Edison – Edison – Edison — Committing Utility Fraud?

A question of ethics?  Intent to exploit the rate payers?

“Live Better Electrically.”

At what cost?

What accounts for the differences in rates?


Edison SCE Medalion Home Capto_Capture 2019-08-08_12-35-13_PM.jpg



Where are the corresponding reductions in Edison rates?

Is it starting to make sense to produce our own domestic power?  Ensure American independence from foreign controlled Edison?


Utility fraud

 04-30-17-SCE and CPUC colluding to overcharge and defraud consumers?

Edison – Pit Neighbor against Neighbor- Divide and Conquer 

Accurate billing for the rate payers…

Capto_Capture 2017-08-21_09-19-42_PM.jpg

Capto_Capture 2017-08-21_09-20-09_PM.jpg


Compensation packages explain a lot

“The malfeasance of California’s government is illustrated by the corruption at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), which operates under the
Governor of the State of California.”   Storm-Warning-CPUC-1-7-14


Voila_Capture 2016-08-25_03-00-10_PM.jpg

05-17 scebill

Capto_Capture 2017-04-29_11-51-57_PM.jpg

Capto_Capture 2017-04-30_12-48-35_AM.jpg

Capto_Capture 2017-04-30_12-44-20_AM.jpg

Announcement of further criminal abuse…

Edison Notice new tiers 2017_04_29_23_35_01

Capto_Capture 2017-04-30_12-26-05_AM.jpg

Enough is enough…

Attn Attorney General – Edison – acting with the deliberately premeditated intent to defraud?

 Capto_Capture 2016-11-16_01-50-14_PM.jpg


New Shocking details of the fraud!


Reference:  If it is the law then it is the law…

14th Amendment – All debts are prepaid.

Edison – Edison – Edison

By their fruit….

Voila_Capture 2015-08-29_12-15-52_AM

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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