This is Judge Anna here in Alaska: all controversy related to this post is unnecessary and has already been adequately explained

On Aug 21, 2015, at 2:17 PM, Anna Von Fritz <> wrote:

This is Judge Anna here in Alaska.

I believe that all controversy related to this post is unnecessary and has already been adequately explained by our book, “You Know Something Is Wrong When….An American Affidavit of Probable Cause”.

In it you learn precisely how Americans have been press-ganged into the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea and have as a result been attached, attacked, and deprived of their rights and property under conditions of fraud, semantic deceit, and non-disclosure.

I was one of those who discovered and pioneered the use of the “revocation of election to pay” section of the IRC as relief from federal tax claims and it does essentially work as Sov has described, however, it is NOT the panacea that he appears to assume.

It is just one (good) answer to over-reaching federal agents and one federal agency.

If done properly according to the beginning and ending of the Federal Fiscal Year (make Revocation effective July 1, not January 1 of the year you wish to stop paying) such revocation is a valid means of canceling the novation presumptions of the 1040. Thereafter, by the IRC’s own rules you CANNOT pay income tax again.

This is valid for all those who want to stop paying Federal Income Taxes, however, this DOES NOT officially correct your status.

Americans can function in their birthright status as part of the Republic as “non-citizens”— their sovereign capacity— or they may accept the duties of citizenship of the Republic, meaning the Continental United States.

Remember that each State is a sovereign nation under international law.

The States of the Republic retain 100% control of the land jurisdiction

And whatever elements of the sea jurisdiction that were not specifically delegated to the federation of States.

So you can be a non-citizen national or a citizen of your State on the land and still be recognized within the Republic.

The problem comes when you are mischaracterized as a Federal United States Citizen (status of someone born on Guam, for example) or as a UNITED STATES Citizen (status of federal military personnel, for example).

These are foreign citizenship statuses (resident and non-resident) that the rats will willingly foist off on you via various semantic deceits, non-disclosed contracts, and false claims.

They have racked up a lot of “evidence” that you are a Federal United States Citizen over the years and you have not objected because you haven’t been aware of the deceits and practices involved.

It is hard to object to a contract if you don’t know it exists.

Now you know that you have been classified as a Federal United States Citizen and through ignorance on your part and coercion on theirs, you have done many things that support their presumptions against your natural born status.

Over the years you have repeatedly checked the box agreeing that you were a “US Citizen” — thinking that meant “Continental United States” when instead it meant “Federal United States”.

You signed up (under conditions of semantic deceit and coercion) for “Social Security”– which is and always was a program exclusively for federal employees, foreign welfare recipients and asylum seekers. Look up Title 42 and you will see that— if you are a typical American — you never even qualified for the program, but you signed up, which gives them an excuse to presume you are a Federal United States Citizen.

Same thing on your Passport. You checked the box saying you were a “US Citizen” and you gave them Social Security Number and you listed a Federal State of State as a permanent address instead of claiming a Rural Free Delivery address. All these mistakes caused by your ignorance and their failure to disclose indicate that you are a Federal United States Citizen and not a Continental United States Citizen or as Federal–Speak has it, a Non-Citizen National.

When you read Federal forms you have to read them from their perspective. From their point of view an American inhabiting the jurisdiction of the Republic is called a “non-citizen National” because you are NOT a Federal United States Citizen (one of theirs).

When you pay federal income tax you similarly unknowingly agree to being counted as a Federal United States Citizen. So paying income tax is evidence (from their perspective) that you volunteered to act as a Withholding Agent as a Federal United States Citizen and volunteered to do all the record keeping and to pay the tax.

Why else would you do it, if you are not a Federal United States Citizen?

Same thing when you register your car and give the Federal State of State an interest in your private property— same thing when you apply for a Driver or Marriage License— why would you do any of that if you were NOT a Federal United States Citizen and required to do it?

The answer is that you have been tricked and coerced and deceived and deliberately misinformed, so the rats could gain control of you and your ESTATE.

You have supposedly done all this voluntarily. Otherwise, what they have coerced you to do and misinformed you to do would clearly be a CRIME on their part. That is why they set things up to make it look like you just volunteered to give the Federal State of State corporations an ownership interest in your estate and your private auto, your marriage and your businesses and your labor.

Refusing to pay federal taxes on corporate income (when you are not operating as a corporation) and refusing to act as an unpaid federal employee (withholding agent) is an important first step toward untangling yourself and your assets from this morass of commercial fraud, but it is not the first or only step that has to be taken.

Several teams of experts are working on the best ways and means to address the fraud on the national level(s)– State and Federal– and on the one at a time level.

We are researching the simplest means to untangle this mess at all these different levels.

Be watching for Book Two: More of You a Know Something Is Wrong When….

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On Aug 21, 2015, at 8:16 AM, “” <> wrote:

Breathren Arnie,

This missive is to remind you that you have stated point blank that you would ask Mr. Vrooman to address my lies as you put it, for the reasons you stated, ‘he’s an expert a vetting the truth’….:). If this Man fails to be able to do as you requested to your satisfaction, please call upon the tens of thousands that you communicate with to assist you to their fullest means possible, that would give you an honorable peace of mind, from knowing the empirical truth as reality most certainly will reveal, when anyone actually does the research…:)

We are very impatient for the sake of all walks of life suffering under what appears to be a well documented case of vexed social engineering. That either you or your associates are suffering under. But as you state, if we should be proven wrong honorably, by those much wiser and with the good will to shew forth the glory of their reasoning as to why we may be wrong….lol, then the only Ones suffering under such vexed social engineering…:), would of course be us…..! And, you know, all of you have us worried…lol

That is, unless you can honorably prove us wrong, germane to your commentary specific to our ascertains about either the depopulation of the Republic by legal means being socially engineered to accomplish this reality or, our statements germane to the IRS & the U.S. Congressional backdoor thereto, by Revocation of Election.

If you can not prove our empirical ascertains untrue, then they can not be lies and out of our honorable nature to be good neighbors, we kindly ask that you retract your stated ascertains for not only our own peace of mind but the empirical truth of what truly is an Urgent Issue….:)

Now to the Urgent Issue on our solution oriented focus:

What we in divine Unanimity can accomplish in One Day.

First of all, the issues facing the Republic can be fixed in One Day.

Secondly, the finances to fix the Republics problems can be fixed in One Day.

Thirdly, the military or should I say, the Grand Army of the Republic can be financed in One Day.

Fourthly, the educational & medical needs of the people of the Republic can be financed entirely in One Day.

What I am saying has been and constantly is, clearly revealed by the ancients scripturally via recorded inferences throughout our cognitive beginnings for those seeking in good will all walks of life as good neighbors for the Restitution Integrum of All things in Honor. Our efforts are very simple, to forthwith manifest these eternal truths for the better ordering of our eternal happiness and honorable stewardship of every statecraft wishing to seek good will via variation by agreement thereby.

All that is necessary, is for the people to accept our Mother of Necessity’s Wisdom of Divine Law given in honorable Sovereign Witness via Nature’s Law & Nature’s (Creator/Creative) Science of Right Reason that empowers eternally, all governments that are created upon the good will of the people of our Grand E’State of Creation, equally endowed and entitle to life, liberty and pursuit of Happiness in accord thereby.

To assist others unfamiliar with our mutual forwarded commentary hereunder, we shall restate for the record, what it is that you state are my lies. So that everyone not previously noticed, may have an equal opportunity to freely speak to us both thereon, to wit:

Our statements you Quote:

The creation by the U.S. Congress of its voluntary election’ per 26 Code of Federal Regulations [C.F.R.] §1.871-1(a) and at 26 United States Code [hereafter: U.S.C.] §6013(g) and (h) have the designed consequence of politically minimizing the Continental Republic’s population. There can be no Continental Republic if there are no people living free from the National Government within that jurisdiction. ?xml:namespace prefix = “o” ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” /

By the National Government’s conversion of non-statutory American Nationals into being perceived or treated by the National Government as if they were U.S. Resident Aliens, then the vast population of 300+ million American Nationals has been converted into subject of the National Government within the territorial jurisdiction of the National Government and thereby the Continental Republic simply vaporizes.

The ease of which millions of non-statutory American Nationals (the people of the United States whom are neither Citizens of the United States nor Citizens of the Several States of the Union created by the people of the United States as their servants entitled as Citizens, who in turn, created their own U.S. Citizen…lol) have been so easily duped is so vast it is mind boggling.

The political use of a voluntary election’ has been proven very effective in converting American Nationals by propaganda and social convention into accepting the paradigm established by the U.S. Congress and thereby, their destruction as a free and independent sovereign people of the United States. Especially, for those who chose not to avail themselves of the legislative procedural election that the U.S. Congress had to create not to be in direct violation of the U.C. Constitutional jurisdictional limitations strictly prohibiting such coercive unconscionable schemes.

Few American Nationals actually realize that the government that was created “to protect and to defend” the American People and their constitution has in effect converted them into subjects of the National Government without actually violating their Constitution laws prohibiting such nefarious acts abhorrent to their Constitution.

By the National Government viewing its converts [those people of the United States and/or American Nationals who made the ‘voluntary election’] as U.S. Resident Aliens for the purpose of taxing them and making them subject to the vast volumes of statutory laws in that sub silentio manner, the National Government has effectively converted those with unalienable rights into their property in which they fall under the dominion and control of the National Government.

See: Title 31 U.S.C. 321(d)(2).

We humbly & respectfully, suggest, you read Title 26 U.S.C. Section 6013(g)(4)(A) & (g)(6). Once a revocation has been properly served upon the Director of Internal Revenue Service Center per 26 C.F.R. 1.871-6, all IRS actions germane to such claims are null & void. And, your immediately expatriated back into the Continental Republic by your natural sanguinity sealed in political good will from your Crowing Nativity, where the U.S. Is forbidden to trespass, germane to any lawful American National of the Continental Republic for which it Stands….’ Meaning, the people of the United States.’ known as American Nationals.

Thereby, permanently free from participation in the federal income tax scheme per 26 USC §6013(g)(4)(A) and 26 USC§ 6013 (g)(6). As such, Petitioner is “without the [statutory] United States” and its limited territorial jurisdiction for the application of the federal income tax. Thus, all IRC Chapter 24 withholding by Petitioner’s private sector employer(s) for a federal income tax must permanently cease.

Once this occurs amongst circular parties given notice of revocation of election, it becomes much easier to docket issues in the United States Tax Court (USTC) without payment of fees, to acquire dismissals of IRS Notice of Deficiency, Notice of Intent to Levy or Notice of Levy for lack of jurisdiction by their USTC.

The termination of election is undeniably directly linked toward the termination of Chapter 24 withholding of the federal income tax.

This of course, denies the IRS any enforcement, even for past years that may be in question or arise spuriously otherwise.

See: IRM Therein, clearly showing that the IRS lacks any IRC 6020(b) Authority to file a

Substitute For Return (SFR) for a Form 1040 of any series….:)

Without the use of the National Government’s voluntary election’ there would be little impact upon the lives of American Nationals who would be living free and determining their own future. American Nationals have begun to wake up from their long slumber and are now reclaiming their Creator-given unalienable rights.

The National Government had to provide the structure to leave the ‘voluntary election’

Behind and regain their rightful place in this world as free and independent people. Had the National Government not provided the statutory laws promulgated at IRC 6013(g)(4)(A) and IRC 6013(g)(6), there would have been a clear violation of the Constitution.

One who ‘volunteered into the unknowing financial indentured servitude’ can leave that structure and the National Government cannot be held liable for its violation of the intent and design of the Constitution and its imposed limitations against the National Government.

We like so many awakening, to these arbitrary attorning absurdities that seek to strip us of our natural honorable dignity of life, liberty and pursuit of Happiness via our equally endowed unalienable natural rights, has chosen to leave the ‘voluntary election’ and can no longer be treated as if we, One of the people of the United States were a U.S. Resident Alien for the purpose of imposing a federal income tax.

If you wish to discuss these issues via eMail (, put in your Subject Matter, to wit: GOOD NEIGHBOR.

Or, for those that might be interested, and, having no eMail, please fax any questions to 702-432-4450.

We are more than graciously willing to share our life, wealth and sacred honor with those who serve honorably in good will as good neighbors via nature’s Law & Nature’s (Creator/Creative) Science of Right Reason.

All our most precious regards to our breathren & all walks of life seeking honor.

End of our Quote.

Your commentary is in the hereunder forwarded eMail for those wishing to read.


If we receive no evinces proving us wrong after you have stated we lie, germane to aforementioned, then your silence & those who associate with you have no honorable ability to muster the truth otherwise empirically as we have stated. This shall forever reveal either who you really are & working working freely for of your own accord, or as we stated, operating under vexed conditions of social engineering, foisted upon you from your formative years in constitutional public schools.

Please, please open your mind and allow honor to reveal the word rightly espousing the real truth, for not only your peaceful exuberance to exhort the Republic for which it Stands (the people of continental America), but more so, for the Little Ones of Earth that honorably wish for a better Reality than the One we have found facing all walks of life universally….:)

All our most precious regards to our breathren & all walks of life seeking honor.

Until then, I AM…

Ex-officio Propositus in sanguinity, sealed from our Crowning Nativity via Wisdom of Divine Law, Your Sovereign Witness & friend In law!

Most graciously….’In Honor We Trust’

Magnus Regnant of Sovereign Earth Alliance


Notice: U.P.C. Applicable.

P.S.: Please forgive any incorrect scripture, syntax or grammatical errors.

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Date: 8/17/2015 10:54:27 AM

Subject: Re: Voluntary Elections & Involuntary Servitude…:) Which do you Choose to Present or Represent….in Nevada or Nationally???

Oh Arthur…How you do go on.

By this message I am asking Mr. Vrooman to address your lies. He is an expert at vetting the truth.


In the service of the Creator.


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It takes so few words to express the truth!

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