What ever in the world did people do before the Welfare State?

Speaking of the Welfare State…

The Cloward-Piven Strategy

On Aug 26, 2015, at 7:15 PM, Carl Swensson <prevere@riseupforamerica.com> wrote:


I love it when you talk to the fear factor. It’s appealing to those who choose inaction and irresolution.Yep, that’s the safe way out. Don’t upset the FRN apple cart, the world will end if you do. Only problem with that is the Countries that do, soldier on without skipping a beat and most of those who receive these Emails fully understand that.

Perhaps you should be talking to those who understand the concept and meaning of money. Then again, there’s all manner of boogey men a fear monger will be able to dredge up. I’ll be looking for the natural progression of these types of dialogue which usually end in either silence or expletive deletives.

What ever in the world did people do before the Welfare State? Think about that before you preach your ace in the hole…anarchy. None of what you say has a basis in reality or fact. It all revolves around keeping people anchored in the “System”. After all, it’s the only safe place to be, right?

I truly wretch every time I read or hear somebody offer excuses rather than plans so put this in your smoke and pipe it… Necessity is the mother of invention and the people of the continental States assembled are a resourceful lot. Thomas being but one of them.

None of those whom I associate with care about the current corporate government/judicial leviathan. Except to say that it must go. None believe we must tolerate the financial servitude currently foisted upon Americans. Only those whose livelihood depend on that beast will be directly affected by a return to civil authority and they represent the largest pool of true criminals alive but a fairly small percentage of the overall population.

People will work, roads and bridges will continue to be built. Infrastructure will continue to be maintained, water will continue to flow and food will continue to be produced. Oil will be pumped out of the ground, gas will continue to be refined and the air we breathe will finally be free from Atmospheric Aerosol. So what exactly is your concern?    

Let me offer up a suggestion. If your choice is to stay with the status quo, assume your seat at the back of a short bus. Get out of the way of those who will live up to being responsible and maybe, just maybe you’ll be surprised at how simple the cleansing will be.

Money is money and when FRN’s dry up, other forms will replace it and chances are good that if we’ve learned from our centuries old errors, the replacement will be more sound than anything you can possibly imagine.


I believe that however many videos you’ve put out there, many more and better ones are within you. From experience I can say that they will continue to get better at delivering the message. Keep up your most excellent work. You travel in the circles of these so called courts and for most of us that would be no better than trying to clean sewers. We’ll be right behind you Bud.


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To: Dan Mahnke

Cc: Thomas Deegan; Steven Pattison; Greg Todd; Debra Bryant; Patrich Henry Board of Review; hudok@hudok.com

Subject: Re: How to get into the Republic?


To your credit…you are well intended. But good intentions are not a substitute for wisdom.

Remember that strategic withdrawal suggested to you earlier? You may wish to consider it even more seriously.

Listen Dan, I am nobody. Just one of the people so don’t pay me any mind. I am just expressing my opinion. It is your call to accept or reject my comments.

Feel free to level with me. I never take offense…I am too stupid to know I have been insulted.


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