Attention Jerry Brown, Franchise Manager: For what purpose does California merit a separate military dictator?

Reference:  Welcome to the Phantom of the United States Corporation… It is all Theater. An illusion!

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August 22, 2015

American inspiration

Author: carl alfred

Hey everybody, Did you happen to notice the creeping change in American government? Yes, it’s true. It changed. While everyone was partying or pissing and moaning about this or that, Obama & Company snuck it in on you. We’re officially back to military rule and tribunal military law. Couldn’t believe it either till running across the words Adjutant General. A typo when searching on Adjunct led to this discovery. What then began to appear was a new addition, or rather an emphasis on the importance of this entity in State government. You see, every State has one and the official corporate name is THE STATE ADJUTANT GENERAL or TAG. Wikipedia provided the initial information and it can be found here.

After finding that and researching how it fit into the new STATE OF CALIFORNIA , INC. corporate group structure (available through credit reporting companies) we now find that the former Governor’s office has been rendered inactive and the highest ranking corporate official branch is now THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA JUDICIAL BRANCH. Simply stated, this means the Judiciary has morphed into all three supposed branches (Executive, Legislative and Judicial) with enforcement of their military style law being provided by and through TAG. With the seemingly endless stream of reports on Judicial tyranny and criminal abuse this new revelation begins to make sense of it all.

It’s about time they finally starting getting rid of the illusive representative government structure as it has always been too big and too unwieldy, not to mention an outright fraud. Most are clueless as to how it worked (or not) anyway, preferring to ignore the criminal use and abuse of its power, over stepping up to the plate and changing it.

You don’t have to say it again, we all realize no one cares, but new information is being brought forward that makes for some compelling reading. It’s the entertainment factor.

O.K. then, let’s take a look at what one military news web site is projecting for a total population in America by 2025. Yes, of course this will all tie together… are you ready for this????

65 million. This is probably just a case of wishful thinking but if you go to this web site they seem to know what they’re talking about. That’s right, according to, 254 million are expected to vanish by 2025. So it would appear that the rise to power by the Judiciary coupled with the military assistance and/or enforcement by the new controller of State military personnel, TAG has made complete the takeover.

Maybe this Coupe D’état won’t be so bad after all. Everybody knows there’s just too many people here so knocking off a few hundred million will leave more for everybody remaining… right? Well, that part isn’t exactly clear yet since along with the reduction comes a lowering of the average income from $54.5K to $13.5 here in America. This does appear to be more in line with the Global redistribution, puppet Obama has been professing is fair. Now no one will be financially able to travel abroad to see how good or bad others will be living so there will not be the lingering class warfare we’ve always been forced to endure.

It is a rather curious report at because it appears as if only the western Christian culture will see these reductions. Chinese, Russian and Muslim populations are expected to maintain their numbers or even increase. No wonder this Pope is converting to Islam. Hey Islam may be more of a political subdivision but at least they believe in a God. It only makes sense that he chose that God since the few Christians that survive will soon lose their heads anyway. A little re-write of History and who will ever remember that this Mullah Pope and the Vatican Mosque were ever anything else. The discovery of a new set of Dead Sea Scrolls and presto, Pope re-writes that religion’s history as well.

Speaking of the Pope, how many of you know that we now have government offices in every State called SECRETARIAT? That’s right, the Vatican can now bring back the inquisition and get rid of those pesky Protestant Christians once and for all. They were always a pain in the Vatican’s butt anyway and all the world really needs is one religion anyway, so why not make it Islam or maybe Cathlislam. Off with their heads, convert the schools, kneel twice a day towards Mecca and we will finally have peace, right?

We really should feel bad for all of our friends and neighbors who’ll be off’d but those of us who make it through the transition will be cared for by this benevolent New World Order and we’ll soon get over the loss of family and friends. They’ll just be a distant memory as we’ll be busy building the 10 or 11 megatropolis centers across America where our new 250 sq ft. digs will keep us in close contact with one another. No further need for cars since mass transit and close quarters puts everyone within easy reach. See John and David Rockefellers plan for all this on the web site they funded.

Some of our friends still cling to their guns and religion, just as a good many of us used to but with the recent edicts and announcements by this new, down to earth Jesuit Pope, you should now see the wisdom in how the Elites have planned our future. We’ve been slaves to them for more than a hundred and fifty years anyway so why not just drop the pretense and acknowledge their superiority. You know how much they appreciate an adoring underclass. Besides, nobody currently in America has the brain power, will power, courage or financial ability to form any meaningful resistance anyway. So that should do it. We’ll all just put in a good days work for our rulers and get along with one another for once.

Having never looked at this scenario as a positive development before, and having never believed other Americans wouldn’t step up and reverse this for the rest of us it is now time to just raise the white flag of surrender and let our rulers re-make this world into their image. You won’t stop them.. you’re too weak and unorganized. They made the plans, they financed the operation with your money and if you can’t appreciate how difficult that was to accomplish then you don’t deserve to be a part of their ultimate victory.

While all this cleansing is going on around you, pay it no attention. You are, after all, powerless to change it and besides, the new television season is about to begin and it promises to be the best ever! All new sitcoms and reality shows are already in full marketing swing.

Do, however, dawn your best pair of designer blinders and ear plugs when going outside. This will be a must because the vision of body parts and the screams of those in the throes of death can really be a serious downer. Wear them till at least the carnage is over and cleaned up and whatever you do, don’t talk about it. You’ll know when it’s over.

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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