) ( any one of them-take your pick) a full 2years prior to the gulf war had the plans for Desert Eagle well in hand.

While the conduct of these Muslim Madmen is beyond the pale of human understanding, we have butted in, interfered, directly and indirectly in the affairs of other nations in almost every area in the world where there was a conflict, and now “the world has marked us as “bullies”, and hostile to democracies” willing to rape, plunder and loot any nation that for it’s course, deviates from what our Vermin in the Pentagon considers ” beyond the norm”

This was the latest manifesto from our illustrious Pentagon, who has now gone on to state “international Policy” Their recent mandate is that we are all willing to die in a MAD with Russia, because Russia will not conform to US norms.

Can anyone tell me who the fuck is driving the bus?

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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2 Responses to Milt Farrow: Can anyone tell me who the “f” is driving the bus?

  1. OR says:

    Who is driving the BUS: The BUSH Empire. Nazi from Germany, gained control of old SS and US Intel which became CIA under Dulles era. Dulles brothers being Nazis. What the BUSH Tribe says is the rule. CIA Sting resulted with majority of Congress incriminating themselves because of Ego and Greed (one was a pedophile sting.). This crap has been going on and growing stronger since the 1950’s. RUBIO (father) was a CIA Operative, naturalized in 1975. Marco was born in 1971 – even though he is a citizen, he does not qualify for president because both Parents are were not citizens at time of his birth. Read the books on this.

    This 2016 bull crap is ridiculous. You have three individuals that are on the ticket but do not have the credentials and need to be bitch slapped about it. RUBIO, CRUZ, Jindal (Who has once said he is not eligible – others that have committed enough treasonous crimes to be executed).

    Jeb as Governor: Confiscated money from TRUST Funds to make his tenure as Governor look GOOD. What does the word TRUST Mean (the people ought to be able to TRUST the SOB in Office). Rick Scott (went from no money to hundred millions after Teaming with GHW Bush in Texas) As Florida Governor, the ONE WE COULD NOT TRUST is being covered up by SCOTT. Now we cannot Trust Scot.

    Bush, Jr., the surrounding writings suggest he did not entirely support the BUSH empire but was not strong enough to strike back.

    Other writings about 9/11 suggest that the BUSH Empire planned the attack whether it had supporting Muslims involved or not. The interesting point about 9/11 is the lack of information about Neil Bush being head of the Twin Towers Security Firm (OOPS); and Marvin Bush was an inside player. This should be published.

    And, while everyone has been watching the PEA under the Shells, the NAZI empire took over the GOP through blackmail, while the Communist Party took over the Democrats through Alinky’s model. The NAZI Chairman recognized the play book and convinced certain of the Democrats to join forces and split up a one sided taco. Now you have people like Dirty Harry, the evil twin Clinton(s), Pelosi, and others playing a NAZI game plan against the back drop of the Communist Sonata. So POPPY BUSH, in a feeble state, is the Bus Driver. His offspring all vie for the driver seat. The problem is, that none of the Sons of Bitches (remember OBAMA the BUSH CIA Operative made in Hawaii – with HOFFA coined the phrase addressing CONSERVATIVES as Sons of Bitches – which is now Politically Correct to Repeat) in Congress know or realize that they are expendable under the ongoing GAME PLAN. But, they cannot see well enough to understand this issue because: Obama has the largest rectum of anyone in the world – this is so because there are 545 heads stuck up this rectum by order of the BUSH EMPIRE.
    That leaves us with no one driving the bus, because OBAMA cannot even set down in the seat.

  2. tina says:

    the monster who goes by GHW Bush is one of the most evil beings on the planet. I can only hope he is not allowed to die a natural peaceful death until America and the world have a Reckoning” for him. We and the muslims have been used as tools to further the evil agenda. He is one twisted monster. Along with all involved with him.

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